Monday, December 3, 2012

Lasso the Stars Book Review

I have a new book called Lasso the Stars written by L.L. Nielsen and it will definitely tug at your heart when you read it. I normally don't read these types of books, but for this one exception, and I am glad that I did! What a story! Here is an excerpt from the back of the book:
Dina’s life is nearing its end. But for Dina, the end is really just the beginning. For months, she’s been fighting terminal cancer. She’s finally resigned herself to preparing for the final stages. Her last few weeks are going to be with her sisters, sharing the happy memories of a life well spent.  
Men are the last thing on her mind. That is, until an afternoon walk along a dusty, country road brings her face to face with an angel. Only this angel is nothing like Dina ever pictured angels would be. ‘The man had an easy-going smile. A pair of aviator sunglasses rested on his nose. His dusty Levi’s covered long legs that ended in well-worn cowboy boots…He stepped down off the gate and held his hand out. 'Gil'.  
Preferring boots and spurs to harps and wings, Gil takes Dina horseback riding. She begins to feel new energy surge through her. And before she realizes it, Dina falls head over heels for Gil. Gil is falling for her too, but his secret identity may get in the way of his feelings.
Gil knows he can’t hide who he is for much longer. But how can he tell her? Are angels even allowed to fall in love with humans? When Gil leaves to find answers, Dina is devastated. She confides in her sisters, but they think her cancer meds made her dream up the whole relationship.  
Even though Dina knows the truth, she’s growing weaker every day, and the only one who can help her has disappear. Will tonight’s sky be the last one she looks upon? Or will Gil Lasso the Stars for Dina?
Wow, this was a really heartbreaking story to read! Diana is in her last stages of cancer and is living with her baby sister, Rachel.  Jillian is the oldest sister and very bossy, but Diana and Rachel love her just the same.

When Diana was small she had a friend who was an Angel and she would wander down the path to an old farmhouse and see him there.  One day he said my Father says we have to leave and I won't see you for awhile. Many years later, Diana decides to take a walk down to the old farmhouse and there she meets a cowboy named Gil, who is also the Angel.

But Diana doesn't know this right away. Diana's body is very weak from Chemo and Radiation but she wants to try and enjoy every moment right up to the end. She immediately likes Gil and falls head over heels in love with him.

He takes her horseback riding, prepares a great lunch for her. She manages to keep the food down, something she hasn't done in weeks, not even water or jello. Gil has put a new ray of sunshine in her life. Diana knows that her doctor in in love with Rachel and he tries to keep Diana as comfortable as possible.

You will love this awesome story about love and courage and how people are able to believe in what lies ahead is greater than what is left behind.

Happy Reading!


Megan Parsons said...

I love reading Amish books! makeighleekyleigh at

Audrey Griffis said...

i love nicholas sparks and debbie macobmber book this one sounds great

Mare/TommyGirl said...

I love all sorts of fiction and nonfiction, though my favorite go-to genre is young adult.

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Maryea said...

I love mysteries and inspirational books but I also enjoy many other type books as well. This book sounds really interesting!

mediaworm said...

I love books in every genre as long as they can keep my attention. When I am done reading a book I will an idea of which friend or relative or neighbor will like the book and sometimes I try to get them to go out of their comfort zone and try something new. but they trust in what I recommend and I don't mind reading something bad because I know I will be reading something good again too not everbook is going to be something I like but it keeps my mind active. Thank you for the giveaway.

mediaworm said...

I don't what my favorite series is I guess it would depend on my mood and who I am with it could be I am be feeling like a little Dr. Suess, and the Berstein bears one minute or I could be feeling a little Shakespeare or keats and Browning or maybe James paterson or steven king I just never know I usually see a book and read and whatever book I am enthralled in at the moment is usually my favorite book at the moment. Thank you for the giveaway.

Tia Dalley said...

I love to read literally everything, except erotica.

Ellen said...

Nicholas Sparks novels.
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deb c said...

I like historical fiction, but, enjoy all types of books.

heathertlc said...

What a heart-warming story! So glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for being on the tour.

Mary Bearden said...

Hi Everyone! I got a message from the author and she said she was having a problem leaving a comment and she wanted it to be here so I am transferring from my email. Not sure why it won't leave one since I picked the easiest method of leaving one, no captcha or anything. But I know sometimes if it asks for an email, it could not be supported by Google, that might be the problem. If this comment is selected as the winning one, of course, it will be denied and I will draw another one, so don't worry about that. Here is what she said:

Message Hi Mary,

I tired to respond to your book review blog site but it didn't accept my http:/// so I wanted to email you directly to thank you for reviewing my book, Lasso the Stars. If you can publish my comments, please do.
I apreciated your review and I'm so glad that you found the story line to be both romantic and inspirational. Your words meant a lot to me.

L. L. Nielsen
PS I think Charlie is really cute!