Saturday, December 1, 2012

No Safe Harbor Book Review

We have been on quite a roll this week with book reviews! I messed up somewhere along the line and scheduled too many of these on the same week I have 2 major Christmas Events so I decided to sit down and get all the books out of my way first then I will start on my events. Because once I start them, I won't be able to stop for anything.

This book is called No Safe Harbor written by Elizabeth Ludwig and it's set in the 1897's with a woman coming to New York to search for her brother.

Here is an excerpt from the back of  the book:
She came to America searching for her brother. Instead all she’s found is a web of danger.  
Cara Hamilton had thought her brother to be dead. Now, clutching his letter, she leaves Ireland for America, desperate to find him. Her search leads her to a houseful of curious strangers, and one man who claims to be a friend–Rourke Walsh. Despite her brother’s warning, Cara trusts Rourke, revealing her purpose in coming to New York.  
She’s then thrust into a world of subterfuge, veiled threats, and attempted murder, including political revolutionaries from the homeland out for revenge. Her questions guide her ever nearer to locating her brother–but they also bring her closer to destruction as those who want to kill him track her footsteps.  
With her faith in tatters, all hope flees. Will her brother finally surface? Can he save Cara from the truth about Rourke… a man she’s grown to love?
Cara Hamilton left Ireland to come to New York to search for her twin brother, Eoghan. While on the ship over a man named Healy befriended her and told her to go to a certain boardinghouse to stay. You see, the plot was his daughter-in-law, Deidre, was staying there and Healy & Deidre needed to know where Eoghan's where abouts.

She was met by a man who called himself Rourke Walsh, but who was really Rourke Turner, son of the man that Eoghan was suspected of killing. All of this was due to the revolt in Ireland against the Catholics and the Feningan Brothers, another religious sect.

Sean Healy and Deidre had kidnapped Mr. Turner and only meant to scare him but a fight broke out and Sean Healy killed Turner and Cara's brother Eoghan killed Sean Healy. Rourke's cousin Hugh had been behind the all the plots for money and power.

He know wanted Deidre to kill Cara. Rourke knew he had to get to Cara before an innocent woman who was caught in the middle of a crazy plot was killed.

I am stopping there because to tell you the rest would ruin the story. It is filled with action from the first page to the end! You will enjoy this fast paced but also romantic journey that Cara has set out to find her brother and learn the truth from him.

Great book to curl up in front of a fire or just bundle up on the couch in a blanket with a cup of hot tea or coffee and read to your heart's content!

Happy Reading!
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