Sunday, November 11, 2012

Skin Free RX Gentle Apricot Facial Scrub Sponsor Spotlight Review

It has been awhile since I have used a Skin Free product. Gosh, when was the last time, I believe almost a year and a half ago I won several items off of another blogger. It was actually back when I did not even have a blog but then quickly got one and the rest is history, but still that's been awhile! So, I was extremely happy when I got my Gentle Apricot Facial Scrub for several reasons:
1.  I love their products
2.  I was just about out of a facial scrub
3.  I love the scent (and yes I do like others beside lavender!)
I love peach smelling things and apricots are close enough to me that I include them in my peach/mango/apricot triangle. Skin Free made this new scrub because they were getting such good feedback about the one for blemishes Scrub but people now wanted one for those who don't suffer from blemishes so they made the Gentle Apricot Scrub for people like me who want products to soften and rejuvenate our skin so that we have a natural glow.
The benefits of the Apricot Scrub:
1) It exfoliates – removing tired, dead skin cells and brightening tired skin
2) It adds necessary nutrients including omega fatty acids
3) It cleanses thoroughly, tightening and reducing pores.
4) It moisturizes and soothes.
Scrubs have always held a special place in my heart because they are one of the true products that helps me in my battle of dry skin due to hypothyroidism and the fact that I have to take alot of medications and I am sure that is not helping.  It seems like it's been forever since I had nice glowing healthy skin and when it's gone you realize how much you took it for granted.  I know that those days are gone, I am just happy to have soft smooth skin no matter how many wrinkles I get, which I haven't given up on those either but I am not as obsessed with them as I was 2 years ago.
Here is a list of the ingredients:
Ingredients: Aqua (water), Sugar, Apricot Shell Powder, Macadamia ternifolia Seed Oil, Saponified oils of Prunus amygdalus dulcis (Sweet Almond), Ricinus communis (Castor), Seabuckthorn extract,Raspberry extract, and organic essential oils and Vitamin E.
Can you tell from that which ingrediant has changed the sugar scrub to look like brown sugar? Maybe the macadamia oil?  I am not used to seeing a scrub that dark but it smells wonderful! All the ones I have ever tried are either white or yellowish like. Not complaining, just curious. As long as it smells good and I love the scent and the results, it could be any color it wants to be!
I think everyone knows how to use a sugar scrub, especially on the face, right?  If not, don't use much because you don't want to harm the skin.  I like to wet my face first too, just for added moisture plus it helps it glide on and off easier. Your face should feel silky smooth and super soft.
I believe that this is a picture of their original Extra Moisturizing Soap. I could not find any other pictures on their site so I am not sure what I won over a year and a half ago. I could have recognized the pictures but without them I have no idea.  I was gonna talk about them also but since I don't know what they were I best not put my foot into my mouth and make a huge mistake.  It seems like I got a bottle of the liquid of this soap, because I remember thinking that it said Extra Moisturizing Liquid Soap.
They can add fragrance to the liquid soap but I believe I must have gotten one without a scent because I did not smell anything in particular. While I was there I went ahead and grabbed the scent list so that you could see what scents you might like to add to your liquid soap:
They have Lavender, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Mandarin Vanilla, Grapefruit Geranium, Sweet Orange, Rosemary, and Lemon Verbena. I believe if I remember right, they use Essential Oils to add the fragrance so that the soaps stay gentle and moisturizing.  Sweet Orange and Mandarin Vanilla sound interesting and yes I know, it's not Lavender but sometimes I do stray from the routine!
I also can tell you what they do not put in their products and that is: no colorants, no harmful chemicals, no petroleum products and it says no fragrance but if you are making say Lavender soap, would that not be considered a fragrance? Interesting question.  I will have to find out and report back to you. Because now I am curious and won't be able to stand it until I get all the answers. I am sorry that I don't have any pictures other than the one product I received to review and the one on their main page. Maybe they are in the process of updating or something.  If I find a way to get some pictures, I will bring them on over later.
I found this in the About Us section:
The ORIGINAL Skincare Line offering chemical-free, fragrance-free, and colorant-free natural products. Skin Free was developed in 2005, based on our original Blue Ridge Gypsy formulas beginning in 2000.

Naturally occurring vegetable oils and butters contain indigenous nutrients, antioxidants, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), and antibacterial agents that petroleum-based oils just don’t have. Natural oils absorb into the skin and do not feel greasy. They also come from replenishable sources, which is a great environmental concern.

Please feel free to contact us for any other questions at 1-888-450-2459 or use our contact form. Check out our Facebook page to comment on new products and write out your recommendations
Connect with Skin Free several ways: 
Voice:      (434) 989-0580 (Julie Hilton)
Toll Free: (888) 450-2459
Fax         : (757) 496-3052
Skin Free has been so gracious as to offer the winner of my Christmas Gifts for Kids (all ages, even adults) the same jar of Gentle Apricot Facial Scrub that I just reviewed. You will love it, I promise! The Event starts November 12th and ends on the 22nd. Thanks so much! Open to the U.S. only!

Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.


Amanda Rauch said...

I am always looking for skin care products with natural ingredients. I have pretty sensitive skin, so I have to be careful what products I use. These sound great and nothing in them looks like it would cause any problems. Thanks for the great review and info!

Gina Brickell said...

I love facial scrubs and any new items I can try out for my skin.. I could probably benefit from the one for blemishes, but would still try this anyways. I have never used their products, but the benefits from them sound terrific!

Allison Downes said...

I would love to try this! I have never used anything apricot scented before, but I do love the smell of peaches, Thank you for sharing!

Carol L. said...

I have sensitive skin as well as my daughter. I'd love to try this product since it's natural. Thanks for the review.
Carol L
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

Katherine said...

Their skin care products would be great for my sister!

Jennifer McCann said...

I get really dry skin, so I am always looking for natural or less harsh skincare products to care for my skin with.