Friday, November 16, 2012

Green Mountain Coffee Review

Wow, has Green Mountain Coffee got some surprises for you in the holiday season! If you are one of those who love flavored coffees, then this one will be a killer! On top of the great tastes, they are Fair Trade coffees and that just makes it sweeter. Course, I have to admit, I still can't drink my coffee black, I have to add sugar and creamer before I can drink it. We got several boxes of K-cups that had 4 in each box to review. Here is what is in my boxes:
Each box also came with a $2 off coupon on a real box in the grocery store. I gave some of these away and kept a few. Coffee has gotten really expensive lately and I like to stay on top of things! Did you know it is not just coffee that they do? They also offer K Cup Packs in an assortment of coffee, tea, hot cocoa, iced, and specialty varieties from our world renowned gourmet brands so you can find your favorite cup and brew it your way. Now, doesn't that sound like someone who really wants to know about you and takes pride in what they do?  I think so. From looking at how much they volunteer and do things for their community thru their charity work to their making a great difference in the lives of so many.
This is the Colombian Fair Trade Select that I chose to try first. Very nice and just the right taste. I don't like bitter coffee so I am glad this will not be one of them. I am showing it to you before I add the sugar and cream so you really do know what it looks in the beginning before things added.  Sometimes, if I am in the mood, I will add a little syrup into my cup for an extra Wow! effect.
I did try the Vermont Country Blend and it is just as awesome as the Colombian Fair Trade Select as was the Sumatran Reserve. They all have their unique tastes but then there are the ones that get even better over time and they grow on you. So, that is what happened with the coffees. The more I drank them, the better I liked them.  I think when you try something new for the first time, treat yourself to a great experience while reading a book and sipping on your coffee. The only one that the jury is still out on is the Wild Mountain Blueberry.  And I love blueberries, I just don't know about them in a coffee.
Yes, I admit it, I love creamer and sugar in my coffee's or I can't drink it! I have tried several time to see if I could drink it black and failed every time of getting the whole cup down. So, I am done with that and just concentrating on just getting a great cup of coffee and that it's inviting and warm, because coffee sometimes makes all the difference in the world when they sit down and really let go.
Here is what I found in the About Us:
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. (GMCR) was founded in 1981 as a small cafĂ© in Waitsfield, Vermont. In 1993, the Company went public (NASDAQ: GMCR) and that same year made an early investment in Keurig, Incorporated. GMCR acquired the remainder of Keurig in 2006 and the combined company is changing the way North America prepares its beverages both at home and in the workplace with its Keurig® Single Cup Brewing System. Today, GMCR is recognized as a leader in specialty coffee and coffee makers, and acknowledged for its award-winning coffees, innovative brewing technology, and environmentally and socially responsible business practices.
coffee graphic
GMCR operates from three business units: the Specialty Coffee business unit, which includes the Green Mountain Coffee®, Tully’s Coffee®, Diedrich Coffee® and Coffee People® coffee brands; the Keurig business unit, where the Keurig® Single Cup Brewing System was created; and GMCR Canada, which is responsible for all GMCR sales in Canada and includes the Van Houtte® business and Timothy’s® World Coffee brand.
As part of its strategy to partner with the strongest beverage brands and enhance consumer choice within the Keurig® Single Cup Brewing System, GMCR has established manufacturing and distribution agreements for portion packs for use with Keurig® Brewers with Dunkin’ Donuts®, J.M. Smucker Co. (owner of Folgers® and Millstone® brands); Newman’s Own®, Starbucks® and Conagra (owner of Swiss Miss® brand). The Company’s Keurig® brewing technology is also used in the third-party brewer brands Breville, Cuisinart and Mr. Coffee.
I hope that you will go and read what else they have to say because it all sounds great and I love a company that is so generous with their time and letting their employees do community service during working hours so that everyone is involved in some small part or a bigger part.  I think all of us want good, clean coffee without any harsh chemicals or bacteria in it. I love that Green Mountain Coffee is taking the lead in this case and letting the love pour thru!
Connect with Green Mountain several ways:
Mailing Address:
33 Coffee Lane,
Waterbury, VT 05676
Phone:   888-879-4627
Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from you. I am a BzzAgent and I was given this toy by them to do a review.