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Ginsu Koden 10 PC Set Review

If you don't have a great knife set, then you really need to read this review and enter to win one for yourself!  I had sorta okay knives that I thought worked pretty well until these came in the mail and wow, it was a little scary at first but once I got used to them, it wasn't so bad. They look pretty awesome and I was especially impressed with the kitchen shears or scissors, whichever you call them. The name of my set that I got to review was the GINSU KODEN SERIES 10 PIECE CUTLERY SET.
It is actually quite awesome! I now have some decent knives to use when cutting up all things whether they are small and big at the same time and very easy to handle. They can be in a wide range of colors on the handles so don't go overboard!
Here are the features of my Ginsu Knives:
Each 10 piece Cutlery Set Includes:
- 6" Chef's Knife
- 8" Slicer
- 4.5" Utility Knife
- Four 4.5" Steak Knives
- 3.5" Paring Knife
- Kitchen Shears
- Black Wood Storage Block

I think Mike was tickled to get these than I was!  He loves fooling around with new gadgets in the kitchen and seeing which ones cut better and faster and gets really tickled when he finds something new about the items. You would almost think he is the chef in the house, NOT!

He used the Slicer knife right off the bat to cut up tomatoes and onions one night while I was making beef stew and then he used the paring knife to peel potatoes and I could tell he thought the whole experience was like a surreal experience. Up to now, we have had to buy the cheapies in Walmart because we couldn't afford the nicer ones but he decided with my RA getting worse in my hands, that I need to have utensils that did not cause me undue stress.

Ginsu Knives of course has more than the ones we got and you can go up in standards and grades of steel but we are pretty happy with the ones we got. You can get in the Koden series, a 14 piece set and a 5 piece set, whichever one matches your budget.

Here are some facts you need to know about the Ginsu Knives:

Ginsu Koden Series blades perform as accurately as fine edged professional cutlery with the added convenience of NEVER NEEDING TO BE SHARPENED!

Our exclusive Symmetric Edge Technology integrates identical serrations on each side of the blade for a straight, even cut. The uniquely scalloped, dual serrated edge prevents tearing of food like traditional serrated blades. The result is a maintenance serrated edge that performs with the accuracy of fine edged professional cutlery.

STAINLESS STEEL HANDLES. Each Ginsu Koden Series handle is beautifully shaped and ergonomically designed to fit smoothly into your hand. Universal design allows for left or right handed use.


Pretty impressive looking knife, don't you think? I thought so too! I could really cut into some turkey and ham with this knife instead of the one we did have where it would literally tear the turkey or ham into shreds instead of cutting. So we are really enjoying our knives! This knife is the Chef knife in case you did not know that.

These are the 4 Steak knives that are in the set. We were the happiest to get these as ours have seen better days and now we have something to cut our steak with that won't tear them but actually cut them up into small pieces. With my stomach issues, we have to be careful how much meat I eat so I will only eat about 1/4 of my steak and call it quits.

It sure is nice to have a pair of knives that also aid in making that cut simpler and easier. People with RA need all the help they can get and a good set of knives along with forks and spoons makes a huge difference in how one eats.

Now, the knife to the right is the Slicer knife, which is something you would need to slice meat, cheese, or anything else that needed to be sliced such as veggies or potatoes for that matter. This is the one that can do just about anything you needed done.

There is also the paring knife which is the one that is used to taking off the outer skins of apples, kiwi, tomatoes, cucumbers and the list could go on and on but I won't bore you with all of the possibilities.  I think this would be the perfect set for someone starting out on a new life whether getting married or just moving out on their own. They can add to it later on as they see the need to arise and it will probably last them a long time as long as they take care of the whole set.

I did not see a picture of the paring knife all by itself but it is the smallest knife, next to it is the Utility Knife and then the Chef Knife. I couldn't find a picture of the Kitchen Shears but I did take one with my camera. I used their pictures because they came out looking much sharper and easier to see.  Below is the Kitchen Shears:

I am not a fancy cook or chef by any means and I know once I get to reading the whole booklet that was sent along with this set of Ginsu Knives I will know what to do with these Kitchen Shears but for now, I don't have a clue but I bet some of you out there do! They are pretty impressive to say the least!

I found this cleaning advice on the set that I have and thought it was important enough to bring over so that you fully understand how to keep your knives looking good for years to come:
Ginsu's Always Sharp blades will never need sharpening. The unique design ensures the lowest maintenance possible to make cutting foods as quick and easy as possible.  
A common myth is that stainless steel will never rust and corrode. The balance between corrosion resistance and edge retention is a very fine line. Through years of rigorous testing and development, Ginsu has created a blade that is extremely resistant to corrosion yet can be sharpened to a razor sharp edge that will retain its sharpness for a lifetime of use.  
When cleaning your cutlery, it is always best to hand wash with a mild soap/detergent in warm water and towel dry after each use. This ensures that each knife is free from moisture, which greatly reduces the chance of corrosion forming. Ginsu Koden and Essential Series knives may be used in an automatic dishwasher. Should you use a dishwasher, always place your knives in the top rack in a orderly fashion.  
This will ensure your knives do not fall through the rack and obstruct the moving components of the dishwasher, fall onto the heating element, or damage other items in the dishwasher by falling on them. Ginsu Nuri Series should be hand washed only.  
The colored, non-stick coating on the blades may become damaged by items with sharp or pointed edges. Do not use a scouring pad or other abrasive material on the non-stick coating, as this may damage the finish and void your warranty.
I found this in the History section and found it fascinating:
Douglas was founded in 1902 as a major producer of automotive parts. The first vacuum cleaner built by the Douglas division in the early 1940's. Douglas division was acquired by The Scott Fetzer Company on May 1, 1968, and became Douglas Products, A Division of The Scott Fetzer Company.  
As a result of expanding vacuum cleaner sales, the facility in Walnut Ridge, AR was opened in January, 1972. Douglas currently produces a variety of OEM vacuum products for the leaders in the vacuum industry, along with powerful, corded wet-dry hand vacs, 12 volt auto vacs, stick vacs, and cannister vacuums sold under the ReadiVac brand name.  
Quikut began manufacturing kitchen cutlery in Clyde, OH in 1920 and to this day, those knives are still known as the "Sharpest Knives on the Market." In 1953, they moved their operation to Fremont, OH where they were eventually purchased by The Scott Fetzer Company in 1964.  
Ginsu knives, with a tradition of sharpness and durability were actually first manufactured in Fremont by the Quikut corporation in 1975. Ed Valenti ande Barry Becher created the name when they started selling the knives on TV in the late 1970's and '80's. The Scott Fetzer Company relocated Quikut to Walnut Ridge, AR in 1988.  
The joining of the two divisions produced Douglas Quikut, which includes Accounting, Sales, Engineering, Customer Service, Human Resources departments along with its manufacturing facility.
Connect with Ginsu Knives several ways:

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 29
Walnut Ridge, AR 72476

Phone:  (800) 982-5233

Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.


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Oops, I also like their 7" Santoku with
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