Sunday, November 11, 2012

Uncle Milton Products Sponsor Spotlight Review

I am so excited about these products and I hope that you will be too! My awesome rep at Uncle Milton products told me about these and I thought, what an awesome and totally unique item this would make for this event, Christmas Gifts for Kids Giveaway Event! I wanted it to be a little bit of everything and I finally am able to complete the circle so that is why this is so obviously delirious for me.  Get it? The Earth is round and so is the Moon! So, my circle is complete!  What can I say, it's late, I have done so many reviews this weekend, my head is exploding!
The Earth In My Room has several great sites but  watching the city lights illuminate from East to West in brilliant detail has to be one of the best!  Wow, where was all this when we were growing up? I would have loved to lay in my bed at night and watch these two interact and imagine what it would be like to be in a spaceship seeing it from outer space.  Well, now at least in their rooms anyway, our kid's will get to see a glimpse of what the astronauts must see when they head on out!
  • Authentically detailed Earthscape
  • Automatic or manual function with remote control
  • Auto shut-off to preserve battery life
  • Easily hangs on wall
  • Requires 4 AA batteries and 2AAA (Not included)
  • Ages 6 and up
  • Adult assistance recommended

    Have you seen either of these products?  Until she mentioned them to me, neither had I but once I looked them over, I thought how appropriate! The kids are gonna love these. Both the Earth and the Moon can be put either on the wall or ceiling and they will have a remote control that when the lights go out, they can sit and watch them both glow! I thought what a great tool to have! They are playing but hopefully also learning something.  There are actually 12 different phases the Moon goes thru and your child will get to see them at the push of a button!  This is called Moon In My Room if you need to look it up.
    Gosh, I hope that J.W., my grandson and your kid's see the greatness in these products.  I really hope that these will excite them to want to learn more about both the Moon and the Earth.  What do you think? I think people think our kid's are not smart but I disagree.  Like J.W. for example, he is in a gifted program at school. He is only in the first grade and they say he is really at a third grade level in lots of subjects, especially math. So, I think this will be awesome for him.
    Here are the features:
  • Authentically detailed
  • Automatic or manual function shows phases of the moon
  • Auto shut-off to preserve battery life
  • Easily hangs on wall

  • I think the only thing that would make this complete is The Shooting Stars In My Room! Yes, they have that one, too! So, if you are so inclined, whoever wins this package, I think that one would add to the collection and you will have one super decked out observation room of what it is like to be in space! Maybe next year I can do the Stars In My Room, too!
    Gosh, I just want to give J.W. every opportunity to grow and become whatever he sets his mind to. And I believe the folks at Uncle Milton agree.  That is why they have come up with so many possibilities for our children to learn and explore things on their own. All they need is a little or alot of encouragement from us and their teachers. I don't know about anyone else, but I mix books and learning items in with my gifts to J.W. so that he knows it's not all about the toys for Christmas, it is about getting useful tools for the future, but still having fun at the same time!
    Thanks so much Uncle Milton for being there for our kids! I mean that very sincerely and want you to know that I appreciate each and every item that I get to review because it brings J.W. one step closer to being on the right path in life.  And so far, it is working! He just started the first grade and is already reading and has math skills in the 3rd and 4th grade level (reading).  Without your imagination to bring these kinds of products to us, I don't know where he would be right now but I suspect he would still be pretty smart, mostly because his parents have taught him from the time he was old enough to understand his numbers and ABC's.
    So, I really don't worry about him, I worry what will be left for him to discover once he is ready to go out in the workforce. What will this country be like?  I have no idea but if there are some kids out there as smart as J.W., then I think they will be all right. I pray so.
    Here is what I found on About Us:
    Founded in 1946, Uncle Milton creates, produces and markets proprietary and licensed toys that have outstanding play value and maximum kid-appeal. Since its introduction in 1956, the Ant Farm® brand ant habitat has grown to become a universally recognized icon of American pop culture.  
    Building on the quality and innovation of their flagship brand, Uncle Milton today leads the science category with popular brands including Star Wars™ Science, Jim Henson’s DINOSAUR TRAIN™, In My Room, and Explore It!, composed of award-winning toys that inspire wonder, learning and fun.
    In the spring of 2012, the company will launch a new line of National Geographic branded Outdoor Explorer toys. Uncle Milton, a Transom Capital Group company, distributes its lines of toys at fine specialty toy, hobby, gift, mass merchant and department stores nationwide, as well as through popular online retailers.  
    Connect with Uncle Milton several ways:

    Phone: 1-818-707-0800
    Fax:     1-818-707-0878

    Uncle Milton has been kind enough to let me offer the same 2 items I just reviewed to the winner of my Christmas Gifts for Kids (and adults) Giveaway Event that starts on November 12th and ends on the 22nd. Thanks so much! Open to the U.S. only.

    Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.


    Joni Caraway said...

    These are awesome, my granddaughter has one in her room. They are really cool to look and will make a great gift.

    Amanda Rauch said...

    I am amazed at these products! I want them for my room!! I never even knew that these kind of items were made. And shooting stars: that would be so incredible to have! Thank you for sharing such a neat product!!

    Gina Brickell said...

    This is such an neat product. I have a 5 year old son who is facsinated with anything to do with science and he would go nuts over these! They come out with the greatest things. I would love to get him something like this for the holiday so thank you for the great idea!

    Kimberly said...

    my son would love this, i may pick it up for a christmas gift.

    Renea Greathouse said...
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    Renea Greathouse said...

    My 5 yr old will be 6 in January and he loves the moon and stars. I had to check out their website. I love the shooting stars in my room, that would go perfect with the Moon in my room. I'm amazed at how realistic looking it is.

    Jennifer Hiles said...

    That is so awesome! I would have loved that as a kid...okay...I would still love it as a 32 year old mom :) Can't believe it shows the phases of the moon and everything. Another one of those "got to have" items!

    Allison Downes said...

    Looks really cool! I love how authentic it looks

    Thanks for sharing!

    flairshare said...

    Incredible detail! This will be great as a learning tool and could be useful in a science fair project too. Such a fabulous way to learn about sun, moon, etc.

    Carol L. said...

    What an incredibly inspiring product. Leave it to Milton Bradley. My grandsons are all about the stars and moon right now and these would be great gift ideas for Christmas.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

    let it be said...

    I myself have never heard of these before today...How neat! Definitely would have loved one of the Moon in my room's when i was a kid, and I can think of a couple that would love this. I like that it goes through the different phases of the moon!

    Katherine said...

    Those are so cool and would be great gifts! Great review and thanks for sharing

    Jennifer McCann said...

    This is pretty cool, my son would love this! He is always looking up to the sky at the stars!