Monday, January 20, 2014

Drinking Irish Tees from Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Mike always looks so darn happy, doesn't he? One of these days I told him what my mama used to always tell me, "Your face is gonna freeze like that one day"! I don't think I ever believed her but it still made me pause a minute or two. Ahh, those were the days! Where in the heck did they go?

We got a man's X-Large because I use them sometimes in the summer as sleep tee's when it is hot, so that is why they look so big. They do have some nice looking girl shirts over there also. Seriously, they do have some Cute Irish tees for the ladies on their site, so be sure to check them out! The shirt above that Mike is showing also comes in white and in women's sizes!

I do have one small confession to make. I never have been able to drink beer. It literally makes me ill just thinking about it let alone smell it. I think it's because Mama used to drink so much of it that I just got turned off from it and just can't make myself drink it. Took me until my 20's to even taste a mixed drink and I was in my early 30's before I tasted wine. It reminded me too much of beer but I finally got to liking Zinfandel but there aren't many of them that I like either.
Funny Shirts really does have some doozies for both men and women and some are a little too graphic for me to put on here but you are more than welcome to go over and check them out! I have a link up at the top of the post that will take you right to where these shirts came from, so you can look at the vast quantity that they have over there.
Do you go out on St. Patrick's or stay home?  It used to have a special meaning to me because my Grandmother's birthday was March 17th but after she passed away back in the 90's, I don't seem to mind it too much anymore. I know here in Savannah, Georgia, it is a really big deal. They have alot of street parties and it's kinda like Mardi Gras in New Orleans. People are everywhere! I have watched it on TV a few times but never went myself. I have been to Savannah several times but not on March 17th.
One thing I am sure that they would agree on is that Funny Irish Shirts would be the best place to get your party T-shirt and then go on down to Savannah and see if you see anybody else that got their shirt from the same place that you did. Mmm, maybe we should go there and see for ourselves if there are any shirts from here on the docks of Savannah. I can tell you that they have awesome seafood, if that counts as anything.
Here is another shirt I thought deserved mentioning. I love the way these guys take some phrases and turn them around to mean something for whatever holiday or special day it is and make it about them. But, you know what, isn't that the beauty of having special days? We can have some fun, laugh, play a little and forget about all of our worries at least for that day.
So, enjoy your St. Patrick's Day, wear your funny shirt, laugh at some of the others that you see out that night, and make sure to take a few aspirin before going to bed and eat some kind of bread either before going to sleep or as soon as you get up. It soaks up the alcohol and you won't feel so bad the next day. If not bread, then crackers or some kind of potatoes. I used to eat hashbrowns before I went to sleep and never had a hangover one time.
So, I hope that helps all of you out there on St. Patrick's Day! I have told you where to find an awesome shirt, a great city to party in and what to eat afterwards to keep from being sick. All in all, I think you got a pretty good deal!

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Eat Drink and Be Mary said...

That is a cute shirt!

Rebecca Parsons said...

I am part Irish, I inherited the red hair from my Grandma's on both sides. I always buy irish shirts and these are really cute!