Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Saucy Mama's Sauces Sponsor Spotlight Review

Wow, have I got some awesome sauces to tell you guys about! I was sent quite a collection from Saucy Mama recently and because of my health issues lately, it took us a little longer than normal to get to try them all. My stomach flares up every so often and I can't eat spicy or tomato based products so it really hinders me when I have an episode.

But, here is what they sent us to try:

1.) Zesty Cocktail Sauce
2.) Sesame Ginger Dressing
3.) Sweet Heat Marinade
4.) Parmesan Garlic Marinade
5.) Champagne Honey Mustard
6.) Backyard Brat Mustard

Now, can you see why I had to keep putting it off? I love Cocktail Sauce, but boy, when my tummy is acting up that is not something you want to try! Mike got to use that one a good bit because we loved boiled shrimp so that is what we did with this awesome tasting Cocktail Sauce from Saucy Mama!

If you love seafood of any kind, then this is a great sauce to use on just about everything! The other thing I love is a good hushpuppy! I can jump back and forth on what sauce I like with hushpuppies, and I will use Tartar Sauce a good bit on them. But, when I want my Cocktail Sauce for them or any other seafood item, I like a really good one that only enhances the flavor, not take away from it and Saucy Mama was perfect in that respect!

The other thing that Mike likes more than anything is ribs! He will order them just about every time we go to this one restaurant. He decided one weekend night (have you noticed he is doing all the cooking?) to marinade some ribs in the Sweet Heat Marinade for the next day. I have to admit they sure did smell good but after only taking a small dip into the sauce with a pinkie finger, I knew I was still in trouble, so Mike got to eat all the ribs himself that night! He sure is enjoying this review because for the first time, it's all about him!

Let's see, then Mike decided to make hot dogs one night since I wasn't feeling too hot and he loves a good bratwurst! So, off he goes to Kroger and gets what he needs and he grills some out on the grill and he had also gotten some sourkraut while he was gone so when he got back and threw all that together with the Backyard Brat Mustard on top, I thought my tummy was gonna roll for sure! All I could see was heartburn city but Mike survived as he always does!

I actually got to try the Champagne Honey Mustard because it wasn't very hot and I only used a small amount on a small hot dog with cole slaw and onions.  I am not much of a mustard person, never really have been, but Mike likes it on everything! I like it on cheeseburgers and a little on hot dogs and that is about it.

Well, I take that back, I do put a few spoons in my potato salad or when I make deviled eggs, other than that, it is just ketchup only.

You really can't make a decent potato salad without having mustard but I have had it where it was too much so there is a fine balance between the mayo and the mustard when making potato salad!

I know alot of people like to pepper up their deviled eggs too, but I keep mine on the low side and add pickle juice instead. If you haven't tried it that way, it really is awesome, but it does have to be dill pickle juice.  That was my mother's secret weapon in her deviled eggs and nobody could figure it out! We laughed on that one quite a bit!

But seriously, however you like to eat and what you put on it, is really your one true choice or decision that nobody else can duplicate or take away from you. That is what makes you who you are, so I never turn my nose up to anything that people add to their food although I had a few instances where it was mighty tempting!

Okay, here is where I guess I have to confess something. I do LOVE salads, but only when eaten out! I don't know why but homemade salads just don't come out the same and I have never figured that out and am too old now to care. So, what we did with the Sesame Ginger Dressing was to take it over to Mike's parent's one day because she will make a small tossed salad on occasion and she had one that night so we all tried the Sesame Ginger Dressing together.

Now, mind you, this is basically just lettuce, tomato, onions and a few carrots. It was okay, but I bet if we had had like a grilled chicken to cut up on top of the salad along with some of those crunchy Chinese noodles, I bet that dressing would have rocked that salad.

That is precisely why we don't make salads at home. That and not much seafood because those are 2 food items that no matter how hard I try to make it taste as good as going out to eat, it falls flat every single time. Now, I can bake a mean orange roughby or a grouper but all those other fish? Forget it! I know my limits and besides, it just tastes better and no clean up to go out to eat from time to time when I am able.

The last thing we ventured with was the Parmesan Garlic Marinade and we did this one with chicken. Because it is sorta in a way similar to Italian Dressing and we use that quite alot on chicken, we figured this one should be good too, just a slightly different taste.

We let it soak all night and then the next night Mike grilled them out on the grill and that was the tenderest chicken and wow, what a flavor! Almost like having Chicken Parmesan without the tomato sauce, which I can't have anyways.

That was actually the train of thought I was on anyway.

Maybe still get to taste the Parmesan part without the tomato and it might not be every one's cup of tea, but it was close enough for me to feel like I finally gained a food back that I can eat instead of plain ole Cheerios whenever there is food I can't eat, that is what I have to eat at night while everyone else eats good food, in front of me, no less!

Okay, I just went and checked Saucy Mama's site and I'll be darn if that is exactly what she recommends for this marinade! So, I guess I did what I was suppose to do anyways. I went over to see if she suggested another food or meat item to use with this and there it was, marinade chicken. Well, I guess I am not so far off from knowing what to do as I thought! I am quite proud of myself now.

They have alot of other sauces to choose from and other types of mustards and all sorts of things. You really need to go over and check them out and see what you can find to interest you! I did see a Raspberry Vinaigrette that looked pretty awesome. Now, that one is something I would have really liked.

I found this in the About Us section of the website:
Headquartered in the one of the Top 10 True Western towns -Pendleton, Oregon- Barhyte Specialty Foods thrives as a small family company doing what we do best: creating some of the most delicious mustards, marinades, wing sauces, and other gourmet condiments and never settling for anything less than the best.  
Barhyte has a large and loyal following throughout the U.S. and Canada. Customers love our unique flavors and the way they enhance foods without overpowering them. They know they can trust mom “Saucy Mama” to use the finest, freshest ingredients and leave out all those additives and fillers with names you can’t pronounce. 
Connect with Saucy Mama several ways:
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1499
Pendleton, OR  97801
Phone:  1-800-227-4983
Fax:      503-691-8918

The awesome folks at Saucy Mama's is going to let the winner of the Hopping For the Holidays Giveaway Package pick out which 3 products they would like to try! Open to the lower 48 U.S. states only. Good Luck Everyone! The event starts on December 13th and ends on the 29th!
Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.     


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these sauces look very tasty....

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I love your descriptions of all the sauces, my husband like yours would love all of these.

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These sound yummy! I'd love to try the Cracked Pepper Marinade and the 2 hot wing sauces! Yes we like spicey here! ;-)
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