Friday, November 16, 2012

SlenderOne Product Review & Giveaway **Closed**

Have I got a new way to help you curb your appetite and get rid of the stubborn last few pounds! It is called SlenderOne Appetite Control Formula will help you lose whatever amount that you think you need to lose or if you are at a stand still and just need a little push to get over your goal, this is one of the ones I would say to try:
No fad diets or food deprivation: SlenderOne includes the patented 100% natural ingredient Slendesta™ (a protein extracted from potatoes), which is backed by 11 clinical studies showing that it reduces appetite naturally and safely- so you’ll feel full and satisfied on less food (e.g., smaller meal portions). SlenderOne contains AssuriTEA Green so that you get a safe, water-extracted, 100% natural green tea that provides superior antioxident protection.
They sent me a 30 days supply and I have to admit that I got sidetracked in the middle, which is why I am getting this out a little later than planned.  Some of you know and others may not, but I had a relapse of Fibromyalgia and then the RA went south and then the thyroid.  If you know anything about any  of those conditions they are all autoimmune disorders and I have them all and a few others as well. But these 3 here can mess with me more than anything, especially the thyroid.  I had to stop taking the pills after about 2 weeks because I was getting weak and kinda dragging and realized that the count must be off.

Well, yeah it was off pretty good and so was the RA sed rate (level of inflammation in the body) so I saw no point in taking the pills because they were not going to help me one bit with the thyroid slowing me down and then the RA doing it's sliding numbers also.  Then to round it out, I felt like I had been run over by a mack truck when the Fibromyalgia decided to rear it's ugly head.  With the amount of meds that I have to take to get all this going again, I can't afford to be not eating or they will make me deathly sick at my stomach because I do take pain meds also.  My doctor advised me to go off of them until we got everything settled.

But up until then, I think I did lose about 5 or 6 pounds which for me is great, maybe not for you if you are active, but with both knee's replaced along with all that I just mentioned, I don't get out as much as others do, so 6 pounds to me, I could tell the difference.  I would imagine someone in good health could have doubled that amount or more if they exercised a good bit.  I will try to pick it up again later but it usually takes a few months to get the thyroid regulated and I thought I better not hold onto this review/giveaway too much longer.
So, whoever wins can come back and let us know how they did and that way you will get a true sense of how it works, does that sound like a plan?  I should have known better then to try something like this but at the time I applied, I was actually feeling pretty okay. We don't know if the loss of calories did something or if it would have happened anyway. I have a feeling nothing could have stopped it and the SlenderOne had nothing to do with anything.  This happens to me quite frequently, so it's not like I am not used to it or don't think it will happen again.

Here are the directions to taking the pills:

Simply take 1 capsule with a full glass of water approximately one hour before a meal. The result is a long-term way to control weight without relying on fad diets or food deprivation (one of the primary excuses dieters give for going off their diet is that they’re still hungry after a meal).

Why you should choose this product:

  • SlenderOne helps you feel full sooner & satisfied longer
  • Natural ingredients with antioxidant benefits
  • Patented “Slendesta” potato protein extract
  • Clinically proven way to lose weight
  • No Risk, No Worries Guarantee
  • Helps you achieve & maintain your desired weight

  • Connect with SlenderOne several ways:

    Mailing Address:
    5348 Vegas Dr. Suite 476
    Las Vegas, NV 89108 USA
    Phone:   (+1) 800.471.2310
    The makers of SlenderOne have offered one winner the same bottle that I just reviewed! Thanks so much! Open to the U.S. only.


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    Probably me, I'm also working at it with diet and exercise.

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    I need to lose the most.
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    Yea I have used other products but can't really find anything that really works.
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    foodamongthefence said...

    I have used green tea metabolism pills before. Can't say as they really work. The caffiene in them kind of messes up your system if you aren't used to it, so I never took them regularly enough to really follow through!
    Elise -- lakergirl2113 @ yahoo