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Tummy Drops Review

I have a great company to tell you about called Tummy Drops that make drops to help with nausea, cramps, bloating, stomach upset, motion sickness, morning sickness and urgency. Each kind of Tummy Drops will do specific things and I will break it down for you as we go along. These were made and developed by Gastroenterologists to help you get thru the rough times.

But as always, if you feel it is more serious than what the drops can do, I always suggest you err on the side of safety and go to the nearest ER if it is after hours and you can't get ahold of your doctor. One thing I want to make perfectly clear, there will be some instances where you need medical care and don't try to solve all of your problems with over the counter medications.

They are great if that is all you need, but if the time comes and it isn't working or you have gotten worse, please seek help from a doctor. I have been in enough dire situations myself that I know sometimes nothing will help other than to go and get checked out. It may still come back as nothing serious, but just hearing that and knowing that, will make you less anxious and ready to try other methods. I just wanted to be clear that this is not a guarantee that you won't need to see a doctor. So, please listen and act accordingly.

Let's start with the Natural Peppermint Drops:

These are the drops I used the most. They are the Natural Peppermint for treating Upset Stomachs, Nausea, Cramps and Bloating. It also states Urgency but I am not 100% sure what they mean by that.  It could mean they are taking about diarrhea but I am not certain, so please double check with a pharmacist or a doctor on that one.  I would hate to tell you that and then you don't stop and you get weak from loss of fluids.  So, always, err on the side of caution and call to make sure because getting dehydrated can be serious. I know, because I have been hospitalized several times for it, so please take any prolonged loss of fluids seriously.
I hope this picture isn't too dark for you to see what the drops look like. My camera is really starting to worry me as it does more and more bizarre things like this, taking darker pictures when the whole kitchen was lit up! But, anyway, these peppermint drops are easily dissolved in your mouth, pretty much like eating hard candy. I liked this one the best and at times it did help and at other times I was way behind the help of drops and had to take my prescription strength nausea medicines.
I know that most of you know I have severe chronic IBS with constipation and my doctor has always said to never ever stop the urge to go or if I get diarrhea I am not to stop it. He said it would make the constipation worse if I took things to stop it. With me having severe constipation, he said getting diarrhea in my case would be most welcome and he is right. If you ever experienced what I have over the last 8 years, you would welcome diarrhea like an old friend.  It gets very tedious and I get exceedingly anxious the longer I go without going.
I am telling you this so that you know why I only took this drop only if experiencing nausea. I would love to be able to take it for bloating but if I did that I was afraid it would put the bloating and constipation in greater danger. Because normally, if I get more bloated than I am on a normal day, that means I am getting close to being able to go. So, I can't interfere with the bloating, like maybe you could if all you have is bloating from your time of month or you just ate too much. But to have my condition, I would not recommend using these drops for controlling urgency (if that is what this means).
Otherwise, these do work on nausea and upset stomachs as Mike has taken them when he felt a little under the weather or couldn't quite put his finger on why he felt slightly nauseous.  Again, it takes common sense and you know your body better than anyone. If it feels just like maybe you ate too much and need some much needed relief, then do use these and they will help. But if you suspect something else is going on, call your doctor first and see what they say or if after hours and you feel it can't wait til the next day, then go to the ER and play it safe.
Now, on the Ginger Drops, I liked the taste better than I did the Peppermint until it stayed in my mouth longer, the hotter it got. Which actually alot of people like the hot flavors. I know when I was younger I use to love those cinnamon hot things alot. But as I developed Acid Reflux and then the I.C. (chronic bladder pain), these type of products would set either the Acid Reflux off or would trigger an I.C. episode where I either had to take a bunch of bladder pills to counter act the hot spicy taste or if I waited too long or took too many (or ate if food or drink) then my bladder would be so irritated I would have to have a rescue treatment from my doctor.
So, I am very careful with these. If you have neither of these conditions, then I would say go for it. Nothing is worse than being so sick at your stomach but yet you are unable to actually get rid of the feeling.  I hate that worse than anything! Because I know once I actually throw up, I will feel better.  It is that upset stomach with no relief that drives me insane! After only having the ginger drop in my mouth for a few seconds or maybe one minute, I have to spit it out. It gets too hot for me and I can't risk having a bladder attack. Nothing is more important than that.
I would rather be sick at my stomach than to feel like my bladder is on fire. That is what happens when I have an attack. It is like someone has lit a match to my bladder and it is 24/7 until I get a "Rescue Treatment" which is where they spray my bladder numb until the incident calms down.
So, as long as you have none of those 2 health conditions, I think this would be awesome for you to have as another tool to fight off nausea.  I have so much going on that I can't help you much on this one other than to say I know from previous experience that ginger does help with nausea. Remember when we only had Ginger Ale to use to keep the nausea down? Haven't we come a long way since? Hard to believe that so much has changed but in some ways, it hasn't, not for people like me who have chronic health conditions that the medicines that might help us in other area's would also hurt us in other places?  It is sad to say and still sadder to live like this.
I never know from one day to the next what is gonna happen or how I will feel. I can't make plans because they almost always get broken because I wake up hurting somewhere or too sick to go. But, if you are otherwise healthy other than a few times here and there you get some nausea or bloating, then I would definitely take either of these or try them both. One may work better than the other for what you need. You are the only one that can answer that question. If they make you feel good, or at least better, then it is worth trying something new and natural that doesn't have much more than what they need in them to work.
I hope I answered as many questions as I could about both types of bags of Tummy Drops and that it made some sense to you. I have been sick since 2003 and know without a doubt what you are going thru and deciding if this medication might be the right one for you and then you go for it and it either works or it doesn't. Everyone is different and so that should be taken into consideration.
My experience will never be the same as yours.  So, in this instance, I would go with what the articles say about the product and the information that is available on the bags themselves. More than likely, your problem is temporary and you will be better in a few days. If you are not, then please seek medical help.
Also, be aware that since only one winner will be announced, Tummy Drops wanted to give you the chance to try their products so here is an offer you might want to consider:
For those that don't win your giveaway, if they post a video to their Facebook page explaining why Tummydrops might be a help for them or a family member while linking Enteral Health in their post on their Facebook page, we will send a free sample.
 Here is a little history on the people behind Tummy Drops:
In our Gastroenterology and Dermatology offices, patients often come looking for ways to approach their digestive and skin health naturally. After trying to guide them to products, one thing became clear: there weren’t many choices out there. Even more, those that were available were inconvenient, bad-tasting, or both.

This realization brought the three of us together to form Enteral Health and Nutrition. Our goal was a simple one, provide natural assistance for digestive and skin health, using only the best ingredients available. With our GI health, tummy drops, babyflakes, and dermatology health products, we aim to deliver.

There is also no reason that good health has to taste bad. Each of our products has been specially developed to taste great as well. Our chocolate products are real delicious chocolate, and our tummy drops are made with premium ingredients including brown rice syrup. Try them, you’ll love them for both their benefits and their taste.
Connect with Tummy Drops several ways:

Mailing Address:
100 Chesterfield Business Parkway, Suite 110
Chesterfield, MO 63005
Telephone: 636.532.5566
Fax:            636.532.0993
Email:        info@enteralhealth.com

The kind folks at Tummy Drops has agreed to give one winner the same products that I just reviewed. Thanks Tummy Drops! Open to the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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