Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Smiley Christmas Cookies Review

I love it when I get my Smiley Cookie Box in the mail! It is just such a creative and just plain fun box filled with whatever time of year cookie or a celebration of a birthday, anniversary or even a wedding. But this time my box contained Christmas Cookies! Oh, and by the way, they make custom orders, so if you don't see what you want on their site, then give them a holler and see what you can work out!

Here is a look at what I saw when I opened the box:

Smiley Cookies has some of the best baked cookies around and I love their boxes! I save them to use as birthday gift boxes or I will use them to put some of my homemade cookies in to give away at whatever happens to be going on at the time. I do have to admit that I do keep one for just for us to use around the house when I bake because it is just an awesome site to see a box full of smiley faces looking at you every time you go into the kitchen!
I got 6 of these Sugar Cookies in the shape of Christmas Tree's and they were the "big" hit as everyone loves Sugar Cookies! Even me! Just so you know, the Sugar Cookies are Nut Free Christmas Cookies that are made in a nut free bakery and 100% safe that you can share with a loved one with a peanut allergy or at a school, office or Christmas party!
I have to admit that we had so many desserts for Thanksgiving that Mike lost track of these cookies, so between me and my neighbor, we were the ones who ate the Sugar Tree Cookies and I gave her some to take home to her family. She said they were really awesome and I agree. I ate mine with a cup of hot tea one night while watching my favorite TV show and another night I had coffee with my cookie.
We also got 6 of the largest Gingerbread Cookies I have ever seen! Wow, they were so big I could only fit 3 of them on this plate! Now, I am not a huge Gingerbread Cookie fan but I will eat one here and there, but I knew my daughter loved them and so did Mike's father, so I kept one and then divided the others up between the two of them so that I could get 2 other opinions beside mine, just in case, they liked it better than I did, since I am slightly at a disadvantage and wanted this review to be fair and square.
Well, believe it or not, I actually liked it as well as my daughter and my father-in-law. So, it was a three way vote that they were a success! Naturally, the two of them were alot more vocal about them than I was, which is okay because I understand that we all can't possibly like the same thing, then what would be the point of creating something new to try? So, for me, it was a well received response and I am happy to report that if you are a Gingerbread Cookie fan, then Smiley's will not disappoint you.
I am, however, sorry that I did not get pictures of them eating the cookies as they did this at home, not with me. My in laws don't have a computer and neither does my daughter, so I knew there was a chance I wouldn't be getting any of them eating the cookies, but decided I would still rather send them home with someone who happens to love Gingerbread Cookies than to take the chance of a bad review in case I didn't like them. So, I gambled on them liking the cookies better than me, even if I didn't get any pictures of them eating them.
Your cookies will arrive in this very safe clear container and then be placed inside the Smiley Cookie box that I showed in the beginning which will ensure that they arrive in good condition, which they did, not a one of them was broken, and that they will taste fresh, which they did! They have a few other choices of designs in the Christmas logo for the Sugar Cookies, so I urge you to go and check them out for yourself and see all the wonderful things that they have to offer this Holiday Season.
To help you, they have given me a coupon to pass on to my readers:
 use the coupon code "BLOG10" at checkout to get 10% of any Christmas cookie gifts!
I hope that everyone has a great holiday this year and that I have in some small way helped you to do so, whether thru a giveaway or just a review that has a discount coupon code. I have strived to bring as many savings to you as I could and I hope that I have succeeded. Just so you know that there are other holiday treats on Smiley Cookie's site, here is another picture of a Christmas themed cookie gift:

I thought these red Smiley Cookies in their green grins would brighten up the day! And you get a stocking to boot! But, there is still other cookies for you to choose from so don't wait too long to get your discount and to get your cookies in time for Christmas whether they are for your family or someone else. Make sure you order in time for everyone to get theirs by Christmas!

Here is a little history on the company:

It started as a half-baked idea
more than 20 years ago — a smiley cookie as the vehicle to communicate the ethos of a restaurant — Eat’n Park, the Place for Smiles. Soon our cookie became not just the signifier of a delightful family dining experience, but a symbol of commitment to community and charitable giving, indeed, the mascot of the company. (Who knew a six-foot walking sugar cookie would have such draw. You have to be cracking a smile by now!)

Today, every child that dines at Eat’n Park receives the surprise of a buttery, rich, delicious, gourmet smiley cookie, totaling more than 1 million free cookie treats each year. Every day, our cookies are distributed to community, charity and fundraising events. Every year, more than 200,000 smiling cookies are donated to local non-profit organizations. That’s a lot to smile about.
You can keep up with Smiley Cookies by several options:
Mailing Address:
285 E. Waterfront Drive
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15120
Phone: (877) 860-3999

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Gina Brickell said...

You have me really intrigued.. Do you have a subscription to where you get a box monthly? I'm GOING to check this out and use the coupon code you provided. I just KNOW that my grandmother would LOVE these!!

ann said...

These are so cute. they would make everyone happy to see that smiling face.I think its nice that Eat n' Park giving each child a smiley face cookie. Great for a birthday gift for someone far away, Thanks

Elle S. said...

What a cute idea! My little ones would get such a kick out of the smiling trees!

doodlebug said...

These look so wonderful!! I'm thinking of sending my sister some cookies for Christmas. I'll have to go see what their prices are like. Thank you for the discount coupon code.

Jennifer Hiles said...

Oh how much I love frosted sugar cookies! So cool that they do custom orders. I checked out their site and I love their gift basktes! What a great thing to bring to a Christmas party!