Saturday, November 17, 2012

Paper Coterie Memory Keeper Review

I have a great company and a great product to tell you about that I love giving to someone for Christmas and this year it will be my granddaughter who gets her very own Memory Keeper from Paper Coterie! They are truly awesome and I hope you will agree after you look them over and discover just how impressive and neat they really are. It is a gift that you can't just go into a store and get.  It is a well thought out idea and it shows the receiver how much you really love them that you took the time to have something made especially for them!
Now, I could have done mine a little more involved but I know my granddaughter is shy and really doesn't like her picture taken, (she thinks she's not pretty), so to keep it light and to make it fun I just picked a design I thought suited her and had them put her name on it.
It is actually a pretty good sized box that opens up much like a book and it's very deep so that they can store photos, mementos, trinkets, whatever memory that they wish to put in their and hold onto. You can download pictures and have those instead of a design like I chose.  Last year I did one for my grandson and he is into sports alot so I took some of his sport's pictures and had those put all over the front of the box.  I knew that something like that would mean more to him plus his parent's can help him save newspaper clippings when he plays throughout school and he will have those memories forever.  See what I mean by a unique and lasting present?
It was sorta similar to this one.  I wish I could have shown you the one I had made but about 2 months ago my laptop crashed and took all my pictures from the last 2 years with it! I know, I know, I should have saved them on a CD and I had meant to and kept putting it off and now I don't have any of his sports pictures or anything because they were all there! So, naturally all the product's that I got to review all this time are gone too so I have to use the sight's images if I review someone again or if they send me something different to review then I make new pictures.
See, I didn't practice what I preach, I don't believe in keeping everything on the computer.  I like having a paper trail myself but I messed up and did not take my own advice. That is one reason why I won't do ebooks for reviews. I want hardbacks so if I want to read it again I can or if I want to pass on to someone else I can.
They literally have dozens upon dozens of designs to choose from and you can make it as personal as you want or not like I did with Brandi. She would not want her picture on it but she does love seeing her name on things. Everyone is different and that is what makes it so awesome that you can tailor these boxes to that person's individual persona!  Now, take another look at it to see how it looks from the inside.
or you may wish to use it to save photo's
or tickets or mementos from your travels
Whoever you make this Memory Keeper for is going to kiss you and hug you to death! It is such a nice and warm gift that you took the trouble to think of and then get it designed and made just for that person only to use how they see it. Each box comes in a really cute little bag that I know Brandi will probably use as a laundry bag or even just to keep her Memory Keeper safe from outside influences that might damage her box. And I don't know how they knew this but orange is one of her favorite colors!
Now, that is the icing on the cake! You will be just as excited as I was to get the box to see what kind of bag they chose to go with your creation. And somehow in this case without even asking me about her colors, it came out perfect! I can't wait for her to see this!  Paper Coterie is the bomb!
They have many more other products beside the Memory Keeper to choose from so please go by and take a look at all the wonderful things that they can create for you and your family.  They have journals, planners, calendars, cards for the holidays, books, documenting and so many more to choose from. 
You can get special books made like this one I took off of their site and fill it with the person's pictures as they aged. I think this is another awesome gift but because Brandi doesn't like to take pictures and the ones I did have on the computer are gone, I had to make my Memory Keeper more simple. But you can really pull out all the stops if you so choose to. See what I mean? Gorgeous!
Here's a little bit about Paper Coterie and who they are:
So who's behind Paper Coterie? We're a team of friends, sisters, mothers, daughters, girlfriends, wives, aunts, and co-workers. (Oh yeah, and then there's Dan!) We all have one thing in common: we cherish the people in our lives and the time we share together.  
And we feel pretty lucky to mix our passion with our professions-helping people share their stories every day! We believe in the power of paper to document who we are, the people we love, and what we are learning along the way.  
Sure, digital photography makes it so much easier to capture the great moments we share with the people we love. But we want to take it a step further, transforming the intangible-love, friendship, fun-into something permanent. Something that can be held, shared, and treasured. 
And I totally agree! I should have my butt kicked for not downloading those pictures and letting that dang computer eat them all up as it went crashing and spinning! I hate that I had to buy another laptop because it was beyond repair. And I am not too happy about this new one. My fingers can't seem to find the right keys and I make lot's of mistakes that cost me time I don't have. But, anyway, go check them out. You will love them, I promise!

Connect with Paper Coterie several ways:

Phone:  866-415-0039

The very kind folks at Paper Coterie are offering the winner a Memory Keeper of their own to design! You will love these, I really do mean that! I am so excited to see who wins! Open to the U.S. only! Good Luck to Everyone!

P.S. I wanted to keep some of my items out of the big packages so that everyone has a chance of winning something nice for Christmas.  In the process I got a little behind but I hope that you will appreciate the sentiment and that I try my best to bring you awesome prizes!

Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from you.


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