Friday, November 30, 2012

Protein Bakery Sponsor Spotlight Review

Okay, Protein Bakery is announcing their new flavors for the holidays! They have made a Pumpkin Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookie and a Ginger Oatmeal Raisin Cookie. They also made a really great Pumpkin Brownie but for the life of me I can't find it on his site. But I did take a picture of it before I ate it. So, here is what that looked like:
Ah, ha! I knew I did not dream that! This Pumpkin Walnut Blondie was my absolute favorite of all the new things that they sent me. Gosh, it was so darn good! I hated it when it was all gone. I looked at the mini's I got but none of them were the same as this one. I don't know for sure what I got because for some odd reason, all the other packages did not have names on them except this one and the Pumpkin Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies, other than these 2 I don't know for sure what I sampled.
These are all the mini bites of brownies that I got to sample. One tasted similar to Peanut Butter and of course, I know the chocolate chip one but the one with white and chocolate chips is one that I will have to explore to find it.
Then here are the Pumpkin Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies, but there were several behind it that had no name so I am not sure if one or two of those weren't the Ginger Oatmeal Raisin. I believe that is all he sent me so it has to be a mixture of the two. Really loved the Pumpkin Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies. They did an awesome job! They were all a huge hit around here at my house!
Did you know these facts about Protein Bakery's goodies:
  • Our delicious protein packed products last 2 weeks if kept in a cool dry place.
  • 15 seconds in the microwave brings out our fresh from the oven taste
  • All our products can be frozen up to three months.
  • TPB eaters say the brownies and blondies taste great straight out of the freezer!
  • Everything is made in small batches and handled with care and love.
  • No gluten in our ingredients! However, we are baked in a facility that uses gluten in other products they produce, so we are NOT certified gluten free.
Did you know that they do have a shop in New York that you can actually walk into and buy what you want fresh? Well here it is:
We are a unique boutique bakery in Manhattan. We are located on the THIRD FLOOR of a landmark building on 20th street between 5th & 6th avenues. In our eclectic LOFT space we have our entire bakery product line ready to be purchased. We love meeting people from all over the planet and we invite you to come pick out your favorite flavors of cookies, brownies, and blondies.
If I lived there, I believe I would having to watch my weight constantly, so I guess it's a good thing I don't! I love alot of their products but my ultimate guilty pleasure is either the chocolate brownies or the Trail Mix Colossal Cookie!
I really love those two the most. Gosh, that Trail Mix Colossal Cookie is to die for! Wish I had one right now but I guess that will have to wait until after the New Year has started. I have spent my share of money and need to be careful so I will think of them until then!
I also think he is going to be a big hit with the mini bite brownies because he is right on that one. They really are the right size and I have found myself eating a whole big one just because I didn't want to waste it but then felt miserable later because I stuffed myself. So, I am in all the way with the mini bites! I can have one and fill full and fill like I got my daily sugar and energy going for the day.
I think these might be the Ginger Oatmeal Raisin that they were talking about on their website. I did not have a name but it seems like it tasted more like Ginger than Pumpkin so I do believe that is what it is. If you love ginger cookies, then these are gonna be your favorite.
Connect with The Protein Bakery several ways:
Mailing Address:
20 West 20th Street
Sweet #309
New York, NY 10011
Phone: 212.206.7796 or 888.459.6652
Fax: 212.206.7795
The awesome folks at Protein Bakery is going to send the winner of my Winter Wonderland Giveaway  the same sampler that I just got thru reviewing.  The Giveaway starts on December 1st and ends on the 15th of December. Open to the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!
Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.


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