Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Joy Of Giving Book Review

Okay, this book review is a little different than what I normally do, so if it seems a little off, I do apologize. The book, called Joy of Giving is a 20-page book that is part of the unique and limited edition rewards for the Goodjoe Joy of Giving Campaign. It is all images, no words and is what each artist believes will convey the thought of giving.
Here is what The Good Joe Crew say about this venture:
The first artist of the 17 involved started out by creatively selecting 2 characters, then illustrating an act of giving and receiving between them. The next artist in line then took the receiving character and illustrated him giving to a new character.  
Then the next artist took that receiving character and illustrated him giving to another new character, and so on, and so forth. The artists continued until all 17 had created a chain of giving, which finally circled back around.  
In the final act of giving, the very first character becomes the receiver, and the circle is complete. As a result, we have a collaboration design called “The Joy of Giving."

It is a very nice brightly colored book filled with page after page of what giving should mean or at least in this case, each artist's interpretation of giving.  It took me a little while to catch on and now I think I undertand the concept.

Good Joe is a non profit organization that has started a campaign called The Joy of Giving and when you buy something from their store, you are helping support their organization and what they are trying to do. They have a list of all the NonProfit Organizations that they are asscoiated with so you will know right up front where the money is going.

They have all sorts of things besides the books to buy such as T-shirts, Lunch Boxes, Hoodies, iPhone Cases, Tablet Cases, Prints and Stationary. You can even submit a design for them to use on any of their products if you are an artist or trying to become one.

This was in their About Us and I hope it explains better what I am trying to say because the words that I keep trying to write just don't do the company justice and what they are trying to accomplish. There are individual bio's on all 3 people so I couldn't bring all that over so I urge you to go and read about these 3 young adults who seem to know exactly where they are going!
Goodjoe is a community-based t-shirt company with a passion for doing good. We are a few friends from college that share the vision of running a fun and sustainable business to help professional and amateur artists alike get their inspirational messages out to the public.  
We use the t-shirt as our basic medium to inspire people to do "good" and reach out to others to do the same. 
Our Mission:
We strive to empower and creatively inspire individuals to contribute to our local and global communities
These are some of the drawings that are inside the book and I am sorry that when I copied them off of their site, they did not get bigger. But, you hopefully, will see that it is about different species of animals working together to make their environment better. They are "giving" instead of "taking".

These are the college friends that have started this whole ball rolling along.
We host an ongoing t-shirt design contest and a weekly themed contest. Everyone is welcome to submit designs that have a positive, inspirational, or humorous message. Every Monday, Goodjoe staff selects the winners.

The winning designer receives:

· $500 USD
· 6% royalty per product sold
· $100 store credit

In addition to the weekly contest, they have a monthly contest also:
Every month, we run a Design for a Greater Good contest based on the mission statement of a nonprofit organization.  
At the end of the contest, the nonprofit selects the winning design and earns up to 50% of proceeds from each t-shirt sold.  
Our goal for the Design for a Greater Good series is to create exposure and provide a sustainable fund raising avenue for nonprofit organizations that have limited resources.
Sounds to me like they have everything under control! I am impressed because we always hear the bad things about our young people, this was a nice suprise that I did not expect. I thought I was just getting a children's book to view and give you my opinion but this is about much more than just a book, it is the lifestyle and opportunities to better yourself and the people surrounding you. That is the message I got out of the book and all that these young men are trying to communicate to the rest of us.

You will love the T-shirts! They are very colorful and I should have known that even before going there because the book, Joy of Giving, is very colorful and full of bright colors that children should be able to understand perfectly what the animals are doing. Very unique approach to teaching children how to interact with others instead of being a bully.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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