Monday, November 5, 2012

Ponderosa Roasting Coffee Company Sponsor Spotlight Review

I was sent these great new coffee's to review and only today to review so I apologize that this review will be short and sweet. I hate doing a Sponsor Spotlight on the rush like this but we did not expect Sandy to have had such a negative impact on getting packages to us. They were sent from a new company that I am just learning about which is Ponderosa Roasting Coffee Company and that is what makes this so disappointing to them and me that I did not have more time to get you pictures and such except for what I downloaded from her email today.  So, please forgive both of us this one time and the next review will be more forthcoming and more pleasurable.
Ponderosa Coffee is a small micro-roaster based in San Diego, CA. Because they are a boutique micro-roaster, they roast coffee in small batches controlled by a Renegade Roaster. This allows them to bring out the best characteristics of each of the coffee beans they offer for the best tasting cup of coffee.   So, as you can see, it would have been so much more enjoyable had I time to really invest some time into this research, but I will the next time, I promise!
I was sent two blends of coffee's, one called It's A New Day which has chocolate notes in it. It's a wonderful, rich, semi-chocolate scent that made me think of when I make my Chocolate Christmas cookies!  It has  a nice, bold, rotund flavor but it was also smooth and satisfying. For those who want their coffee extra dark, I would add another ½ teaspoon per cup.  I don't like it that way, but Mike does. That was how I got the 2 different opinions, although we were in a rush, and I really can only tell so much from one cup of coffee. Sorry this isn't my most usual colorful review, but again, I only had a few hours to get this done.
The second coffee was Organic Peru. On this one I didn't have much time so I mostly copied info off of their site and I do apologize for this.  I think later when I have more time, I will re-visit this coffee and write you guys up a better review that is more worthy of me and you!
Farm Information: This coffee comes to us from a 48 farm co-op in Northwest Peru on the border of Ecuador.

Elevation Coffee is Grown at: 1600-1800 Meters

Flavor Profile: This is an organic, rainforest alliance coffee that has some honey and molasses notes and well balanced body. This coffee would be good as a single origin espresso or a brewed coffee. It's a rare find that we were able to get from Sustainable Harvest who has a direct relationship with the farms and helps them make quality coffees. Please see the link to see more about this special coffee.

Hey, I did include this for the fun value because I have never seen a coffee company that tracks the beans like this so this was kinda cool to find out:

Attached is the flyer from Sustainable Harvest about this coffee: Chirinos, Balcones_Nov11

I found this under their About Us section and it may offer the same info that I have already given:
We are a small micro-roaster based in San Diego, CA. We care about the quality of the beans we roast! This means that we roast our coffee in small batches with controls on our Renegade Roaster that allow us to bring out the best characteristics of each of the coffee beans we offer, for the best tasting cup of coffee.

We know that life affords very few simple pleasures. Our goal is to offer an affordable, simple pleasure to our customers! To help with this we are now offering free shipping on all orders $50 and above! We know that everyone wants to be able to buy something that is unique and special when it comes to gifts for others.

For this reason we offer our customers custom blends and private labeling. Even if it is for a wedding present and not for a large order! Please let us know what you like and we will do our best to match the flavors you are looking for. We also offer custom etched jars and glassware to go with the coffee to help keep your coffee fresh.

Our coffee has been offered at some Hollywood events in 2012, check our events page for details of past events and our Facebook page for what is currently going on at Ponderosa Coffee! We have a lot of exciting things coming up so make sure to like us on Facebook and/or Twitter to find events we will be at, giveaways, and new coffees!

You can also follow us on Pinterest to see what is going on in the land of coffee and we also have a blog where once a month we post recipes we have come up with to use our coffees in.
Ponderosa Roasting Coffee Company has been so kind as to offer the winner of my Welcoming Winter Giveaway 1 pound of each of these coffee's and a To Go Travel mug for you to enjoy your coffee on the road. This event starts on November 6th and ends on the 14th! Good Luck and Open to the U.S. only!
Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. 


Joni Caraway said...

I have heard that coffee beans make for a better cup of coffee than ground already. These two flavors sound delicious. My husband loves to try new coffee and we both enjoy our coffee daily. Would love to know what the one from peru tasted like but totally understand why you weren't able to try it.

Gina Brickell said...

Now this is an item I would truly enjoy!! I am a huge coffee fanatic and love trying out different coffees. I have never tried nor have I heard of Ponderosa coffee, but more than willing to give it a try :)

Katherine said...

I don't drink coffee, but this sure sounds good!

Mer said...

I must have my morning coffee and enjoy trying new sorts, so this sounds like a product I should investigate. The It's a New Day sounds good and I'm looking forward to the Peru review!

Jennifer Hiles said...

I love love love coffee, am drinking a cup right now. I have only recently heard of this company/brand and I would sure love to try their product.

Melissa Norton said...

Hmm... the It's a New Day flavor sounds intriguing with notes of chocolate! I'll be interested to see your further opinions on this product later!