Sunday, November 25, 2012

Oogave Organic Soda Review & Giveaway **Closed**

I recently got to try something new and different that I normally don't do and that is organic soda's. First off, I did not know there was such a thing and secondly, it just didn't sound very inviting. But, the bottles intrigued me so I decided what the heck, let's do it and see what happens.

Here's a list of my flavors we tried:

1.) Agave Root Beer
2.) Agave Cola
3.) Agave Watermelon Cream
4.) Agave Vanilla Cream
5.) Agave Grapefruit
6.) Agave Gingerale
7.) Agave Mandarin Keylime
8.) Agave Strawberry Rhubarb

I have never had organic soda's before so I wasn't sure what to expect. I did however noticed that it had quite alot of  citric acid in the Grapefruit, Mandarin Keylime and the Gingerale so I let my friend and neighbor have those to try for me. I have that I.C. (chronic bladder pain) and not allowed to do any kind of citrus or acids. She loved them! I knew she would because she is a health nut and loves that stuff. I used to before I became sick and had to start watching what I eat in a whole new different way.

She said she actually used the Grapefruit and the Gingerale as part of a wine spritzer mix. I had given her a bottle of merlot and it was a bit dry so she mixed in some of the Oogave and she said it made an awesome wine spritzer with the merlot! That might not be quite what Oogave had in mind, but if needed, you could use them that way. The Mandarin Keylime she drank alone and said it sorta reminded her of a sprite.

Mike tried the Cola and Root Beer as he said the others sounded too girly for him.  He normally doesn't drink Root Beer so he wasn't sure how it was suppose to taste even as a regular root beer but he said it really wasn't too bad. He had better success with the Cola but again, Mike is not a health nut, never has been and probably won't ever be, so nothing short of his "real" coke would have satisfied him. If you are into organic/natural beverages, then both of these will be right up your alley!  I think it tasted just like any other cola drink that you get out of one of the fountain drinks or even from the Soda Stream. That is what it reminded me of.

Now, I did try the Vanilla Cream and it was by far the best one, in my opinion. I love vanilla scented beverages so it was a no brainer to me. It tasted like a real cream soda but with a little more fizz to it than cream. The other one I liked was the Strawberry Rhubarb and it tasted just like Strawberries to me. Course, I have never tasted a Rhubarb so I don't know for sure what that is like, so all I know is it had a Strawberry flare to me. If you love either Vanilla or Strawberry, then these 2 are gonna be your favorites, just like I did.

Lastly, was the Watermelon Cream, which I have to admit I didn't read the label, I just assumed I had picked the Strawberry Cream and I took a good swig of it and about choked! Nothing was wrong with the soda itself, I just can't stand Watermelon!

So, I capped that bottle right up and Mike drank it with his dinner that night and said it was pretty good to him. Thank Goodness, because I did not want him to say anything negative but I held my tongue until he had about 1/2 of it drunk, then I asked.  He said he liked this one better than the Root Beer and as much as he like the Cola one, so that was pretty good.'

All in all, I think I did pretty good in pairing up people with what I knew that they would drink and I knew that because it was natural, Lynette would like them no matter what the flavor. She has always been pretty healthy and managed to keep her weight in check and she is about 12 years older than me but in much better physical shape than me.  She can walk circles around me even at her age!

But if you had both knee's replaced like I have, I don't think you would be moving too fast either! Plus her health is great. I have not known her to go to the doctor more than maybe 10 times in the last 20 years.  She refuses to go until it is just absolutely neccesary. Maybe that is why she is in much better health!! Nay, I just think she has good genes are her side of the family.

A little fun fact! Oogavé has been awarded a Silver Bev Star Award from Beverage World Magazine!  So, it sounds like the Natural/Organic Community full heartedly agree that Oogave Agave drinks are both natural and organic but also pass the taste test!

Here is a little bit of History how Oogave came to be. I only grabbed pieces here and there so go read the rest of this interesting story:
The idea for Oogavé organic sodas first came to Esteban Anson while running his small natural foods restaurant in downtown Denver. As a fanatic of quality, and a devotee of delicious and wholesome handcrafted foods, Esteban used only the best natural ingredients in his restaurant.  
From the fresh baked breads to the home-made salad dressings, nothing artificial or commercial made it past Esteban. And that’s what his customers kept coming back for. Esteban was already a huge fan of agave nectar, using it in much of his baking and as a sugar substitute in many sauces and recipes. He loved using it in recipes because it was delicious, all natural, easy-to-mix, and was much healthier than the traditional commercial alternatives.  
Esteban thought this wonder nectar just might make a delicious and healthier soda. And he was right! After many months of intense research, wild mixology, and copious tastings with friends and family, Esteban was sure he had found a better way to make soda. His inspired new agave creations were obviously healthier, but now he could mix a variety of fun and delicious flavors that his customers could get excited about.  
Esteban knew he was onto something, and on April 13th, 2005 he began serving Oogavé sodas in his restaurant.
Connect with Oogave Several ways:

Mailing Address:
4420 Glencoe Street
Denver, CO 80216
Toll-free phone: (877-664-2833)
Toll-free fax:   877-244-9145

The nice folks at Oogave will be giving the winner a box of mixed flavors (12 bottles)! Thanks so much! Good Luck Everyone and Open only in the U.S.


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Mandarin Keylime

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root beer ----- Paul T/Pauline T aka Paul Tran ..... emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

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Agave Root Beer!

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I don't believe I have tried it although the rootbeer and the vanilla cream sound really good and the mandrin one sounds interesting. Thank you for the giveaway. Happy Holidays!
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Probably the root beer.

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Watermelon Cream
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I think I'd like Agave Mandarin Keylime!

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the root beer for my guy, the mandarin key lime for me.
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root beer or colA for me

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ginger ale

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Vanilla Cream sounds the best!

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Agave Root Beer sounds the best to me!

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Vanilla Cream sounds yummy.

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Agave Mandarin Keylime.

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The Manadarin Keylime, or Vanilla would be my picks...yum!