Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sacred Rose Tea Sponsor Spotlight Review

I have to tell you up front that I love Sacred Rose Teas! They sent me one of their loose teas to try, Inner Peace. As you can see from the picture above, the bags are packed full of their wonderful tasting tea! I felt very pampered and honored to get the two boxes. They came in pink & brown striped boxes tied up with pink ribbons! I felt like a fairytale princess getting a present from her prince.

She has been so very kind and gracious to me that I always enjoy asking her to be a part of my Events because her teas are so special and I hope that you will come to enjoy them as much as I do. This particular tea is one of my favorites, but for a few Events coming up, I will get to tell you about 2 new teas, so this isn't the only Event that Maria is in, so be on the lookout for reviews of the new teas I got to try!

Getting back to the Inner Peace Tea - it was very tasty and I could tell they had chamomile in them with the first sip! Depending on how much you put in the pot or cup to seep, you will get a greenish color of tea. Most chamomile teas will be a greenish or yellowish in color. So, do not be alarmed that it does not turn brownish. I have only tried this tea hot because if you are trying to achieve what I wanted which was calmness and sleep, you do not want to have your tea iced.

I was very pleased with the inner peace tea and would recommend it to anyone that needs a little help sleeping or has an upset stomach. Below is a picture of what the tea will look like before seeping. You can see the chamomile buds along with all the other herbs that are in the tea. It is not a very dark tea and will be slightly yellowish. I really do love this tea because it is calming and does not upset my stomach and is easy going down.
All of you by now know I have several health issues so the Inner Peace tea that was sent to me was exactly what I needed. Inner Peace calms and relaxes you along with helping with an upset stomach. I was taking alot of phenegran for upset stomach and after trying Inner Peace tea, I was able to cut that in half! I have always believed in teas that contain chamomile. I drink them alot and can tell you that they do work and it's better than taking a sleeping pill (which I no longer have to take)!

Below is the full list of their teas:

Morning Blossom (peppermint,spearmint,rose,ginger,alfalfa)
Mother of Earth Zest (ginger,spearmint,fennel,sage)
Inner Peace (chamomile,sage,passion flower)
Clearing Tea (black walnut bark,taheebo,spearmint,sage,rose hips)
Soul of the Rose (cloves,alfalfa,rose hips,pink rose buds)
Dreamtime (passion flower,skullcap,chamomile,valerian)
Beloved (damiana leaf,jasmine,hibiscus,hawthorn,pomegranate,wild cherry bark )
Matri (nettles,red raspberry,rosehips,alfalfa,dandelion,lemon,ginger)

This is a quote from their site that I could not have said any better so I decided to use their words:

Nourishing the bodymind with Sacred Herbs, their therapeutic attributes, tastes and aromas, is a gift from the enlightened ones and practiced in every spiritual tradition worldwide.

Each Sacred Rose® blend infuses and activates a specific physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pattern for those who drink these healing blends. Herbal tea infusions offer a great alternative to chemically processed beverages. Sacred Rose® Organic Herbal Tea blends are all caffeine free. You can enjoy our teas hot or cold.

Sacred Rose® Organic Herbal Tea is committed to providing products that both enhance our creative life force and sustain our planet. Sacred Rose® proprietress, Maria Pologeorgis, has inspired thousands of people internationally through her conscious business practices and companies. Presently, Maria travels throughout the United States and abroad teaching wellness practices and facilitating consciousness awareness. She is the founder of Sacred Rose LTD Conscious Human Development and CEO of Sacred Rose® Organic Herbal Tea.

The Clearing Tea helps detoxify your colon and clear out unwanted debris and toxins. Beloved Tea activates the vibration of being loved. Matri Tea aids women in birthing and mineralizes the physical body. Morning Blossom Tea assists the respiratory system. Mother of Earth Zest Tea aids in digestion and the sense of fullness. Soul of the Rose Tea was blended especially for sexual abuse victims to give them an intimate level of healing. Sacred Rose Tea is not a medical facility and they in no way diagnose or treat your diseases. The teas are to just help you in your everyday life to hopefully feel better. Please see a doctor for real medical diagnoses and treatments. You can get a more detailed description from their website:

While crusing the site I discovered that if you do not have your own infusors or teapots, you can order those also from their website! They also have two elixers, Solar Rose Flower Crystal and Desert Rose Flower Crystal which come in 1 oz. bottles for $22.00 each. The other interesting thing I found was that Maria Pologeorgis does Vibrational Somatic Therapy Sessions for 1 1/2 hours but are only available in NY, NJ, PA and FL.

Preparation for Sacred Rose® Organic Herbal Teas:

To retain the aroma & flavor of Sacred Rose® Organic Herbal Teas, infuse one teaspoon of your favorite Sacred Rose® Blend into one cup of boiling water for 3-5 minutes. For an 8 to 10 cup pot, steep one to two tablespoons of your favorite Sacred Rose® Organic Herbal Tea in boiling water for 5-8 minutes. The tea is sent in 3 oz. boxes for $18.00 each.

Sacred Rose Tea has been gracious enough to offer the winner of the Thankfully Homemade Blog Event Giveaway a box of the same Inner Peace Tea that I just reviewed! The Event starts on November 5th and ends on the 18th. Good Luck! Open to the U.S. only.

Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. The photo's used in this review were provided by Mary Bearden.