Thursday, January 31, 2013

Awakening Body Sponsor Spotlight Review

I recently got to review some products from Awakening Body and was very surprised at good they actually were for them to be so simply packaged with no fuss or fancy packaging and fancy names bragging about what it can do. So, yes, it was a pleasant surprise to get to review some products that were actually good for me with no fuss and muss.

I was sent these three products:

1. Awakening Hands
2. Awakening Feet
3. Awakening Hands Sanitizer
Let's start with the Hand Sanitizer since you obviously need clean hands to put lotion on them. I know one time I had forgotten I had just put on some really expensive perfumed lotion and I had done something and needed to wash my hands and then I was like, you gotta be kidding me! I just washed off a good bit of best perfumed lotion!

You can moisturize your hands while you sanitize with this unique natural mineral formula. The fresh scent of natural cinnamon oil in a hydrating spray to moisturize and cleanse the skin in a single spritz! It's available in a 1oz spray bottle size and 8.45oz refill (enough for 8 spritzer bottles).

This Hand Sanitizer actually works with this unique natural mineral formula and here are the benefits. Sorry! This product is not available to ship to Hawaii, Alaska or internationally:

•Refreshingly cool mist of natural hydrating, healing and sanitizing ingredients
•Microbes, germs and bacteria expire on contact. Pleasantly light natural cinnamon aroma
•All-natural, Vegan skin care. Cruelty-free. Contains no animal ingredients
•Handy 1-oz spritzer bottle is perfect for people on the go
•Economical Refill flask is the equivalent of 8+ spritzer bottle refills
•The "Combo" lets you purchase both the spritzer bottle and refill flask with a nice savings

Now, you are ready to put on another layer of moisturizer that will aid what the sanitizer started. This hand lotion has some concentrated mineral moisture therapy that will leave your hands silky and smooth. I think must have gotten the cinnamon scent or that is what I think it is. This hand lotion does not look like lotion but more like a thick white gel. It disappears very quickly and leaves no greasy residue behind which is very important to me!

Here are the benefits you will reap from this awesome hand lotion enriched with minerals:

•Never greasy or sticky - leaves skin feeling like silk within 40 seconds of application. Contains zero mineral oils
•Magnesium fights aging by stimulating skin cells to regenerate. Potassium hydrates
•Each pearl-size drop application will endure through multiple hand washings
•Essences of ginger and cinnamon astringents soothe irritated, itchy skin
•Extract of myrrh (the ancient Balm of Gilead) fights bacteria
•Heals dry, cracked fingers, nails and cuticles
•Never lose your grip - perfect if you work with your hands
•Won't mark, mar or soil fabric, leather, metal or glass
•Vegan skincare. Never tested on animals. Contains no animal ingredients or derivatives. Paraben-free •8.45oz/250ml economical pump size — ideal for any countertop — kitchen, bath, workshop, office
•3.38oz/100ml regular HANDS size lasts up to 4 months: 1 drop morning, noon and night. TSA qualifying!
•1.75oz/50ml Lil' HANDS size perfect for purse, pocket, gym bag or tote! TSA qualifying!

They have a new formula that includes Arnica and is in a very concentrated state and it is also like the Hand Lotion, it is a gel like feeling and the more you rub the longer it goes, so start out with tiny dabs until you see what you can use and how much. This stuff is a little pricey but it should last a long time if you control how much you put on. As with the Hand, it is silky smooth and hardly any greasy feeling at all!

Here are the benefits of Awakening Feet:

•All-natural balm heals dry, cracked feet without a trace of greasiness. Leaves feet silky
•Controls odor naturally with herbal extracts and lemongrass
•Powerful anti-fungal properties
•Reduces soreness and chafing; soothes nerve endings
•Arnica Montana helps reduce bruising and ache
•Magnesium improves circulation in your feet and lower legs
•Vegan skincare. Never tested on animals. Contains no animal ingredients! Paraben-free
•FEET is concentrated so you need less than you think. Be stingy!
•3.38oz/100ml regular size. TSA qualifying size
•1.75oz/50ml Lil' FEET size is perfect for pocket or purse. TSA qualifying size. Take advantage of our Super Sale on totally UNLABELED tubes of Lil's FEET for only $9.00!
•(Don't forget to check out our TSA Airline Travel Kit — Lil' FEET and Lil' HANDS in a ZipLoc bag — packed and ready to go on your next trip)!

I found this under About Us and there is so much info on their site that it will take several days to absorb it all, but I believe if you do, you just may have found something that can really help you.

This is just a snippet:
Awakening® Mineral Therapies was founded in 1994 by brothers Bob & Marty Fischer and Rob Hardwicke under the name Olim Industries of Israel, North America, Ltd. — a California corporation. Awakening formulates unique, Dead Sea mineral-rich skin care products for active hands, feet and skin.  
The hallmark of Awakening's creams and lotions is the Mineral Hydration Factor™, a proprietary combination of highly concentrated Dead Sea potassium and magnesium, which provides the fastest absorbing, rapidly nourishing Dead Sea skin care available anywhere. We use bio-sourced essential oils and botanical extracts that have a track record of beneficial effects on the health of skin.  
Awakening's highly-concentrated formulas allow you to use a single pearl-sized drop to treat both hands or comparable areas of skin. Awakening Dead Sea Skin Care products are never greasy, tacky or sticky. They transform the skin to a silk-like texture within 40 seconds of application. Awakening products are called "mineral therapy" because they are more than just skin care products. They are alternative ways to make skin more healthy by fusing concentrated natural minerals, essential oils and botanical extracts.  
Our lab is located near Caesaria in Israel where we perform our research & development. Our headquarters office is located in Moraga, California and our shipping operations are located in tiny Canyon, California. We strive to keep our ingredients as natural and organic to the greatest extent possible. We use only natural minerals sourced from the Dead Sea. We use no mineral oils. We use no animal ingredients. We never test on animals.
I did not get to review the "Naked" Body Lotion but wanted to show it to you so that you know this is what they are giving away as a prize in the It's Your Love Giveaway Hop that starts on February 2nd and ends on the 16th. Open to the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!

Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.


Kayla Rice said...

In have got to try this. Thanks for the great review.

Michele P. said...

that hand sanitizer sound really nice... would love to have that for work since I come into contact with so many people!

Jennifer Hiles said...

That's fantastic, i've been looking for a hand sanitizer that doesn't dry out your hands, this is even better since it actually moisturizes too. I'm big on hand sanitizer and I would love to try awakening body products!

charychild said...

I'm not big on sanitizers, since they tend to hurt my skin a bit - I have really sensitive skin on my hands; this stuff sounds worth a try, though!

slehan said...

My feet need this. I also like that there is no alcohol in the sanitizer.