Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Quantum Digital Scale Sponsor Spotlight Review

I have another product to tell you about called Quantum Scale and they sent me this beautiful pink bathroom scale to review! I love the color! I have always loved pastel colors and so this makes this scale perfect for me, event though I do have a husband, he rarely sees the scale. Our master bath has greens, beiges and pinks in the color scheme, so this scale fit right in!

There are 6 colors to choose from and they are all so darn cute! It was hard to decide but once I knew that I wanted it in the bathroom that is ours, I was just excited to try it out! I have been staying away from mirrors and anything that shows how I really look until I get my health issues under control, my weight will continue to be a problem.

But, the good news is that I may not be losing but I am not gaining either. It is like I am in a desert with just the water bottle. But, I am grateful for small miracles and as long as I don't gain weight, I will be happy.

Aa you can see, this little baby is ultra thin and not much to it so I was very skeptical at first of this new gift to give in the Hoppin For the Holidays Giveaway event that starts on December 13th and ends on the 29th of December.

How it Works:

By helping you focus on how far you’ve come rather than how far you have to go, the Quantum Scale rewards you with new found enthusiasm and a greater sense of accomplishment through a positive mind/body connection that grows stronger each time you step on the scale. Gone is that three-digit number you’re obsessed with reaching! Also gone is that self-defeating reminder that you’re not meeting society’s self-imposed (and often unrealistic) standards no matter what your body type.

Features of this Quantum Scale:
  • Tap on to start
  • Maximum capacity 330lbs
  • Weighs in both lbs and kg
  • Graduations 0.1lbs and 0.05 kg
  • Auto off power functions
  • Cell 1xcr2032 lithium battery
  • Easy to read LCD
  • One user personal scale
  • 12in x 12in
  • Gross weight 4lbs
  • 1 year warranty
  • Inexpensive, attractive & easy to use

  • Now you can lose that weight and keep it off:

    Physicians, fitness instructors and health experts all agree that a positive attitude is the key to a successful weight loss program and healthier lifestyle. And a negative attitude and half-hearted approach to weight loss can actually make you gain weight and take on a more sedentary lifestyle that can lead to poor health and medical problems.

    The inexpensive Quantum Scale keeps track of each pound you lose and displays your weight loss each time you step on the scale. It’s no wonder that you shy away from your current bathroom scale! Traditional scales can actually diminish your state of mind and impede your progress by creating a source of anxiety and disappointment.

    So say goodbye to that old bathroom scale! Step on the Quantum Scale and start feeling good about yourself as you watch those pounds disappear!

    I am getting excited myself about starting this program. I haven't been able to yet as I have had a rough month and a half, which is why I am so late getting alot of things done. I haven't been well for awhile and am still under several doctor's care as we work to trying to get me back to where I was a few months ago.

    I have had several procedures down outpatient to control my pain in my back and neck but all it has done is made the pain worse. So, after the first of the year, we are going to do something new and hopefully, if this works, they say I will be able to have better relief for up to (1) whole year! So, wish me luck and hopefully, I will be back to 100% before long.

    I have hated that several of my reviews/giveaways got lost in the shuffle of trying to get the Christmas events done at least but it probably was also the beginning of the back pain because of the long hours sitting doing all those reviews. So, once I get caught up, I am gonna take a short break and coast a little, so please bear with me. I will come back and update this post on how I am doing also once I am able to move, that is!

    This should make you very happy and a little more at ease with the program:

    Connect with Quantum Scales several ways:
    Phone Number:   1-888-749-3786
    The awesome folks at Quantum Scales will be giving the winner of my Hoppin For the Holidays Package Giveaway a scale of their own to use! Open to the lower U.S. only. Good Luck! The event starts on December 13th and ends on the 29th!

    Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.  


    Edward said...

    This is great, i need to get one because im working on the new me.

    Krista Grandstaff said...

    This looks like a scale I wouldn't mind having... I have refused to own one up to now ( if my pants are tight, I need to lose a few, if they are baggy, hey...I lost a few ;) but this would be helpful in other ways.. losing weight doesn't always mean healthy..

    I very much hope that you do get the relief that you are hoping for in the new year.. chronic pain is miserable, and can rule your entire life... please know that your insightful and very detailed reviews are very much appreciated by all of us!

    Gretchen said...

    What a great way to start the new year, with a positive approach.

    Amanda said...

    I have never seen a scale like this before! We received an EatSmart scale for Christmas and while all the bells and whistles are cool, I don't think I will be using it much - it will be dh's toy! This scale is more to my tastes! ;-) Here's to a happy pain-free New Year! I will keep you in our prayers!
    tvpg at aol dot com
    Amanda Alvarado