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Ateevia Botanica's Prime Anti-Inflammatory Cream Review

I seem to be on a roll with the pain meds and creams but when you suffer the way I have and Mike also, well, we will try just about every thing that is available to us in the hopes of something helping to get us off of the pain meds, well, me mostly, Mike just does the shots in his back. I have RA and Fibromyalgia along with several other health related issues and with those other issues, no creams or supplements will help those, but with Fibromyalgia it can provide some relief.

RA is a whole other matter though. Even the RA injections I get are hitting a brick wall these days. I just started a new one called Cimzia yesterday and I am not a happy camper! I was not told that it would be 2!! shots in my tummy!! Yes, you read that right, I got 2 shots in my tummy yesterday and boy, did that stir the IBS up! I had a swollen and unhappy colon and tummy all night. I barely was able to eat some mashed potatoes.

And the worse part is I have to do it again in 2 weeks! Then again in another 2 weeks after that! But, once I reach that quota, it goes to 2 shots a month. I can either do them both at once or spread them out 1 every 2 weeks. Haven't made my mind up yet, will have to wait and see how bad I react to the next 2 shots!

Anyway, back to Ateevia, Mike used it at night to help with his sleeping and he said he did seem to rest better. Unfortunately, with the kind of work he does, it did not help much during the day. But to be honest, nothing else has either, except for the TENS unit he wears. I felt a little relief on my ankles and knees for a little while but then it was right back again. Nothing helps with the swelling, not even the powerful prescription meds.

This is actually my 9th different RA shot/infusion. I think there is only one more left and then I am toast! They work for a few months and sometimes 9 to 12 months but then the inflammation goes up high and that crashes the meds. My body is building up antibodies faster than the meds can work is my understanding of the way it was explained to me.

So, I really can't fault Ateevia or any other creams right now. I am in a stage where nothing will help until I get that inflammation down, then these creams do help some with the minor aches and pains. So, I can tell you that. If you have just regular OA and not RA, then this will give you some relief. Even with the Fibromyalgia, it will help in certain areas.
Now, everyone is different and I can only speak for Mike and me, but when my RA is under control, I am able to use some creams and it will help me to stay a little more limber and will help me move around better. But if I am in full attack mode with RA and Fibromyalgia, then all bets are off. Don't know which one is worse since they both attack at the same time and I wouldn't wish that on anyone.
Mike has been taking the Ateevia Prime with him to work and putting a little on here and there. Not a whole lot because he does have to have contact with customers at times and doesn't need to be smelling like a medicine cabinet. Some people are very strange, I have to tell you. He comes home with some of the craziest stories about what will set people off and I am thinking, wow, if I was healthy, I would not begrudge anyone getting some help, even if the smell was less than pleasant.
At least you don't have to live with it daily, for goodness sake! So, when he smelled the Ateevia, he was excited because it did not have that really strong medicine chest smell. He does still have to use his TENS unit in the places he can't reach with the cream but at night I will rub his back down pretty good and he has been sleeping better.
So, for someone like Mike, this cream will work. But for someone like me with really bad chronic pain, it might take the edge off, but I still have to take my pain meds. But to be fair, I have had to say that with just about everything we have tried over the counter or at health stores. So, it's not their fault that I have stubborn pain that just won't let anything work! Sometimes, I get so discouraged. I do have muscle relaxers and at those times I take them and just take a nap. Sleeping it off is sometimes the only way I can make it. I know I don't get much done if I have to keep taking naps during the day and night, but I have to in order to keep my sanity.
So, if you have just minor aches and pains or complaints and nothing too chronic, you will like this product because the smell is gone and it spreads pretty good. It will get you thru if you need some minor help with getting in and out of a car to go to doctor appts and such but if you are like me and have severe chronic pain, it will take the edge off but you will still have the pain. I hope that made sense to you. The best way to put it is that it will keep you from losing your mind but you will still hurt.
For simple muscle strains from lifting or carrying something, it will work great or if you just twisted something and it's minor, it will help. I suggest you use it more at night to help you sleep better. That seems to be when it works the best. I can tell you that the Arithritis Foundation has given them their approval and I do believe it will help with OA and some minor RA.
As with all medications, whether over the counter or prescription, please talk it over with your RA doctor or your primary doctor who knows about all the medicines that you take to ensure you don't take something that might react with something you are already taking. Play it safe rather than sorry, is my motto!
Here is what it works best on according to their site:
*pain / anti inflammatory
*arthritis / arthritic joints
*carpal tunnel syndrome
*tendinitis / tennis elbow
*plantar fasciitis
*sport strains and bruises
*myalgia / lower back pain
Here is how Ateevia came to be:
At the poetic heart of Ateevia Botanica is a multigenerational narrative about suffering and hope, pain and resilience. The true story begins some eighty years ago, with an accomplished senior physician, and continues to be told today through the voice of his inquisitive grandson, a fellow doctor himself.

This grandfather was a highly acclaimed, well respected doctor within his own community during a time much different from today's system of diagnosis and treatment of disease. Medical technology then was more limited, but people's desire and need for wellness was just as strong. The grandfather, motivated by a brilliant, intellectually curious mind and the will to exert great lengths to treat his patients, employed natural methods to aid the body's healing powers. An expert botanist and well acquainted with allopathic, traditional medicinal therapies, he used unconventional combinations of botanical extracts to accelerate his patients' return to a state of robust health. His results were phenomenal.

Years after this grandfather had passed away and on another continent, his daughter was diagnosed with moderate Rheumatoid Arthritis. Despite numerous treatments, her joint pain not only persisted but worsened. One night, after dreaming of the grandfather (her own father), she recalled his treatments, which had been buried with him until this moment.

The daughter told her son about her father's remedy, describing a topical treatment made of botanical extracts to treat patients with painful inflammatory ailments. The son, a doctor himself, began the crusade to find the botanical extracts and unlock their healing powers, reviving his grandfather's legacy in the process. It took a few years for all of the ingredients to be brought together from across the globe. When the cream was finally complete, the son tested it on his mother with astounding results. Within a few weeks, her symptoms faded and then disappeared.

The son went back to work, reformulating the mixture to maximize safety and enhance potency. He understood that in the great enterprise of helping the ailing, we are all partners, for society has a deep rooted obligation to its sick. Word of the success quickly spread. People who volunteered to be treated experienced substantial pain relief. Inspired, the son refined the product to help those who suffer from various inflammation-based pain conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic joint pain and tendonitis. And so, from one doctor to another... and from one grandfather to his grandson... an all natural anti-inflammatory cream was cultivated, with effects focused and long-lasting: Ateevia Botanica was born.
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