Monday, December 10, 2012

Turtle Bay Book Review

I have a new book to talk about today called Turtle Bay written by Helga Stipa Madland. I wasn't sure half of the time if this book was serious or an attempt to be funny. I believe it was both! Some of the antics provided make this mystery quite a read so that you can just enjoy the book and not get bogged down by too many gross criminal activities.

Here is the excerpt from the back of the book:
A robbery and the disappearance of an English professor at the famous Turtle Bay resort in Oahu, Hawaii keep Detective James Kahamala of the Honolulu Police Department and his family, twin daughters Myra and Maya, Aunt Beatrice, and dachshund Questor on their toes.  
Follow their adventures into English Department politics and family complications. Ultimately, the dachshund saves the day. A "whimsical" mystery, not to be missed!
Like I said, you really need to read the whole book or this is gonna sound like a "cooky" story, but it is all in fun, so just go with the flow. There has been some artwork stolen from a resort called Turtle Bay and Det. James Kahamala of Honolulu and his family which consists of 2 twin daughters, Myra & Maya, Aunt Beatrice and their dachshund named Questor decide to go there and see if they can solve the case.

Come to find out, little Questor has a good nose for crime and he has helped the Detective in solving some other cases. As it turns out, the owner of the resort, never knew that he had a daughter and she was in tight with the resort manager Max, who did not see it as stealing the art as it belonged to the girl's mother.

So, that case was solved but then another one popped up while they were there. Seems a professor goes missing but not really in any major trouble. His wife had caught on to his many consorts at the resort and had with the help of a woman named Sophie, they kidnapped him just to teach him a lesson. Never had any intentions of hurting him, just wanted to let him know that there might be some women out there that might do him harm if he keeps on.

Okay, guys, go read the book and laugh your socks off!

About the Author:

Helga Stipa Madland was born in Upper Silesia in 1939 and moved to the United States with her parents, Hubert and Ann, sister Ingrid, and brother B. Michael in 1954.
She has three children, Kathy, Mike and Pat, their spouses, Bob, Lisa and Bobbie and six grandchildren, Bobby, Sydney, Alex, Colin, Atticus and Melozie, and lives with her husband, Richard Beck, who teaches Ancient Greek at the University of Oklahoma, two dogs and four cats in Norman, Oklahoma.
She has a Ph.D. in German Literature with a minor in Spanish, and taught German at OU from 1981 to 2005. She is now Professor Emerita of Modern Languages at the University of Oklahoma.

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