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The California Wine Club Review

I was very honored recently to become a temporary member of The California Wine Club and they were so very gracious and kind to send me 2 bottles of their wine, Sauvignon Blanc, a 2008 Lake County wine and Tempranillo, a 2009 Napa Valley, wine. I know the above pictures aren't very good as my camera is not high quality but I did find a few images on their site of at least the label so that you will know what to look for if you decide to go look for yourself.
This was the red wine and when we first tasted it, it was very dry, and I know that alot of people like dry wines but they just make me feel like I need to drink something right behind it, so what I did was I made a wine spritzer with some sprite and then it was pretty good. I know that "true" wine drinkers would never do such a thing, but when it somes to red wines, except for Merlots, I have to make spritzers or I can't drink it.  The Tempranillo is a ruby color with hints of cranberry, blackberry, cinnamon, spice and toasted oak. The flavors of dried black fruit, toasted cedar and tobacco mingle with great acidity and strong tannins to produce a long, rich finish.
If you like your wine like this, then this will be the one for you to get. I did give half of the bottle to my friend and neighbor who does drink wine more frequently than I do (I take alot of medications and wine or any alchohol will effect the meds even more).  I do take a glass from time to time but it is over long periods of time when I can drink at my own pace and sometimes a bottle will last a month or more. I knew I needed help on this one, so Lynette helped me because she could give me the outlook of someone who likes red wines. 
She really enjoyed the last 2 glasses that were left in the bottle and she said it sure did make her day. She is caring for her mother who has dementia and I can tell life is getting harder on her and I knew she needed some relief so I offered the last of the wine to her for several reasons. She also liked the idea of making a spritzer after the first glass and she used Gingerale instead of Sprite like I did. Either way you want to drink this wine, it came out being a winner.
Oh and by the way, they say that this one can be held up to 6 or 8 years! So, it has a long shelf life in case your life gets momentarily disrupted and it has to sit awhile, it will still be there when you find the time! I think this one would be awesome with steaks or other heavy men type meats.  I have to be careful about meats as it tears my stomach in shreds so I tread very lightly on meats. But I did sprinkle some on some stir fried veggies and found another useful way to have this wine.
Now, this one was my favorite.  I have always been a white or blush wine drinker and used to drink wine several times a week so I have tasted alot of different brands over the years. It has just been recently with all the health issues that I have had to give it up for just an occasional drink here and there.  This one is also a Bronze medal winner in the 2011 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition. So, that should tell you something right there about how good it really is. And yes, we did keep this one for ourselves!
I copied this again so you can see the name better if you decide to go looking for it, you will have more info than what you can see on the bottle. I loved this one because of the fruity like taste of a mango/peach like taste. I am from the south so I naturally love anything that resembles a peach flavor along with a citrus like green tea flavor.  I am a huge green tea drinker so it was nice to know that it makes a great tasting wine as well.  I have to say that this one really made my day!
Did you know that this wine can be stored for up to 6 years?  I didn't know that and it's nice to know these little tidbits of info.  This one would be perfect for seafood, but of course, it really is up to the individual person and what they like, so if you like to drink wine with just about anything, then go for it.
It is also a great wine to have just sitting around with friends and enjoying some time together. I love to put out wafer crackers and cheese along with a few cheese spreads and artichoke dips to set the mood for a great night of just friends getting together and not really having a meal but just being able to sit in the living room and munch from time to time and drinking the wine that either we had or they brought with them.
Oh, how I wish I could have those days back!  It's hard to get together now because my friends have advanced on up the corporate ladder while I became disabled from health issues so I am at home alone while hubby works and all of my friends do, too. So, while I have the energy to still carry on, they are beat and wore out and no longer find the time to do much else but catch up at home, which is fine, I know they really wish it was like in the old days, but change comes and that is life.
These are the owners of the California Wine Club and they are Bruce and Pam Boring who live in Camarillo California. Here is what they have to say:
For years Pam and I were frustrated trying to find truly great wine. Selecting a decent bottle of wine from thousands of pretty labels with prices ranging from $5-$35 was difficult at the best of times. We were always happiest with wine recommendations from friends.

So, that's what we wanted to do with The California Wine Club, start a wine of the month club that was just like "one friend recommending a great bottle of wine to another friend".

We are now celebrating 20 years of business and the wine adventures keep getting better! Pam and I knew that there were hundreds of small, family-owned wineries dedicated to producing exceptional wine ... and it was this wine that we wanted to share with our monthly wine club members. Each month we travel California's wine country searching out the wineries, meeting the families and tasting the wines that never make it to local stores or wine shops.

These wines would make an awesome Christmas present or any kind of present actually for the person who really enjoys drinking a glass alone or with a meal. You can't go wrong with whatever you select from this great Wine Club and they have all kinds of benefits for you to enjoy such as:
  • Discovering smaller, award-winning wineries whose wines are not typically found in local stores or wine shops. Click here to read about recently featured wineries and the families behind their award-winning wines!
  • A fun and easy way to learn about wine and California's wine scene with our informative and beautiful 12-page, full color newsletter, Uncorked.
  • Convenient, "to your door" delivery.
  • No more guessing, no hassle and no more bad wine.
  • Your wines can be delivered monthly, every other month or even quarterly.
  • No bulk, closeout or private label wines... ever!
  • Three and four bottle shipments are available, and we'll pay the extra cost of shipping.
  • Winery Direct means no distributor, no middleman and the best choice of wine at the lowest possible price.
  • Savings of up to 50% off normal retail when you reorder your favorites.
  • Experienced wine consultants to assist you with your wine choices and questions.
  • Wine Country Travel Experts...let us help you plan your next wine country getaway.

  • I got a complimentary Uncorked newsletter with my shipment of the 2 wines to review and it is really chocked full of informtion and things to do and places to visit if you love going to wineries or places that use and sell their wines such as bed and breakfasts, inns or restaurants. I haven't decided yet on what we will do because of our limited use of wine now but I am contemplating on it and will it some serious thought as to what to do. But, if you love wine and do drink it alot, this would be the way to go and it will save you a bunch of money and time. No more shopping trips to contend with and it gets mailed right to your door! That's what I love the best!

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