Saturday, December 29, 2012

What Daddy Did Today Book Review

I have something new to talk about today that I normally don't do on book reviews and that is a child's book that was written by a man! Yes, you heard me right. What Daddy Did Today was written by Walter Wally and I must confess, I absolutely don't know what happened, but I forgot all about this great little book and just realized I had not put up a post. So, Mr. Wally, I sure do apologize!
It has been a doozy of a month for me and with the holidays throw in the mix, well, it just hasn't been my finest hour, I must admit.  I fell behind on alot of things, not just yours, if that helps any.  I did not mean to nor did I set out to not review several items, it just got lost in the vast world of  Mary's Pending Folder for reviews and giveaways. Yes, I have an actual folder to help me remember, but the thing is, if you don't look at it, then it does no good!!
So, I hope I have successfully made all of you laugh at me and with me, because I sure could use a good one right about now! I am gonna be eating crow alot in the next few days as I apologize all over the place to several sponsors but I am hoping that if you read my post about why all this happened, it will all make sense to you.
Now, on to the book, What Daddy Did Today. I think it is a brilliant idea because it dawned on me that we all hear about what Mom does at work and even have Take Daughter to Work Days and so they know all about what you do, but how many really understand what Dad does? I do know that alot more attention has been given to this subject lately, more so than in the past, which is a good thing, but if you could get this book for your child to read ahead of time, it will prepare them in understanding why Dad needs to get recognized also.
Here is what Mr. Wally wrote about his book:
What Daddy Did Today is a bedtime story for a father to read to his child. When I was a kid, I would always wonder where my father went when he left the house for work every morning. What did he do? Who was he with? Why would it take so long?
Of course, I learned later that Dad was just going to the office every day. But my imagination, up to that point, told me differently. I imagined my dad traveling to space, fighting dragons, and hitting home runs while he was away “at work.”
So, this is a story that, as a kid, I would have loved to hear my dad tell. And now, as a grown man and future dad, it’s also a story that I would love to tell my son or daughter before they go to sleep. Because, although the story is filled with fun and adventure, ultimately, it is about how much Daddy loves his kid. I hope you enjoy it.
About the Author:
Walter Wally was born and raised in Baltimore, MD. At an early age, Walter discovered that he loved to tell rhyming stories. One of Walter’s fondest memories is sitting in his basement as a young boy, and creating his first rhyming story to explain why the walls would creak.

If memory serves, I think Frankenstein had something to do with it. Anyway, if anything can turn Walter into a kid again, it’s telling stories that people enjoy. Walter writes rhyming stories for adults as well, and is available for all kinds of readings and events.

You can contact Walter Wally at: or at his website. You can also buy the book here.

I truly did enjoy the lighthearted and much needed book that lets our children in on just what exactly does Dad do? Of course, I realize that there is also some children out there who don't even know what Mom does either, so I think in order to solve both problems, it is necessary for both parents to sit down one night and have a family discussion about what each person does during their work day or school day.

In order to make it fair and more interesting to the children, I think including them in the discussion would make more sense to them if they explained how their day went also. This way, everyone comes away feeling like they matter and that their day is important to the whole family.  I think to really let the matter sink it and stay there, maybe it should be a weekly thing or a monthly thing, whichever works best for everyone.

I, for one, am glad that Mr. Wally brought the matter to my attention because it has put all kinds of new idea's into my head. I hope that once you and your family read his book that you will have some UHAH! moments yourself. You may even have some better suggestions than what I just came up with. If you do, share them so that we can all learn from this experience.

Thanks Mr. Wally for letting us know how your day went!

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Rebecca said...

This book sounds fantastic! I have 2 sons that I believe would adore this story. Great review! Thanks and Happy New Year!

Gala said...

great book, can be a nice present for a new dad