Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Some Are Sicker Than Others Book Spotlight

Andrew Seaward is the author of Some Are Sicker Than Others. Although he makes his living as a chemical engineer in the Oil & Gas industry, his true passion is telling great stories through both acting and writing. He is a contributing member of the Professional Artists Workshop in Hollywood, CA and the Lighthouse Writers Workshop in Denver, CO. He has written and acted in several independent productions including the poignant short film, DROWNING, which won the Award of Merit at the 2010 Indie Fest.
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After his fiancé, Vicky, is killed in a hit-and-run car accident, Monty Miller, a young, codependent alcoholic, embarks on a suicidal mission to drink himself to death. But his family intervenes and has him committed to Sanctuary, a rehabilitation facility high in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. There he meets Dave Bell, a former all-American track star turned crack-addicted high school volleyball coach, and the driver responsible for Vicky’s death.
Can Monty forgive Dave for his unspeakable atrocity and finally find the courage to forgive himself? Or will he follow his addiction to its inevitable conclusion, using self-pity and blame as excuses to give up on life?
Based on the author’s own personal experience with substance abuse and addictive relationships, SOME ARE SICKER THAN OTHERS transcends the clichés of the typical recovery story by the ‘incomprehensible demoralization’ of addiction and the thin, blurred line between codependence and true love. 
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