Sunday, December 23, 2012

Australian French Milled Soap Review

I found a new soap maker who makes their own soap and was able to get 3 bars to review from them. The company's name is Australian Soap that is really in Australia! Of course, they do have a place here in the United States but I was just tickled pink to get some soap from that far away!

I was sent 3 bars to review and here are their names:

1.)  Wild Honeysuckle wrapped soap
2.)  French Pear craft soap bar
3.)  Lemongrass craft soap bar

Now, I have to tell you something and all of my loyal reader's know that I am honest to a fault and I am that way because I would hate for someone to buy something on my recommendation and they hate it and blame me for it. Let me be clear about this from the very beginning:

**There is nothing wrong with these soaps at all, they all look to be in excellent shape and very   fragrant, which I like in a soap, unless it is a scent I don't like.

Unfortunately, when I was picked to review these soaps, I wish they had asked me what scents I liked or what I didn't like and this would have been awesome! I have since early on in life, mmm, maybe my early 20's, something about Honeysuckle gives me the worst headache. There is too much of a sweetness turned ugly smell about Honeysuckle every time I get around it, I get a tremendous headache.

So, it's not the soap's fault. If you love Honeysuckle, then you are going to go crazy over this one. It is one of the ones that they call wrapped but even thru the wrapping I can smell that honeysuckle. I can only imagine what it must smell like if unwrapped.

They call this one Tangy Lemon Myrtle with lemongrass, as far as I can tell by matching up the colors and the specks.  This is another scent that will make my head split. I don't like these lemony, honeysuckle, jasmine type scents. They all leave me feeling almost nauseous if I am around them too much. I can feel a headache coming on now so I need to get thru these real quick and go put them somewhere that I can't smell them.
My friend Lynette, loves all this kind of stuff, so this will be part of her Christmas present. She will go bananas over them so that should make the sponsor happy. I try really hard to find people to match products up to so that I can give a good report back instead of a bad one. So, in this respect, I know Lynette will use them and be honest about what she thought. 
I know for sure the Honeysuckle will tickle her because up here in the mountains, when they were all children, they use to hunt the Honeysuckle bushes and suck on the flowers. She said they were the best, well, okay, I take your word for it but don't count me in on any honeysuckle parties!
Now, this was the only one I had to copy off of their site because for some odd reason, my camera kept changing it to a golden yellow color and that is not what the color is. This is a French Pear craft soap bar.  I can tolerate this one as it smells just like a pear and I can handle that scent. Even though I know I could use this one, I know my Mother-in-law loves pears and peaches so whenever I find soap or bath gels in those scents I snatch them up for her. If you love the scent of Pears, then you are gonna love this one!

As I stated before, there is nothing wrong with these soaps, they just weren't my cup of tea. I would have loved the Roses, Lavenders, Patchouli, Vanilla and TigerLily. There were several others that sounded awesome and maybe the next time if I get one, or even the next blogger will get to choose the ones that they would like.

I think my headache has reached epic proportions and I will need to get these soaps away from me really fast! I really hate that because for some odd reason when I think of French milled soaps, I picture the lavenders and other flowers that are soft and sweet like goat's milk with honey. 

This is the Lavender one and I bet it would have been awesome! I even found a Patchouli that I love.  I have never seen it in that color, it is always a beige brownish color, but who cares as long as the scent is there!

So, go check them out because they have quite a selection and for those of you who like the 3 that I was sent, if you love those, they are definitely still in the store as of right now, anyway. I also found out something I did not know. There is a difference between a wrapped soap and a craft soap that is not wrapped up!

Here is Australian Soap's reason behind the wrapped soaps:

Our pure, natural botanical soaps are made with the finest qualities of palm oil, palm kernel oil, organic shea butter, glycerin and other natural ingredients. These rich oils produce a soap bar with a high percentage of pure glycerin, a natural moisturizer and humectant. Our soaps clean your skin with out stripping it of its natural oils leaving you feeling soft and smooth and residue free. But what really makes Simple Scents Australia Botanical Soaps so fabulous are our incredible scents. These soap bars are individually wrapped .

The triple-mill (French milled) 100g (3.5oz) soaps are long lasting and do not dissolve in the bath or shower. The rich, creamy lather rinses off cleanly and your skin will feel clean and fresh.

Then this is the explanation for the crafted soaps:
Our craft soaps are lightly scented with luscious fragrances. We have fruity Mango, sweet Wild Honeysuckle, tangy Lemon Myrtle and many other great scents.

