Wednesday, November 28, 2012

SMMBeauty Daily Exfoliating Pads Sponsor Spotlight Reviw

If you use Peel Pads then you will know how these work but for those of you who don't, it is really very simple. I got this jar of Daily Exfoliating Peel Pads from SMMBeauty to review and was very excited to try them. I am a firm believer if you use these several times a week (to start with and to make sure you have no problems then switch to every day like I do), it does make a difference in how your skin looks and how healthy it looks. There are 50 peel pads in each jar!
Use if you want:
  • to reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • to lighten age spots and freckles
  • clear, smooth skin free of breakouts
  • youthful, glowing skin
  • to cleanse and exfoliate in one easy step
Take one single pad and use in small circular motions over face twice daily to remove dead skin cells, moisturize, hydrate, lighten dark spots, and reveal smooth, radiant skin. Then put on some eye cream and face moisturizer to complete the night time and day time routine!
Another trick I learned is when I run out of Peel Pads, I go and get a different brand and switch out so that my skin doesn't get used to exfoliating. Then go back to whatever your first peel pad was and you should be able to see the difference.
I am used to them so I don't get that tingle like feeling that you might get. I got them the first couple of times I used them but after awhile it hardly fazed me a bit. So, just be aware that it does happen, especially if you have sensitive skin. Otherwise, this is a great product to have on hand!
If you have never used Mineral Makeup, I wanted to take this time to share some simple tips from SMMBeauty's site to help you with trying out Mineral Makeup for the first time or even if you haven't mastered it yet and need a little guidance. 
Concealer: For any area needing extra coverage, use our concealer brush or q-tip and apply a tiny amount on the area to be concealed. Using light strokes, as a little goes a very long way! Feather out. For extra coverage, our Concealer can also be used as your foundation.

Glow & Veil: A Veil is used last to finish your minerals. They give a flawless finish to your minerals. They can also be worn alone for days you don't want to wear makeup. Glows go on over everything for that beautiful youthful glow. Veils can also be used as primers. I have this Veil and use it alot! It is the Be Flawless Veil Finishing Powder:
For all over face colors, follow foundation instructions or apply where just a little highlight is wanted. You will find what works best for you. Glows can actually become your next new Best Friend as they hide all kinds of imperfections! I love my Halo Glow & my Veil that I use after I put on the Halo Glow. Below is their special Holiday Glow that is on sale now:

Blush: Apply as you would regular blush. Apply on the apples of your cheeks and brush towards your hairline. Just remember, a little goes a long way.
Bronzers: Apply lightly. Apply all over or wherever a touch of the sun is wanted.
Eye Color: Our eye colors can be applied dry or wet. Apply dry for gorgeous SMMBeauty color. For a more vibrant color, dampen your applicator, dip into eye color, then apply. Our eye colors can also be used as eye liner. Gorgeous!

There are more tips on their site for other makeup products that I did not list here so if you did not see what you needed help with, then go HERE to see the full list.  I have very fair skin so that is why most of the products above I chose in the Fair selection. And I actually have some of these shades that I use all the time. 
I love SMMBeauty's line of Mineral Makeup because a little goes a long way and it does not cake up and fall into the fine lines.
All of the above products starting with the Daily Peel Pads will have your face looking radiant and beautiful this Holiday season and beyond!
I found this in the About Us section, but really it is also some more great tips for you on their mineral makeup. I could not copy all of it, so please go over and read the rest and it will help you make up your mind to switch to Mineral Makeup, just like me!

Some of the benefits of our minerals:
We do not use Bismuth Oxycholoride in our products. This is the ingredient several national brands use that can cause itching and redness. And since we do not use bismuth oxychloride, you do not have to "buff" your minerals in like you would other brands. Just apply as you would a regular face powder. Superior coverage!
Our minerals give you a very natural look. They are weightless and glide on like silk while still giving excellent coverage.
Stays on all day and is water-resistant. Swim, perspire, watch a sad movie. Just blot wetness don't wipe.
Natural Sunscreen.
Virtually no allergy risk because minerals are inorganic and contain no moisture.
SMMBeauty (Smoky Mountain Minerals) are very versatile & never expire!
Works on everyone, in every climate. Even stays on in high humidity.
Quick & easy to apply. Takes only minutes for a gorgeous, flawless look! Mineral Makeup helps absorb the oil in your skin giving you a shine-free look without being drying! All the while helping heal and soothe minor imperfections. One shade will suit a wide variety of skin tones.

Minerals are very forgiving! Will NOT clog pores because they contain NO oils, fragrance, fillers, or synthetic colors. Talc-free, dye-free, preservative-free, chemical-free, fragrance-free. Ideal for those suffering with acne, roscea, scarring, and other skin ailments.
SMMBeauty has been so kind as to offer the winner of the Crazy Christmas Giveaway the same Daily Exfoliating Pads that I just reviewed. Thanks SMMBeauty! The Giveaway starts on December 1st and ends on the 8th! Good Luck and Open to the U.S. only.

Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.