Friday, November 23, 2012

Re-Body Weight Loss Nutrition Review

Awhile ago I had told everyone about a new weight loss program and had informed you where to go if you would like to win these products. You may or may not remember since it took me over a month and a half to complete my products.

The products were called SafSlim and Hunger Chews made from the company called Re-Body as seen below. They were pretty tasty with an orange like taste.  I liked the liquid better than the chews but they weren't really that bad. If you like oranges, you will love these.  But also, remember that you need to be exercising too to help!

The sad and bad thing for me was that my thyroid tanked about the time I started these so no matter what I did, the Hypothyroidism just wouldn't budge.

They did change my dosage but I think it is messed up again because I feel sluggish and don't have hardly any energy so I feel really bad that I can't give you an exact review other than the first week I was on it, the SafSlim I think helped the most. It is a orange like liquid that reminded me of Orange Dreamsicles.

Did you ever have those as a kid? They were awesome orange and cream flavored Popsicles! Anyway while on the SafSlim, it did make my bowels work better (I have IBS with constipation) so I have to be careful about what I eat anyways. But, it stopped working and I don't think it was the product, it was the thyroid slowing down again plus they changed my pain meds around and then I had to have a spinal epidural and that has made my whole digestive system clogged up.

See, what happened was out of the blue my pain clinic doctor decides he is not going to be a pain doctor anymore and he only gives me a month's worth and tells me to find another doctor and he gives me an excellent letter of reference so that the new doctor doesn't think it was my fault, he let all his patients go.

So, here I am with the new one, and I can't start right off the bat saying "No" I am not gonna do the shots or "No" to the changing my pills. I didn't want to be labeled difficult or that I was there just for the drugs. But see, it put me in the position I am in now, which I go see him on Tuesday and I am gonna show him my bloated belly all the way up and how hard it is. So, hopefully he will understand that the steroids that are in those epidurals just don't work for me. They make everything worse. What a mess!

I knew it would do that from previous years and my gastro doctor would have to put me in the hospital doing IV pain meds and nothing but liquids until we got everything moving again but this time it caught me by surprise and I have been trying to fix it by myself but it's not working. Come Monday I will have to call the gastro doctor and go see him.

And, with all that going on, these wonderful products did not stand a chance. I do have what is left of the SafSlim in the fridge so that maybe in a few weeks I can finish it and come amend my review and hopefully by then the winner can give us her story too, because I feel really bad that this did not go as planned.

Here is the reason why I think it helped with my bowel:
High-linoleic acid (HLA) has been studied and scientifically shown to support belly fat reduction. It is not to be confused with oleic acid, which is found in the cooking form of safflower oil.
  • Naturally derived, doesn’t contain artificial flavors or colors.
  • Non-GMO, 78% Linoleic Safflower oil.
  • Delicious, creamy texture. Emulsified for easier digestion 
I think with the extra oils in the liquid it keeps the colon well oiled so that your food and waste products get eliminated quicker. Man, I sure was looking forward to that flatter belly! I am so darned bummed! Plus, it really does taste awesomely like Orange Dreamsicles.

More info on the SafSlim and why it works:
Never heard of high-linoleic safflower oil? SafSlim™’s expeller-pressed, high-linoleic (78 percent) emulsified safflower oil (SAF) is a very effective way to target and reduce belly fat. In a 16-week study, Ohio State University researchers compared it with conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) by studying post-menopausal women who had high blood sugar and wanted to lose weight.
Highlights of this study:
  • These participants showed an average reduction of 6.3 percent belly fat and an average of 20.3 percent increase in adiponectin, an important belly fat hormone.
  • SAF outperformed CLA in measurements of trunk adipose (belly fat) and adiponectin levels. There was no significant change in adiponectin or in trunk adipose loss with CLA.
  • The study participants achieved results with no modifications to their exercise or diet regimens.
  •  However, SafSlim is intended to be used in addition to any reduced-calorie diet and exercise program. 
I did get one of the success stories pictures so that you can see for yourself how well she did and it's not the product's fault that my health interfered with my results. I definitely would try it again when things calm down somewhat.
As you can see, this is what she looked like before taking the Re-Body products. Of course, she did exercise 30 minutes each day and ate 5 mini meals a day being careful of the calorie count. See, all of these programs will help you but you gotta want to help also. It is a two way street and don't ever expect that it will come if you don't help in the preparation. I am happy for her and the other success stories on Re-Body's site. Go check them out to see a few more stories.
Connect with Re-Body several ways:
Mailing Address:
700 South Howard Avenue
Suite 512
Tampa, FL 33602
Phone:  855-473-2639
Fax:      800-240-4055
Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.


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