Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Time Mug Review

I got this beautiful TimeMug to review in the Rhinestone Eternity Collection and it is in the Fluffy White color! I love the little Rhinestone watch!

What a great idea, especially if you are a working girl and don't have time to stop and drink your coffee at home, so you take it with you and now you will know at all times what the time is so you aren't late in late! Shhs,  I won't tell if you don't!

It is actually a very heavy nice feeling mug that I wouldn't mind having a few more around. They have some really awesome colors and some awesome faces to choose from. If you are in the Christmas mood and want to really spread the joy around get one of these colors that you see above.

There are alot more colors but those 3 are the ones that I would choose for Christmas because white is the snow, red it santa and green is the tree! Reckon they thought of that when they made them, that each color has a color coordinated theme to Christmas?
I really love the look of the watch and I sure do hope it stays running for a long time to come! It can be taken off of the mug if you need to for any reason, but it is not necessary as they have made it to withstand being washed in the dishwasher! Now, how in the heck you do that, I don't know. But it must be like the water resistant watches that divers wear. So, that is kinda neat to know and something you can brag about! Not everyone is gonna have a Mug that has a watch face on it and can be washed!

Oh, there are 6 different styles of clock faces that can go on these mugs and one of my favorites, besides the Rhinestones is the Hope Collection. If you are into the Breast Cancer Awareness or any of it's similar agencies helping to fight Breast Cancer, this would make an awesome promotional item!  Wouldn't that be awesome on a nice pink mug?

Here is my mug's specific details:
  • 100% dishwasher safe design
  • Sophisticated timepiece
  • Stainless steel interior
  • Insulation for hot and cold beverages
  • Cup-holder friendly shape
  • Rubber sealing lid to prevent spills
  • Convenient, easy-sip slide tab
  • Non-slip, scratch-resistant base
  • Long-lasting battery
  • 16 ounce capacity

  • For the cost of $19.95,  I would say that this would have been an awesome present for anyone in your workplace or even a friend or family member. I love my Fluffy White but that Red one sure is calling my name big time! Look at all of those colors! Surely, one will be yours! Go pick out which time piece you want then the color of your mug and check out! It's that simple and easy.

    Gosh, I wish I had the money, I would buy a few for my family but when you don't work and live on disability, even something like this is an awesome luxury! But, now that I know about them, I think I will save a little here and there so maybe next year I can suprise a few people! I think this is one of those gifts that will have people remembering you for a long time.

    Any time that you can sorta make something that reflects the person receiving the gift, it just leaves a lasting impression that is not easily forgotten. I think a plain watch piece with a black mug or stainless steel would be perfect for that man in your life and for women, we have the biggest advantage because we can do all colors!

    • Your TimeMug loves to be clean, so please wash it before using.
    • In the spirit of helping you stay on top of things, make sure to keep your TimeMug in the top rack of the dishwasher.
    • Make sure the timepiece cover is secure
    • Though your TimeMug loves keeping your hot beverages hot, do NOT put your TimeMug in the microwave.
    • TimeMugs don't like to spill, so please make sure the lid is secure before drinking.
    • Unscrew the timepiece cover by twisting counter-clockwise. Remove cover.
    • Remove the timepiece from the bottom notch located under the number 6.
    • Adjust the time by pulling out the dial on the right hand side located at 3 o'clock and turn clockwise to the desired time.
    • Push in the dial and reverse the steps to place the timepiece back into your TimeMug when finished.
    • Remove the timepiece from your TimeMug.
    • Use the edge of the screwdriver to pop off the back of the timepiece by inserting the screwdriver head into the small notch on the side of the timepiece.
    • Remove the old battery, replace with number 377 model battery and close.
    I love that it is good for hot or cold beverages because I love iced tea and this would make a great insulated cup that could hold up to the heat here in Georgia and keep my tea nice and cool! The
    possibilities are endless and just looking at the mug will bring a smile to someone face because it really is an unusual mug and unlike any others that are on the market. I am sure eventually someone will make one similar and it won't be unusual anymore, but for now, you will have the coolest mug around!

    They even talked about the TimeMug on the Today Show! I brought the video over so you can see that even the Hollywood crowd seem to like it!
    Connect with TimeMug by several options:

    Mailing Address:
    70 West Street
    Spring Valley, NY 10977
    Phone: 888.750.8864

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