Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Leonor Greyl Volumizing Shampoo For Thin Hair Spotlight Review

I have a wonderful product to tell you about today called Leonor Greyl Volumizing Shampoo for Thin Hair. I think I have stated in the past because of my Hypothyroidism, I have thinning hair just about everywhere but really noticeable on my head! I am not bald but if you knew me when I was in my 20's and 30's and even in the beginning of the 40's, I had very thick curly hair.

Now, my hair is thin, barely holds a curl and every time I wash my hair, I get a small handful that comes out! I have been tested and don't remember the name of the condition I have, but it prevents new hair growth so I was either given the choice of taking a pill the rest of my life with some side effects or I could use something like Rogaine's but for women.

I do still use that but not as often as I used to. I think the hair that I have lost will not come back but I also believe I have prevented more from falling out! I try not to use hair dryers and flat irons as least as possible, less shampooing and less combing all are helping me keep a little bit ahead of the game.

Now, when I find a product that helps me in this quest, I just have to tell people about it! Leonor Greyl is one such product that will help you restore some of the luster and life back into your hair! I love that I can wash my hair and it actually looks fuller!

Course, it doesn't last all day, especially if I have to lay down and take a nap, but for me, it is a great improvement. Leonor Greyl uses PALM OIL, WHEAT GERM OIL, MAGNOLIA, HONEY SHAMPOO, CREAM OF FLOWERS in their products. Leonor Greyl offers specific solutions which combine plant extracts, oils and nutrients to minimize hair loss.

These products provide effective action against almost all factors responsible for hair loss. These gentle, high-performance formulas will re-energize the scalp and strengthen the hair. All Leonor Greyl products are designed to enhance your hair’s natural beauty and shine. All formulas are color-safe, and free of SLS, parabens, and silicone.

Products are never tested on animals and are eco-friendly. They made natural before it was even a household name about 40 years ago! They have a 4 Step Program for thinning hair and it really doesn't sound like a big hassle like alot of other companies tried to get me to buy more products than was necessary.

Here are the 3 easy steps to fuller, thicker hair:

This product is called Regenerescence Naturelle and is the first step into getting your hair back under control. They call it Purify and it's job is a scalp treatment formulated with essential and botanical oils that will stimulate and purify the scalp while encouraging hair growth.
Regenerescence Naturelle

This is called Shampooing au Miel which is a different shampoo then mine but still just as effective. It restores flexibility, shine and volume, uniquely enhancing your hair’s beauty. This product can be used daily. Ideal for family use.

An energizing and leave-in treatment for hair loss. This product provides effective action against almost all factors responsible for hair loss. It is called Complexe Energisant.

This is called Tonique Vivifiant and it actually is the second part of the above product so it doesn't count as a step.  Every day hair loss leave-in treatment spray. This easy-to-use product is the convenient solution to fight hair loss and improve hair vitality.

Lastly, you use the Mousse au Lotus Volumatrice. This alcohol-free mousse improves styling while providing volume, shine and hold to thin or frizzy hair.

Although, I only got the shampoo and it was an Aux Algues not a Meil, I still got good enough results that I am contemplating some of the other products to see if they all work well together to bring back as much hair as possible. Of course, I would have to admit that the long curly thick hair did get in my way alot! I don't seem to get as hot as I used to, so for that I am grateful.

They have tons of other products for all types of hair, not just thinning, so you will find a wide variety of products to sift thru so don't think that just because I reviewed a thinning hair product that that is all they have.

They have products for dry & damaged hair, oily hair, curly hair, color treated, dandruff and even baby care products! You can get deep oil treatments and leave-in treatments also. They even got an award from Allure! Check it out:

I found this info in the About Us section:
Behind the success of the LEONOR GREYL brand, there are all the ingredients of success: the expertise of more than 40 years in hair care treatment using only natural products, the passion of healthy and glamorous hair and the most important: the love of her profession.  
LEONOR GREYL is a brand, a range of hair care products, an Institute, a family business, where everyone is passionate about hair beauty. In 1968, after meeting her future husband Jean-Marie Greyl who has an extraordinary knowledge of botanicals, the pair created the LEONOR GREYL brand.  
In 1968, ‘natural’ was not yet the fashion but these natural products were a hit and continue to have success today. Some of original products are still some of the most popular and sought after treatments by prestigious hairdressers in Paris and worldwide. 
Caroline Greyl, second generation, proudly carries LEONOR GREYL into the 21st century. Today, under the guidance of Caroline, the brand is present in more than 450 salons, in 50 department stores, 60 Sephoras and in more than 20 countries. With her American husband, biologist, chemist and plant lover, Tom Brooks, they will continue the success of this family tradition.
Connect with Leonor Greyl several ways:

Mailing Address:
Leonor Greyl USA
1320 Industrial Avenue, Suite B1
Petaluma, CA 94952
Email:   contactlg@leonorgreyl-usa.com
Phone:   (866) 473-9587

Leonor Greyl has been kind enough to offer the winner of the Hopping For The Holidays Giveaway Package their own Volumizing Shampoo for Thin and Limp Hair! Open to the lower 48 states in the U.S. Good Luck! The event starts on December 13th and ends on the 29th!
Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.   


Gretchen said...

My maternal grandmother was bald by the time I was born and always wore a wig (I didn't know this until she passed away). My mom had very thin hair, so thin that she always had to wear a hat or her head would get sunburned. I think I got my hair from my dad because it is still very thick (at 50), but my sister's is thinning considerably. I'm going to send her this review, maybe she'll try it.

Amanda said...

This would be perfect for my mom! I shed a lot but I have thick hair. My mom on the other hand sheds worse than I do and she has thin hair! I end up with a handful of her hair after coloring it!
tvpg at aol dot com
Amanda Alvarado