Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sam & Emily Book Review

This book is the last so far in the series of the End of Earth written my Sandy Nathan. This book is called Sam & Emily. If you remember I had written about The Angel and the Brown Eyed Boy and then Lady Grace was the second book and Sam & Emily are the last for now.

Here is an excerpt from the back of the book:
When Sam Baahuhd carries a naked stranger into the underground bomb shelter on the Piermont estate, he has no idea she will ignite his world. Nuclear radiation traps Sam and Emily and the rest of the village's residents in an echoing cement cavern three hundred feet beneath the earth's surface.  
There is no escape from the underground. Not for them. Or their children, or their children's children . . . The lovely outsider carries deadly secrets no one can imagine. Only Sam with his village headman's Power can heal her. Only Emily can make Sam the man he was meant to be. Passion explodes between them. Passion that brings joy and pain, ecstasy and remorse. Passion that can kill.  
Join the people of Earth's End for a legendary love story that will be remembered for two thousand years.
First, let me tell you that I hope this never happens because this whole series of books makes it look like we are a bunch of idiots! How could Russia take us over and then decides to blow up earth with nuclear bombs? And they make shelters to begin a new super human race but it backfires when the mad general decides to blow it up a day early so that none of the doctors and smart people are able to get to those shelters, which leaves Sam's village which is near one. So, they are told to go down into the tunnels and they will have to stay there for a very very long time.

At first they don't believe it, so they move slowly. But then reality hits and they go down who knows how many miles up under the earth while the bombs strike all over the place. Sam is the leader of this village that never really caught up with the rest of the world and they marry into each other and basically are goof offs.  Sam has an ability to use mind control and in the past that has calmed them down but now being so far under, he realizes it is gone. So, little by little the people know it too and they start to diobey the rules that were set into place.

For whatever reason,  it does come back finally but it may be too late to help his village.  They have gone back to the old ways and the women are having babies that are dumb or weird looking or missing limbs. The original Sam & Emily loved each other very much but they also hit a rough patch when in order to create a better race for the future, the only man who could help do that was the man who had stayed behind while his friends left with the Aliens if you remember book 1 and 2.  So, all the women are going to Arthur for breeding to break the cycle of incest but even that backfires.

The men get very mad and very upset about this and alot of talk is going around that Sam is weak and they want to take control of their lives. It doesn't help either that Sam's wife becomes pregnant with one of Arthur's children. What a mess! Even Sam's children from his other wives (yes, they had more than one) are getting itchy and antsy.  Little did they know that they would all be down there a 1,000 years!

Sam & Emily deals with what happened between them during this time and alot of it is not pretty. But in the end, they grow old together and love each other. But discontent lies in their future and some of their children will pay the price and so will Emily when Sam unexpectedly, dies from a heart attack just when things are going his way.

Okay, that is all I am gonna tell you. You gotta read this series if you have any hope of understanding what the heck happened and how did it all go so horribly wrong.

Happy Reading!

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