Sunday, November 4, 2012

Le Pampered Pig Sow Soak Sponsor Spotlight Review

Oh, you are gonna love this new product called Sow Soak which is a foaming goat milk bath to use the next time you take a bath! And of course you know from the packaging that it is from Le Pampered Pig and when it's from there, well, it's destined to be awesome!

I am not allowed to take bath's because of my bladder condition but I found another way to get to review my milk bath by getting really wet in the shower and then taking small amounts and letting it get slightly wet (more like a paste) and then rubbing it where I wanted it, mainly my legs and arms because that is where my skin is the driest.

You will love this product! It smells awesome and it will help you if you have dry itchy skin like I do, especially in the winter. My Dad always use to say it's the electric heating in the winter that does that. I don't know if that is true or not, I just know it gets worse then.  I do have Hypothyroidism and that does contribute to the dry skin and my meds have to be changed just about every 3 months because it won't stay stable.  Maybe if they could get it to settle down where I would only need one dosage strength, it might improve but right now with it all over the place, no chance of that happening.  I just wish they would figure out why it keeps going up and down all the time!

This is what Linda says about her Sow Soak:
Generously scented with our Oinkmeal, Milk & Honey fragrance. Comes in a 9 oz container with a flip top and is enough for 3-4 baths. Use within 6-9 months shelf life. This is the bomb! You won't be disappointed.

Now, here is the product that I most love, the Satin Sow Sugar Scrub. I love Sugar Scrubs the most and this is one of the best. For whatever reason, the sugar scrubs can help my skin the most with the exfoliating the dead skin off and then the oils that are put into them to help my skin feel silky smooth! I can't get enough of them and I guess I must request these the most when I am reviewing, but if you knew something in particular helped you the most, wouldn't you do that, too?  Of course, I know you may not have the same problem as me so I did review something else that I think we can all agree on.

I think this Vanilla Ice Cream Pig-Licious Lip Butter is one of the best butters I have used on my chapped lips. Again, because I stay so dry from several factors, including I don't get enough hydration, my lips are always on the chapped side. Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring. It doesn't matter which season it is. I have tried my best to drink plenty of water but if I drink over a certain amount, I will get sick as a dog every time, so I don't get enough and have had to be put in the hospital a time or two for dehydration. Once I get a few bags of fluid and a few days of some good rest, I am up and ready to conquer the world, at least my part anyway!

But, seriously, this is an awesome product and it is something that can be used by every member of your family and because Linda makes it herself, it meets the highest standards. Le Pampered Pig makes their moisturizing lip butter with the benefits of olive esters and the silky feel of natural wax jelly. Mmm, and the best part is it comes in 6 delicious flavors and one happens to be Chocolate Orange Truffle and I know the kid in you will want that one! I haven't tried that flavor so I only know about Vanilla Ice Cream and it would have to be off the charts to be that!

Here's a little info I found in their About Us section:
We specialize in luxury artisan body care products. We are a cottage industry boutique-type manufacturer. Our products are created & packaged in small batches, to ensure the recipient is receiving fresh merchandise. We offer high quality products- proudly made in Michigan! We do not use pre-made run-of-the-mill base materials and add scent for resale! Our own research has given us insight into the needs of the body's skin to retain its natural feel and soft to the touch. 
We manufacture in a professional commercial setting in a stainless steel equipped lab. All our products are produced in a laboratory setting to ensure the utmost in purity and cleanliness. We formulate from the ground up based on concepts and the aesthetics the customer desires and that we are trying to achieve. We attend trade shows and keep abreast of the latest ingredients. We select ingredients based on clinical & efficacy data, and rigorous testing.

We conduct in-house QC testing as well as sending out products for micro studies. We use ingredients that have been used successfully in personal care for decades. We utilize ingredients that are on the CIR list- (those that have been studied for safety) as well as review new ingredients that have proven clinical data. We source our ingredients from world-class suppliers- the very best materials from science and nature.
 Connect with Le Pampered Pig several ways: 

Contact us:
Shop phone 734-482-2333

Le Pampered Pig has been so kind to offer the winner of my Thankfully Homemade Blog Event Giveaway their own jar of the Sow Soak, which is the foaming goat milk bath, that I just reviewed for you to try and see what you think! The Event starts on November 5th and ends on the 18th. Good Luck and open to the U.S. only.

Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. The photo's used in this review were provided by me and the cranky camera!