Thursday, November 15, 2012

Gorton's Classic Style Tilapia Crisps Review

Gorton's recently came out with some new seafood dishes and one of them happens to be the Skillet Crisp Tilapia. You can take them straight from the box and pan fry them without having to add anything in the fry pan. I don't know how it all works but it sure did come out all right! We got the Garlic & Herb seasoning one and I added some garlic and herbs in with the rice that we served it with and we were amazed at how good it all turned out.

The fish was very crunchy, which I like, but tender and moist on the inside. I believe that we will be having this often in the future! It's so quick and easy to make or you can go all gourmet and do something, but we like it best to be simple.
They have several options available if you don't like garlic, there is also Classic Seasonings also. You will be in for a treat if you haven't tried Gorton's lately. They have so improved the way I look at frozen food items these days. I used to think frozen fish would taste bland and pretty awful but Gorton's has found a way to make it fun and exciting. They have some really awesome shrimp done in several ways so if you want, you could pair the fish with the shrimp and have one awesome dinner!

Here are the benefits of using Gorton's New Tilapia:

  • Lightly coated to offer more fish in every bite
  • Made with whole 5-Star Tilapia® Fillets— selected for the mildest, flakiest fillets
  • Flash frozen to maintain freshness and natural fillet shape
  • Available in two expertly seasoned varieties: Classic Seasonings and Garlic & Herb
  • Contains no MSG, artificial flavors or colors
  • Specially designed to be prepared on your stovetop in a skillet; can be cooked in your oven for added flexibility
  • Inspected to ensure the highest quality and safety*
  • Comes with four whole fillets in every package
  • Retails for suggested price of $6.99

    As you can see, we kept it pretty simple with the garlic seasoned rice and the pinto beans with added chopped onions.  I believe I made some rolls with this also and they were a dark whole wheat gluten free and organic rolls that I picked up in the health food section of my local grocery store.
    Gorton's has alot of recipes on their site for those of you who aren't good with making stuff up or adding to things to give it more flavor. I started out that way myself and nothing wrong with that. Now, when I am feeling good, I can still make some amazing dishes but on the days that I have had a rough time, it is so nice to know that Gorton' has got my back and I can pop something in the oven or fry in a pan and still have a great meal for my husband when he gets home!
    I also got this video off of their site to help you undestand the new products and what you can

    I hope by watching the video you will get some idea's of your own and just spread your wings and go out there and see what Gorton's has in store for you! I can tell you that we really love their shrimp and a few other items very much. There is no shame in having to resort to frozen food now and again, especially if you are not feeling good. They have placed all kinds of tips and suggestions all over their website to help you better understand them and their products and all the different ways that you can use them.  If you love seafood as much as I do, then this is one dish you don't want to miss.

    Here is the Gorton's Way:

  • An intense focus on satisfying the consumer first, last, and always
  • A commitment to providing competitively superior products and matchless customer service
  • An organization and individual dedication to always doing things right and to doing the right things
  • A strong belief in the importance of all our people, their ideas, and their ability to take ownership and make a difference
  • A partnership with all our business associates that is based on clear requirements and superior execution
  • A restless dissatisfaction that causes continuous learning, changing, and improving
  • An extraordinary responsiveness to what needs to be done, made possible by effective focus, teamwork and communication

  • Connect with Gorton's several ways:

    Mailing Address
    128 Rogers Street
    Gloucester, Massachusetts 01930
    Phone:      (800) 222-6846  or Local:   (978) 283-3000
    Fax:          (978) 281-8295

    Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from you. I am a BzzAgent and I was given this toy by them to do a review.