Friday, January 11, 2013

Absolute Obstruction Book Review

About the Book:
Protecting his wife, Rose, is movie star, Michael Terrance’s, first priority, but no amount of protection can shield her from the obstruction being planned to destroy her.  
Being lonely isn’t anything new for 45 year old Rose Terrance. After all, that’s what she signed up for when she married beautiful, 33 year old movie star, Michael Terrance and in spite of her loneliness, their love stays strong.  
However, their love, nor Michael’s vehement overprotectiveness, can shield Rose from a threat that is beyond Michael’s comprehension, one that annihilates his heart and lines his soul with guilt. 
Michael has murderous intentions that lead him to a place he has already asked Rose to forgive him for, taking the phrase “I would die for you” to the extreme.
About the Author:
C. Elizabeth lives in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada and during her short writing career she’s learned a lot about herself, sometimes to the point that she wonders how the heck she got this far in life and know so little about herself.  
For the majority of her life she dabbled in many things, such as drawing, photography, sewing, only to find that after a while, she would lose interest, but writing is a different story -- it found her and continues to be an addiction, as well as a most wonderful, incredible passion.  
Not only does she write novels, but she does whatever she can to hone her craft. Such as attending the New York Pitch Conference, seminars and the like, as well, she writes for online magazines on the topic of… you guessed it, writing.  
Her latest book is the romantic suspense, Absolute Obstruction.  
You can learn more about C. Elizabeth at her website at
My thoughts:

I have to tell you that this is a little different than what I normally read and it's not the plot but the way the male character spoke that threw me off a little and it took me a little while to figure out what the heck was he saying? It's like he was talking in Scottish but in Scottish in the 1400's or something.

He referred to his wife as Beautiful, never her real name Rose and he always talked about himself as being "me" and then of course there were the mates and other words but once I got the jest of the book, it was easier to read and I really enjoyed it. Just give it a few chapters to grow on you and to get used to his talking and it will all make sense.

Before he met Rose, he was a really bad playboy and had mostly used protection except one time he forgot and the woman got pregnant and had twins. She never told him and the only reason the grandparents got in touch with him after he married Rose and they had a little boy was because their daughter had died and they were too old to care for twins.

So, Rose & Michael made trips out to see the girls and then took their boy and then vice versa, they brought them to their house and of course, Rose being Rose, fell in love with the girls and yes, they adopted them.

But a more sinister plan was going on that they did not know about. Even though they had lots of body guards because Michael was a famous sexpot movie actor, Rose made the mistake of staying too late for a hair appointment and when she left the building it was dark and 2 men attacked her and beat the crap out of her. They thought they had killed her but they didn't. She survived and was able to give a somewhat description and between all the bodyguards they managed to find the 2 men.

But, that was not the biggest betrayal. The person who hired the 2 men to kill Rose will be the shocker, so grab this book and read it. It will make you want to stay up all night to find out who and why this was all done to a wonderful woman named Rose.

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