Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Third Grace Book Review

I have a new book to tell you all about today called The Third Grace written by Deb Elkink. This is her first novel which will suprise you because she writes like it's her fourth or fifth book. Come tack a journey with me as I give you a glimpse of her writing.

Let's start with an excerpt from the back of her book:
The Past Casts a Long Shadow. Especially When It Points to a Woman's First Love.  
Her name was Mary Grace until she fell in love with the French exchange student visiting her family's Nebraska farm. Franc ois renamed her "Aglaia"-after one of the beautiful Three Graces of Greek mythology-and set the seventeen-year- old girl longing for something more than her parents' simplistic life and faith.  
Now, fifteen years later, Aglaia works as a costume designer in Denver. Her budding success in the city's posh arts scene convinces her that she's left the naive farm girl far behind. But "Mary Grace" has deep roots, as Aglaia learns during a business trip to Paris. Her discovery of sensual notes that Franc ois jotted into a Bible during that long-ago fling, a silly errand imposed by her mother, and the scheming of her sophisticated mentor all conspire to create a thirst in her soul that professional success can't quench.  
"The Third Grace" takes you on a dual journey across oceans and time-in the footsteps of a woman torn between her rural upbringing and her search for self.
Mary Grace grew up on a Mennonite farm in Nebraska with her parents and brother Joel. One summer Joel invited an exchange student to stay at their farm all summer. His name was Francois.

All the girls were crazy about him and so was Mary Grace. Joel caught Francois and Mary Grace just before they had sex. The next day, Francois was put on a train and Mary Grace never saw him again.

The same day Joel was killed in an accident at the farm. Mary Grace changed her name to Aglaia and never read her Bible again as she wanted nothing to do with any religion of any sort.

She worked very hard and went to Denver and became a costume designer for Incognito and loved her boss Eb. Mary Grace and Eb worked well together and their costumes were in demand everywhere, especially in Paris.

Mary Grace goes to Paris on business and accidently meets Francois who tries to persuade her again to have sex with him. She learned later that he was married and his wife had no idea about all his carrying on.

She later learns that he has slept with almost every girl, even her best friend, Naomi, whom he got pregnant. He told Naomi he never wanted to see her again or the child.

Wow, doesn't he sound like a typical man! I am gonna stop there as you don't want me to tell you everything about the ending or even all the juicy stuff in between that I left off. If you are a romantic and love reading about love gone awry, this book will please you to no end!

Happy Reading!

You can visit Deb Elkink on her website HERE.

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ann said...

This sounds like a very interesting story. Seems she cant get away from Francois. Lucky she didnt get to involved in him. Didnt see leave the mennonite religion because her brother died? alot of questions I need to answered - so I gotta read the story