Saturday, November 10, 2012

Primal Pit Paste Sponsor Spotlight Review

I have another new one that I have never reviewed on Mary's Cup of Tea and that is Primal Pit Paste which is a natural & organic deodorant! I thought I had seen it all until I ran across this site and decided, what the heck, let's find out! You know me, I love adventure even if it is just "sniffing" out new products or companies.  Hey, I gotta keep busy somehow since we don't really do much of anything anymore. We are a pair of stay at home people now and I never thought I would ever say that! But stuff happens and I guess your life plan goes down the drain, ya  gotta adapt.  So, now I am on a quest to "go where no man has gone before"! Gosh, I need to stop, I am getting cheesy now!
But seriously, these two scents that I was sent, Lavender (of course!) and Lemonade smell pretty darn good.  Oh, and they did send me a smaller Lemonade Sensitive in case I was sensitive to the bigger two that they sent. But no worries. Everything was fine but I can appreciate that someone is looking out for me. Most people wouldn't have given it a second thought, me included.  So, it gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling to know someone really wanted my experience to be awesome. It has to do with the baking soda that they put in the deodorant so if you are sensitive then you might want to get that one instead of the regular.
All together they have 6 scents which include my two plus patchouli, unscented, thyme & lemongrass and orange creamsicle.  Mmm, I bet I would have loved the patchouli and orange creamsicle too! I love those scents, so see, I can love other ones beside Lavender! But, I have to admit the Lavender scent is truly awesome! Smells just like a body butter is what I thought when I opened the jar and looked at the pit paste. It actually resembles a body lotion bar but in a jar if you know what those look like.
So, it wasn't like anything that I thought it would be. I guess I was thinking it would either be really creamy and hard to get it to not stick to everything or I thought it would be very thick and hard to apply. Well, none of that is true.  Think of it another way, it's like a lip balm feeling in a jar. So, all in all, it turned out really good. Oh, it looks like after I was sent mine, on November 13th, they will come out with their Stick version so now you can order it that way and use just like a traditional deodorant!  So, for right now, I can't click on the product image because it hasn't launched yet, but come Tuesday, the 13th, you should be able to get in there and check out the new Stick version also!
I am not big on citrus like body lotions and such so although the lemonade really smelled good enough to eat, I am gonna stick with the Lavender. Nothing is wrong with it, it is just a personal choice of what scent I like the best. If you are a lemony like scent person, you will absolutely adore this because honestly, it does smell just like lemonade! No kidding, aside. Even the sensitive one still has a great lemonade smell in case you need to go that route.
I am gonna quote this next part off of their site because no matter how I try to change it around, it would not come out nowhere near this self explanatory and I wanted you to understand the ingredients because those are important if you are allergic to any of them:
What are you absorbing with Primal Pit Paste? Things that are know to be good for you!

Organic Coconut Oil, which has many health benefits for your brain and overall health.

Organic, Raw Grade A Shea Butter, which has amazing properties like vitamin A and D which are great for you skin. In Africa, shea butter is used for cooking. It is derived from the nut of shea karite -tree. The shea butter we buy is fair trade, which is helping to support the women in Africa.

Organic Arrowroot Powder is used as a thickener and helps with soaking up moisture while you sweat out those toxins! The non-aluminum Baking soda is a powerful odor-fighting ingredient! Some people have a sensitivity to Baking soda. If you do, please try our Sensitive Primal Pit Paste.
See, I love the genius at work here. Who would have ever thought all this up to make natural deodorant? Knowing the difference between non aluminum baking soda or the one with? First off, I did not even know that deodorant had any kind of baking soda in it, so I am really behind the eight ball on this one. And who would have known that Organic Arrowroot Powder is like baking soda without the aluminum?  Somebody took the time to research all this, so kudos to you!
Also, the only difference in the Stick version when it comes out is that they added Organic Beeswax to make it form like a stick.  Oh, and if your pit paste melts a little, they say to put it in the fridge and it will firm right back up! And whatever little you have left on your fingers, go ahead and use as a hand lotion because that is basically what this is sorta and it will be good for you if you have dry skin, like me.  If I travelled alot, I would get one stick to take with me so that you don't have to get messy using the jar version. Plus it will be quicker and save you some time.
 Here is how Primal Paste came to be:
Then, while training for several racing events, (I’m a Certified CrossFit trainer and athlete) I noticed that the large race sponsors were companies that promote and give out samples of deodorant containing toxic chemicals. With all the information out there about the toxic chemicals in our food, and the obvious realization of skin patch technology, it's clear that what we put on our skin is as important as what we eat. Parabens and aluminums in deodorant, in particular, are becoming increasingly suspect in regards to cancer (breast cancer more specifically) and Alzheimer’s research. We are finally actually being told to try and avoid these chemicals as prevention.

My concern turned to a primal energy to protect my daughter and provide the world with a safe alternative to harmful products. I turned that energy into research, and that research into Primal Pit Paste. I believe that through Primal Pit Paste, I have succeeded in making a healthy, organic deodorant that actually works for all types of moms, dads, kids and athletes alike.
Now, see, I did not know that there had even been a conversation about these chemicals causing this problem, which shows you how much attention I pay to the news on TV anymore. But I guess it must not have been major news on the internet because it looks like I would have seen that somewhere along the lines when logging on. But then again, I don't search out the news much as it is always something bad and I am so sick of bad news.  Thankfully, most of my life, I never did have a body odor problem so I hardly used them so maybe I am safe. It is just recently with all the different meds that I have to take that maybe one of them has changed the reaction in my body. So, when I see my urologist I will ask him if any of those meds can cause a slight odor.
Oh, one last thing, there are 10 things you need to know and care about what is in your deodorant. She has it up on her website so please go read and decide if you should still be using store bought deodorant. I am really glad I never really used the stuff myself now after reading those 10 reasons!
Connect with Primal Pit Paste several ways:
Phone:  813–504–3160
Primal Pit Paste has been gracious enough to offer the (2) winner's of my Giving Green - The Green Gift Event that starts on November 12th and ends on the 26th, a choice of which scent that they would like to have. Thanks so much! Open to the U.S only.
Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.


Allison Downes said...

Sounds interesting, The Lemonade sounds like it smells pretty good

Thank you for sharing!

desitheblonde said...

thsi i try to get my bf to do it he sweat all year around and bad

judi said...

The thyme and lemongrass sounds awesome! I would love to use this on my feet to help with foot odor.

Gala said...

this looks like it will be really good for my DH who is allergic to everything

Dani Sue said...

I've really been wanting to try some natural deodorant. They sound like they've put a lot of thought into their products.

desitheblonde said...

thaat sound great and then i like to try natural stuff now since the srugery coming up

Dorothy Teel said...

Wow this sounds very interesting Primal Pit I would like the stick version also . ANd it is good to know that they have a sensitive formula.