Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tea Gallerie Set of 2 Teas Sponsor Spotlight Review

The two tea's we have this time from Tea Gallerie is the Cranbury Burst and the TG Marsala Chai.
 This is what they say about the Cranberry Burst:
Our unique blend of cranberry, orange peels and rooibos make this a fantastic hot or iced tea, perfect for anytime of the day! The tart and sweetness of the fruits burst with flavor and will liven up your palate! 
I let my friend and neighbor try this one for me because of my chronic bladder condition I am not suppose to eat or drink anything with citrus or spices.  So, I really wanted to take some sips because it looks really awesome, but I do not want to wake up tomorrow with my bladder burning, not on a holiday weekend and no doctors are in their offices, so I am playing it safe on this one. My friend loved it as I knew she would. She loves these kind of flavors and she knows she will get them if I can't eat or drink the ingrediants.  I know most people think Cranberry is good for your bladder but not if you have I.C.  That is totally different than just an urinary tract infection. So, I am ordered to stay away from any citrus.
This one is the TG Masala Chai that is a fusion of organic Assam tea anchored in cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and other spices. Now, on this one I had to be a little careful to because of the ginger and cloves. You wouldn't think that it would matter but anything that leaves a little zing in your mouth and belly will affect my bladder. So, this is just for me, you follow the directions as needed.  I cut the amount that I normally put in the seeper and I added more water to get it watered down a bit.
Then I was still only able to drink about half of the cup because Chai teas are known to be spicy. I did think to add milk to it later and it did help some but I decided that I would give this one to my neighbor also and she went wild over it. So, it's not the Teas, guys, it is my health issues that sometimes prevents me from sampling.
I disobeyed a rule over the weekend and ate something I shouldn't have and I burned for 3 days. Even with all the meds, I still felt it pretty bad so I won't be going there today.  I am still a little wobbly and don't need a relapse. But my friend, Lynette, said this tea was awesome and that you will love it, and I believe her so I know you will too! She says it's a great winter/holiday drink that you should serve over the holidays.  Go for it! I sure do wish I could!
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Tea Gallerie has been kind enough to offer 2 more teas to the winner of the Holiday Turkey Hunt Blog Hop Event that starts on November 23rd and ends on December 7th. You will love these 2 teas! Good Luck and Open Only in the U.S.
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Kathryn Merkel said...

Not a tea drinker, but I have friends who love it, so I do buy it as gifts.

Laura said...

Chai tea can be very spicy and this looks like it is loaded with cinnamon and fruit pieces.


The cranberry burst sounds divine! Love to try it!

Elle S. said...

This is a tea I might actually want to try. Still would like to be tea lover!