Friday, December 28, 2012

Noxicare Joint Support Review & Giveaway**Closed**

You guys know that I have been using Noxicare for quite awhile (the pain relieving cream) and now they have a supplement that you can take for Joint Support. Now, I do have to disclose and I know all of you are aware of it anyway, but just so there is no misunderstanding, I do take pain meds from a pain clinic. But, I wanted to try these to see if I could help aid the pain meds so that I could maybe cut one a day out. OR if nothing else, at least my husband would get some benefit for his back and neck pain.

We got a bottle of 90 tablets to try and mostly Mike used them because with the pain meds it was hard for me to say one way or the other and since he doesn't use any pain meds, I figured he would be the better candidate to test these on. He has been using their cream also.

I would also like to mention that they have been awesome to send us a new T-Shirt every time we review something and I love them! They are nice and thick and do not wear out like the cheaper shirts, so Thank You for the shirts!

Mike says that he can tell the biggest difference at night. It does help him sleep better which has always been his main concern. He does hurt some during the day and he is getting epidurals in his back but he still has trouble trying to lay down at night so he mainly uses the Joint Support for nighttime relief and he says he is sleeping better.

So, for Mike, that is a big help. You and I know that if you don't get a good night's sleep, that it is really hard to function the next day. I can lay down and take a nap but Mike can't, he has to work. For those that don't know me or are just starting to read my blog, I am disabled, so that is why I don't work.
We have been using Noxicare Natural Pain Relief products for quite awhile now and I do use the cream around my knees and ankles where the Fibromyalgia and RA cause the most swelling. I am not sure if anything is really gonna help those area's much, not even the pain meds that I get from the Pain Clinic have helped much. But, the cream does make it bearable and I appreciate anything that helps me at this point.
That being said, everyone agrees that until the RA doctor finds a medicine that gets the RA under control, it is gonna be hard to find anything that will help me the most. If you don't have RA, I can tell you that from Mike's experience, Noxicare Cream and now the Joint Support, will help you get some relief and make your life bearable.
Mike does not have RA or Fibromyalgia. He just has a bad disc and had to have one repaired last year that had actually broke in two places. They did not find it for a long time and because of that, the scar tissue in his neck area is really bad and that is what is causing his pain.
So, he can get relief from heating pads, the cream and the Joint Support along with the epidurals that he has every so often. You don't want to take too many of those either because of the steroids. If you can at all, try to limit how much steroids you let them put inside of your body. The side effects are not worth what little relief you get, or at least in my situation and my personal experience.
Everyone is different and so please, before you drastically take any action, always talk it over with your personal doctor whether it's a specialist or your primary doctor. I don't want anyone to hurt themselves based on my experience or Mike's experience because everyone is different. I think even the folks at Noxicare would want you to be sure also and talk with your doctor before stopping or taking anything.
If it helps to even get rid of just one pill a day, to me it is worth it. It is one less dangerous pill I have to take and that is really what this is all about. Trying to get back to natural pain relief and living a better life. I truly do hope that this will work for you as well as it has for Mike.
He keeps a tube of the cream with him at work in his truck and the best part is that it doesn't smell as bad as some of those others, so most of the time, no one knows he has put something on.  He takes the Joint Support pills at night to help him sleep but also as a precaution because he does drive a truck and doesn't need his work thinking he takes something dangerous while driving.  Even though it is natural and a supplement, he has decided to err on the side of caution.
When you get ready to take them it does say up to 3 pills a day and I would take them with something on your stomach, even if it is just a couple of crackers. Everyone is different but I always get a little queasy if nothing is on my stomach, no matter what the pills are. Even my acid reflux pills can backfire on me if it is first thing in the morning and I haven't eaten anything.
Other than that, you are good to go. I wish you all the best of luck in your quest to find relief because I feel your pain and know that anything that helps is better than nothing at all. Just be sure to ask your doctor if he thinks it is okay, especially if you take alot of prescribed meds as I wouldn't want anything to counteract what you are taking now.
This is what is in Noxicare:
**Turmeric: one of the powerful healers found in nature, recognized for its anti-inflammatory properties.
**Willow Bark: has been used to treat pain and inflammation since the time of Ancient Egypt and Greece.
**Ginger: helps alleviate muscle strains, arthritis and rheumatism, and is a catalyst for improving the effectiveness of other herbs.
**Holy Basil: properties include anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial and antiviral.
**Rosemary Extract: has served a variety of purposes including topical use for joint or musculoskeletal pain.
**Alpha Lipoic Acids: antioxidants used to treating diabetic neuropathy and increasing blood flow to the nerves
**Boswellia Extract: an anti-inflammatory used to treat arthritis and joint pain.
You can connect with Noxicare several ways:
Mailing Address:
5530 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 1550
Chevy Chase, MD 20815
Corporate office: (240) 391-0155
Noxicare questions or to re-order: 877-NOXICARE (877-669-4227)
The great folks at Noxicare would love to give one of you the chance to try their Joint Supplement also and you will get a Tshirt also. Open to the US only. Good Luck!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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I have Joint pain in My Hips and Knees..=(

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I get random bouts of joint pain in my hips or knee sometimes.

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I have pain in different places sometimes joints. Thank you. Jerri Davis/

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This looks cool

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My husband has joint pain
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Dorothy Walters
I have osteo arthritis really bad in my knees and back. Maybe this will help

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I have joint pain in my knees & back.

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My mom and my husband both do and they both prefer natural remedies. This looks perfect.

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