Sunday, November 11, 2012

Siena Soap Company Sponsor Spotlight Review

Gosh, I am just full of introducing you to new company's this week that I hope your head isn't spinning! I know it's alot to take in and you aren't even in my shoes.  It takes me a little longer to do a review on a brand new company because of the testing and research so I hope everyone understands that I will get to everyone as quickly as I can. Everyone has been so patient and not a peep out of anyone so I think I must have picked a really good group of awfully nice companies and Siena Soaps is definitely one that you will want to hear about and explore when you can.
She was gracious enough to send me two soaps in the Up North fragrance and in the Bliss scent along with a Cocoa Vanilla Solid Lotion Bar. And let me tell you that the Cocoa Vanilla Bar has an awesome smell! The minute I opened the package the scents sifted out of the containers and I could tell I was gonna love these soaps and the lotion bar. I love a good clean but definite smell that is unique and not overpowering.  All three of these new scents I decided to try are exactly that!
I loved that she put the lotion bar in the shape of a heart! Everyone has their own style when making a product and I appreciate a company who doesn't try to make the same ho hum item that another one is making.  To me that shows thought went into the process and that they wanted to stand out. Well, with this Cocoa Vanilla, you did just that. It really does smell to me anyway, like a good hot chocolate steaming in my face, a wonderful mix of vanilla and chocolate but not overpowering each other in the least. This will be one of your favorites just like it is one of mine!
And why is her products so special, well listen to what she has to say:
Siena Soap Company, LLC specializes in 100% all natural, handcrafted, artisan soaps made one batch at a time. Siena Soap is real, cold processed soap, made by hand with all natural plant oils and butters to gently refresh, replenish, and nourish your skin.

This is the Up North soap and it really is awesome! It has Patchouli and Cedarwood in it to make it smell so manly!  Which is one of the reasons I got it. I will be giving this soap to my husband as one of his Christmas presents. And no, he does not read my blog. Unless I specifically ask him to for his input, he stays away because he knows I reveal secrets on here, especially this time of year.  And yes, I do believe him because he is that kind of man.  I trust him without any hesitation and I never thought earlier in my life that I would ever be able to say those words, but I did good this time around! But, back to this soap, mm, if you are looking for that special soap for someone who is earthy or loves the woodsy smell, this is it.  I am sure a woman could use it also, but to me, it says I am a man's man soap.  It does have a little bit of Sweet Orange in there as well, but mostly the Patchouli and Cedarwood stand out the most.
This one is the Bliss soap and has rose, lavender, lemongrass, vanilla and some patchouli but it is overpowered by the lemongrass and rose with a hint of lavender. I don't smell the vanilla either but I got it for the rose/lavender scent mostly.  This is one I would not dare try to give a man. This is definitely a woman's soap. Even though the lemongrass comes thru the strongest, the rose scent isn't far behind. And yes, when I thought this one would be awesome, I was thinking more along vanilla lavender being dominant, but that is okay, because I actually like this fragrance,  which is weird because I normally don't like lemongrass products.  Because they put a little too much in it and it throws me off. Siena Soaps has found a way to use lemongrass but the scent of rose is also strong, like they are both fighting to be noticed.  If you love rose or lemongrass, then this is the soap for you!
This is a picture I took off of her site to show you a few more of her soaps together vs. one at a time due to time and space. But as you can see, there is a wide range of scents to choose from and she also made time for those who have sensitive skin also:
All natural, gentle skin care for those with sensitive or problem skin.
  • No animal products
  • No irritating added chemicals
  • No carcinogenic products
I haven't tried this Facial Serum yet but it sounds awesome! It has Argan Oil so you know it must be. I just wanted to touch briefly on the fact that she does make other products besides just soap, there are lip balms, ambrose raw honey, baby & diaper care, rubs & balms & salves, shampoo bars, natural bug spray and even wedding & party favors to name a few.  There is still more to the list, but I think you get my drift.  Siena Soap is into a little bit of everything, so head on over and see if any of them are right up your alley. I have a feeling we have just begun to hear about Siena Soaps because she is gonna be here for awhile. Sounds and looks like she has a good sense of what we need and what we don't! You will love shopping on her site as much as I did when trying to decide what to get.
Here is what I found in the About Us:
Siena Soap Company, LLC is an all-natural handcrafted artisan soap company specializing in making our soap, balms, and salves one batch at a time. No two batches or soaps are exactly alike encouraging us to think of our soap as works of art! All of our soaps are made from scratch, using the timeless cold-processed soap making method.

family of seven, along with our large extended family and friends enthusiastically test our products before we bring them to you. We are confident that you will find Siena Soaps to be the richest, most indulgent soap you’ve ever experienced.

Siena Soap Company, LLC is owned and operated by Mary and Jessica Ottman. Mary, a health educator and graduate of the University of Minnesota with a graduate degree in Public Health Administration, is the creative force behind the company, while Jessica, their oldest daughter and a business graduate of the University of St. Thomas, is currently working as Director of Marketing.
Connect with Siena Soap Company several ways:

Phone: (612) 227-5565

Siena Soaps has been so gracious as to give the winner of my Christmas Gifts for Kids (all ages, even Adults) a $25 GC to spend however you wish. Thanks so much! The event will start on November 12th and end on the 22nd. Good Luck and open in the U.S. only.

 Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.


Amanda Rauch said...

Not only are these soaps beautiful, but they sound like they smell heavenly. I am definitely checking the website out-thanks for the review!

flairshare said...

Your descriptions of the soaps intrigued me. I think I would love the Cocoa Vanilla scent (plus many, many others.) These would make wonderful gifts for Christmas. Thx.

Gina Brickell said...

I am one who loves scented items to include soaps, candles, lotions etc. Now when they put the soaps in cute shapes like they have, love them even more! Makes it difficult to use because they're so cute looking! You're reviews are always so detailed and explanatory to where it makes me want to try everything you review!

Allison Downes said...

Me being a soap lover/collector, I would love to received that Up North Soap as a gift :) and the Cocoa Vanilla Bar sounds like it smells great, Thank you for sharing!

Katherine said...

Those sound like some amazing soaps! Thanks for the review! =)

Jennifer McCann said...

I love that they use no animal products, no irritating chemicals or carcinogens!