Friday, November 30, 2012

See's Candy Sponsor Spotlight Review

This is the box that all of the other boxes below came out of! It is pretty darn huge so you can imagine what was running thru my mind. I actually, believe it or not, am glad it wasn't packed to the gills. Lord, I would have eaten so much chocolate until I made myself sick! Because believe me, there was room in there that they could have shoved more stuff in there! As you can see, See's Candies did not believe in skimping either! We got quite alot of candy and boy, was every bit of it good!
Wow, you should have seen this box of candy when it first got here! It looked huge and when I opened the box it had smaller boxes inside with all kinds of goodies! There was a gold box which was filled with truffles and then there was a longer & wider box that also had truffles but it had other kinds of candy mixed in with it.

Then there was the box with what they called Molasses Chips but to me they just about tasted like Heath Bars or chocolate covered toffee! They also had put in a bag of peppermints that we took out and saved to give to Mike's Dad because he loves peppermint!

Here is the box filled with truffles:

Don't they look awesome? That box did not stand a chance because Mike & I both are truffle lover's from way back!

Then there was the bigger box filled with a little bit of everything, including Molasses Chips:

If you don't think that is alot of chocolate, I don't know what else to say! We have had it I think about 2 weeks and we still have some of the big box left and 3/4 of the Molasses Chips left. The small gold box was gone in no time! I have tried to scale back and not eat so much. So, I am trying to wait until once every 2 days.

So far, I haven't found one that I can honestly say I don't like. It might not be my absolute favorite but even those taste so good with all that chocolate that I can't say that it's not good. I loved them all and so did Mike!
They have all kinds of Christmas themed boxes filled with awesome candies! You can choose this one which is pretty awesome and I wouldn't mind keeping the box as a decoration for next year! Or you can get this awesome blue one:
Did you notice that it says shipping included? That will sure help! I hope I gave you some great ideas and from reading some of the comments from regular customers, they are all saying that See's Candies is the best around and that it wouldn't be Christmas without them! Gosh, makes me feel bad that I am just now hearing about them! But, I know about them now!

I found this in the history section:
Throughout the history of See's Candies, Mary See has symbolized the old-fashioned virtues of homemade quality and friendly service. The spectacled, silver haired woman still smiles with pride from candy boxes shipped throughout the world, and her original recipes are savored by millions to this day.  
When Charles See arrived in Los Angeles from Canada in 1921 to try his hand at the confection business, he decided that no image would better reflect the personality of his fledgling venture than that of his mother. Apart from using her recipes as a foundation, See knew that keeping things in the family was the only way to bring about the kind of lovingly crafted product he desired.  
See along with his mother and his wife, Florence, opened the first See's Candies shop and kitchen on Western Avenue in Los Angeles in November of 1921. The sparkling clean, black and white shop was designed to resemble Mary See's home kitchen. Benefiting from the wide acceptance of an unusually high quality candy, See's was able to grow steadily from that first shop in Los Angeles to twelve shops by the mid-1920's and thirty shops during the depression.  
By 1936, See's was able to expand to San Francisco. Mary See died in 1939 at the age of 85, but the company's ability to adjust to changing times - without abandoning the passion for quality and service that Mary See represented - kept it going strong throughout the decades to come. 
Connect with See's Candie's several ways:

Mailing Address:
20600 South Alameda Street
Carson, CA 90810
Phone:   800-347-7337

The great folks at See's Candie's will be giving the winner of my Winter Wonderland Giveaway a $25 GC to spend on their site on whatever they would like. The Giveaway starts on December 1st and ends on the 15th. Good Luck Everyone! Open to the U.S. only.

Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.


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Those truffles look AMAZING! We love candy in this house too (as confirmed by my weight!). I'd probably give a lot of this