Monday, November 5, 2012

Maggie Tote Bag Sponsor Spotlight Review


This is the one that I chose from Maggie's Bags that is in the Totes of Many Colors that they were so gracious to let me review. I chose these colors because I love pink, you know me, a pastel girl at heart, hence the reason you see so much lavender and pink on my blog! It was a hard choice and I kept going back and forth on the colors and had actually picked the Red & White (so see, I can change up every now and then!) But, it was meant for me to have this one because they were all sold out of the Red & White or you would have seen that one up there! Gosh, I feel so liberated now to know I tried to break out from the pinks and lavenders and they just don't want me too!

But seriously, this company has done something amazing.  They make these beautiful handbags using seatbelts! Yes, you  heard me right, seatbelts and boy are they strong! Have you felt those suckers lately? Anyway, they have kept over 1 million yards of seatbelts material from being dumped into our landfills.  They took that material and made their fabulous eco-friendly handbags. Like this one of many colors which is Fall Leaves:

Oh, and by the way, they have a deal for my readers:
 Discount Code: HG12-CupOfTea This code is for your readers and gives 25% off Maggie Bags Premier Line until Dec. 31, 2012.
You will be able to use this hefty little bag for weekend trips, beach trips and even shopping, especially right here before Christmas.  Take it with you and put all your purchases in this big bag until it is full then take it to the car and go back! Hey, I used to remember how those shopping days used to be!  I may not go anymore because of all my health issues and both knee's being replaced, I just can't take all that walking. Shoot our trip this summer proved that. Just walking around Niagra Falls my legs hurt so bad by the time we got back to the hotel, I was in some serious pain. From then on I let them go off on their own and I would go out to eat and see a little but no more day long or even half day walking trips for me.

Gosh, it hurts to say that! I remember back when we used to go out west at least once every year and explore a whole state! One time we did Colorado and that was alot of walking, folks! But, Montana and Wyoming beat that with all the parks, especially Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, Jackson Hole. Gosh, it's a good thing I did those trips when I did or I would never know about them now.

But, see, this is where these bags would be excellent! Take it on a trip like that and use it to put all your must have tourist info, maps, directions, brochures, confirmations of hotel rooms, car reservations, etc. Or you may use it to hold all of your purchases from each stop like we did, each town I stopped in I bought a Christmas Ornament to remember that particular location.
Mmm, maybe I knew more than I thought back then. I guess I knew I would never see them again. I think I would even use it as a lunch carry all if you are stopping alot at picnic areas it would be a great way to keep all your stuff that does not need to be in a cooler.  Can you tell we used to travel alot?  And eat many a sandwich at a park or picnic area? We would try to save dinners as our main going out to eat. We even carried our cereals with us once we landed, we headed to the nearest Walmart and stocked up. Hey, we are all not endowed with lumps of money, so we knew to use it wisely. Breakfast and Lunch are not my strong suits but dinner is and back then I could eat pretty darn good. Can't say that now, but once I used to!

Anyway, the main reason for memory lane trip was to show you how it can be used if you travel alot or even just in your little neck of the woods, you can still take a day trip and still have fun. That is the beauty of living in a tourist mountain town. Now, I get to watch all the people coming and going and wondering what in the heck brought them all the way out here? Actually, the North Georgia mountains is where everyone comes on the weekends. And I mean everybody! We get so much traffic I don't even attempt to go out on the weekends and if we do it's the opposite way.

I grabbed this picture because it gives you a total look of some of the colors that you can get! And they have other styles besides the one that I got too!  They have Travel Trio's, Bucket Totes, Fall Leaves Bundles, Wine Totes, Travel Cosmetic Bags and many more. You just gotta go there and see for yourself. Maggie's Bags is not your everyday handbag store and even if we all can't be there physically, we sure as heck can see what they got online! Hey, I love that they are in my neck of the woods, so to speak. Tennessee is not that far from me! We can be in Knoxville is about 6 hours or so depending on which way we go.

Found this on the About Us section:
When it comes to recycling, Maggie Bags believes that the greenest option of all is to create something new from something that is not being used. We are proud that the construction of our handbags is a simple cut-and-sew operation. There is no environmental impact of manufacturing new material and no need for typical recycling processes that consume large amounts of energy and other resources.

Maggie Bags uses genuine automotive seat belt webbing that is built to meet government safety standards and to protect you for the life of your car. Due to these high standards, millions of yards of seat belt webbing are rejected by automakers each year. Maggie Bags takes this high-quality material and gives it new life by creating a sophisticated line of handbags that are eco-friendly. We call it eco-chic! Maggie Bags are constructed with quality components such as YKK zippers and nickel-plated hardware.

The idea of recycling seat belt material into a line of handbags is a natural fit for Maggie Bags’ parent company, Tennessee Webbing. Tennessee Webbing has recycled millions of yards of narrow fabrics since they began operation in 1991. Maggie Bags launched their patented design in the spring of 2009 and is already available in over 400 stores across the United States.
Connect with Maggie's Bags several ways:
Mailing Address:
PO Box 6091
Knoxville, TN 37914
Telephone: 877-546-1828
Fax: 865 522-5824
The winner of my Welcoming Winter Giveaway will get this nice Red Bag from the Totes of Many Colors collection. You are gonna love shopping with it for Christmas or to carry your presents around from place to place. I should have thought of that when my first choice wasn't available. But, I am happy with my pink and brown one! The Event starts on November 6th and ends on the 14th! Good Luck and Open to the U.S. only!

Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.


Katherine said...

Sounds like a good bag!

Gina Brickell said...

Totes like this are so wonderful to have. They can be extremely useful in so many situations.. Overnight stays, beach trips.. So many uses!

Freiya said...

can't see any way to enter :(

Mer said...

You can never have too many tote bags! I love that these are both cute and green!

Jennifer Hiles said...

They are such a great company. I love how you find the most environmentally friendly and honest companies to reveiw. The Tote of Many Colors is my fav! I know it's fall colors but I would carry it year round!

Melissa Norton said...

These bags are cool! I love the different colors and patterns. They look really durable.