Friday, November 16, 2012

Thyme's Products Review

I know you all have heard of the Thymes company and their awesome products such as bath and body lotions and washes along with awesome smelling perfumes and hand washes and hand lotions! They are truly magnificent and there hasn't been too many scents that I have smelled from them that I did not like. I know you know this because I have written about them in the past. Now, they have their Holiday Collections out as you can see from the above picture. 
Of course, that is not what I will be reviewing. I had gotten some products awhile back and with all the craziness of the Halloween & Thanksgiving and now Christmas events, I have gotten behind on my reviews and single giveaways.  I had a few extra minutes and decided I need to get this one going before I get carried into another event that starts on the 19th! I am almost to the point of saying I wish Christmas was over and gone with! I guess because my health keeps going up and down these last 2 months and I had not counted on that happening when I sign up for so many.
Okay, here is what I got to review from Thymes:
1.  Set of Filigree Body Lotion and Body Wash
2.  Moonflower Candle
3.  Moonflower Roll On Perfume
Let's start with the Filigree set first. I don't know which ones you have smelled but Filigree is one of the old time favorites. Gosh, I wonder just how long have they been around? As far back as I can remember being interested in smelling awesome, I guess!  Not sure why Filigree comes and goes unless it sells better at a certain time of year more than any other. Mmm, we may need to find out why? Here is what Thymes says about the scent of Filigree:
Intricate layers of rich amber, juniper berry, warm cedarwood, and neroli harmonize to enhance each wearer's individual style. The unexpectedly cool aromas of spearmint and lavender cast a fresh note, and spices such as ginger and clove dominate the fragrance's heart. Beloved by many, and here for a limited time only.
They absolutely smell like heaven! I love taking showers with a perfumed based body wash and then layering with a body lotion.  I prefer that method more than I do using perfumes almost. I get more compliments when I layer than I do with perfumes, which is kinda funny in a way. For whatever reason, I can't smell the stuff when I layer but other people can and will constantly ask me what I am wearing. But with perfume, it's right the opposite, I smell that all day long and sometimes even the next day if I used it on something I wear again. Now, why would I smell the perfume but not the lotion and everyone else notices the lotion effect right off the bat? Strange, huh?
Now, for the Moonflower, I wanted to try a Thymes candle because believe it or not, I never have! Now, you would think as much as I like them that I would but there always seemed to be something that would distract me and I would get it instead. This time I did get one and I couldn't have picked a better scent! Wonderful and Exotic is all I can say! You might get spoiled if you get your hands on one of these. It will be very hard to go back to the household scents like baking and fruits when you can have Exotic!
Here is what Thymes says is in Moonflower's scent:
Gilded tones of cinnamon and clove meld elegantly in sugared quince, fresh myrtle leaves and rich mahogany. Dark amber and smooth cognac imbues the finish with warmth and mystery.
Got the drift? I love warmth and mystery. Makes it sound like we are on a treasure hunt for something mysterious and dangerous. And I can just about imagine the trouble you could get into wearing this awesome fragrance. It made my home smell so awesome that I hated to blow it out but I am trying to make it last as long as possible so I don't burn it as long as I would another candle. It has about 60 hours worth of burning. You won't find a better smelling candle than this one!
Then lastly, is Moonflower's roll on perfume. Oh, you will think you have gone to heaven on this one. And I think you can tell by the picture that it has flecks of gold in there to make it more mysterious and exotic, not sure, but who cares when it smells this great! Don't know where I put the picture I took of this roll on perfume because it wasn't in any of my folders so I grabbed this image off of Thyme's site.  Just in case you are wondering why the background is different.  The gold shimmer is to help the scent last longer and I am here to tell you it does. I rolled some on the back of my hands and it was still there the next morning!
The Moonflower fragrance has been a real eye opener for me because I had misjudged it. I thought it would be too sweet and flowery like jasmine or honeysuckle and I can't stand those scents. Especially if someone sprays too much on, I get the awfullest migraine headache ever! So, the last time something had come from Thymes they had sent me some lotion samples and Moonshine's was in there so I opened it and used it and fell in love! It is nothing like jasmine or honeysuckle. It is more of a mysterious and earthy exotic like scent than anything else and this will become one of your favorite Go To one's if you are trying to impress a guy. Go for it because you might end up having the best time of your life!
Of course, you know that Thymes has endless products in lots of scents and so far I haven't ran across one that I haven't liked.  I still don't know what alot of them smell like but I can tell you that the Kimono Rose and the Moonflower so far will be my top 2 of all time.  I do love Filigree also, but these other 2 are off the charts!
If you can, get online and go to their Store Locator and when you are in that area next time, stop by and sample the Moonflower and Kimono Rose along with Filigree (if it is still out on the shelves) and you will see what I mean when I say these two are the best!
Connect with Thymes several ways:
Mailing Address:
629 9th Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414
Telephone: 612-338-4471 or 1-800-366-4071
Fax: 612-338-3853
Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.