Friday, December 14, 2012

The Disappearance Book Review

I have a little mystery book to share with you today called The Disappearance written by Susan Berliner. I just figured it was a run of the mill mystery about a man cheating on his live in girlfriend and decided to do something bizarre but I was totally wrong about this unique little mystery!

Here is an excerpt from the back of the book:
When Jillian Keating is arrested for the murder of her missing boyfriend, Ryan Cornell, she has two immediate questions: Why did he frame her-and where is he hiding? Using her own ingenuity, plus the help of a resourceful lady lawyer and a dashing young private investigator, Jillian discovers the surprising-and disturbing-answers.  
Her boyfriend is not what he appears to be. The real Ryan, consumed with hate, has devised an ingenious scheme to destroy her while he escapes into the past via a hidden time travel portal.  
But even knowing all this, Jillian is left with a more difficult question: How can she capture Ryan and bring him back? Filled with memorable characters, bizarre twists, and riveting suspense, The Disappearance culminates with an elaborate sting operation as Jillian and her friends travel through time to lure Ryan into their clever trap.  
If they succeed, she will go free. But if they fail, Jillian will surely face murder charges for the death of Ryan Cornell.  
Wow, this has a little of the supernatural feel to it and it never really explains how this time wind funnel is out in the middle of the woods or how Ryan finds it or how long ago, so there are alot of unanswered questions I found myself asking.

But, it is a good, clean fun type of book if you know what I mean. There isn't hardly any if none cussing in the book, no sex scenes, just a good book to get involved with and read without feeling like your head would explode. This is a light meladrama that everyone should like and get a chuckle out of when Ryan is disguising himself into all of these characters.

It's an unusual tale of how a troubled little boy took something that wasn't someone else's fault and made it theirs so he could get revenge for his parents being killed. Doesn't matter to him that Jillian's parent's were also killed in that car crash. His pain and suffering is all that matters, but what do you expect when a father spoils you to the point of nausea and then that person is rudely jerked away from you?

I don't know what I would do but I would hope and I do believe that it would not have been a baby's fault. Jillian was only 2 at the time and not with her parents that fateful night. Unfortunately for Ryan and his sister, they were in the car with their parents when they were hit by Jillian's parent's car.

Later it is discovered that her father had been to a party (well, both parents) and he was drunk when the accident happened but because they were all dead, both sets of parents, Ryan decides that Jillian has to pay where her father could not because he died.

I think it is established later on that Ryan never really had a good grasp on reality and thought the world owed him everything. He never worked a day in his life and loved to eat out at high priced restaurants even for lunch, so the settlement he got from his parent's death, $5 million dollars, was gone quickly and he needed new income and he found a very clever way of getting ahold of future winning numbers in various types of gambling (not in slot machines, but by betting).

This is a quick, easy book to read and you will enjoy it and because it is so family friendly, can be passed on to a teen in the house who loves to read mysteries also.

Happy Reading!

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