As wonderful as our soaps are to use, for someone who has never experienced them, the luscious fragrances are what makes them initially buy soap when they first see it.

It is only after they use the soap and see how good it is and how long it lasts do they want more. They make an perfect bath soap because they last a long time and don't dissolve in the water.

After years of experience we found the ideal combination of ingredients to create the perfect balance of moisturizing, lathering and durability qualities. That is why the bar has such a creamy lather, feels so moisturizing and seems to last forever.
These are the Benefits of using their natural soaps:

A premium quality natural soap really does make your skin soft, smoother and less dry. The lather is creamy and feels like applying a lotion but it rinses off cleanly leaving you feel squeaky clean. When is the last time you looked forward to getting in the shower and lathering with a bar of soap – it feels that good!
Our bar is mild and PH balanced which is ideal for sensitive skin. Many customers tell us our soap has really helped their skin conditions (psoriasis, eczema etc.) and will not use anything else. People don’t expect a soap bar to give such relief from skin conditions.

Last and not least, the 100g (3.5oz) bar is an ideal size for the ladies hand. No cutting larger soaps in half!

You will love their soaps and I know I would have, too if the scents hadn't been so far off. I am a light crisp clean cotton smelling girl and those loud scents will make my eyes water and my nose twitch until it sneezes and I wish it would hurry up already because the headache is getting into my sinus's now and then we will have a problem!

Since I can't use them due to the scents, I did not try them on my hands but from feeling of the hard soaps, they feel really nice and look like they would be creamy when they are wet. I hope that you will give them a chance, especially if they have some scents that you like. My experience with the scents should not stop you from trying them out.

If I get the chance to try the Lavender, Roses, Patchouli or Sandelwood I will definitely let you know how they went.

Found this is the About Us section:

Australian Natural Soap, LLC has been creating luxurious natural soap bars for over 20 years. We have always produced these Shea Butter soap bars for the Australian and New Zealand markets as well as Private Label botanical soap for a number of high end personal care companies in Australia and Europe. Now, consumers worldwide can enjoy the benefits of our incredible Shea Butter soap . The Australian natural soap bars are shipped from Australia to our facility in Massachusetts. Once you buy soap from us, we package your order and ship it directly to your door.

We focus on providing our customers with high quality, Shea Butter soap that have luscious scents and contain sustainable palm oils, Certified Organic Shea Butter, vegetable glycerin and other all natural ingredients. Our French milled soap bars are long lasting, unlike the ones that melt away quickly. They are moisturizing, creamy and best of all, reasonably priced. We NEVER use harsh chemicals or detergents to cut costs because that would compromise our dedication to quality.

As makers of fine Shea Butter soap, we have the specialized equipment, quality ingredients, knowledge and years of experience to produce luxurious French Milled soaps to which you will become addicted. Quality soap truly does make a noticeable difference to your skin. After using a soap made from the best natural ingredients, your skin really does become softer, smoother and healthier.

Connect with Australian Soaps several ways:

Mailing Address:
21 Wilbraham St
Palmer, MA 01069
Phone (413) 283-2527
Fax (413) 228-0213

One last thing, I loved this part and wanted to share it with you:
We understand that everyone needs to tighten their belts and cut down on spending. Besides ensuring that our prices for Australian natural soap bars stay affordable, we started two programs and found other ways to help you save even more money but still have the ability to enjoy our luxurious, French milled soap.

Rewards Program (a thank you for our repeat customers)

Orders over $30 SHIP FREE
Orders over $15 SHIP FOR $5
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


RealtorSD said...

I love the scent of lemongrass! What a nice stocking stuffer.

Gala said...

thanks for the review, looks like a great product to pamper yourself -- look, natural ingredients and scents -- all are great

Jennifer Hiles said...

I've been using body wash for awhile now but I'm thinking that it is not eco friendly and probably not a good choice financially. Bars of soap seem to last much longer and I won't have to go through plastic bottles. I will make it my New Year's resolution to switch. I've always like Patchouli scent and the pear sounds yummy also!

Juliana said...

these look like wonderful soap

Mer said...

These are so pretty! And as someone who does love honeysuckle, the strong scent sounds perfect for me! Thanks for the helpful review.

Kathy Silver said...

I just got introduced to these soaps and love the lather. I agree, some of the scents, to me, are "so-so". However, try the Goats Milk soap. You get all the wonderful feeling and none of the scent if that's what you like. Many times I prefer non-scent and so do my boys!!