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Goat Milk Stuff Sponsor Spotlight Review

I know you have seen me review Goat Milk Stuff, but it's been awhile. I think sometime last year but not sure exactly when and at that time it was all soaps. This time, I am reviewing 2 items I haven't tried before and they are:

1.  Laundry Soap (unscented)
2.  Laundry Stain Stick
3.  Sugar Scrub Cubes (pink sugary)

We'll start with the Laundry Soap since it's the first picture above.  I don't know how many of you have used a goat milk laundry powder before but it was actually better than I had thought it would be. I was worried it would not get the clothes clean or that it would have as weird smell, but none of those things happened! And even though it is unscented, there is still a unique like scent that is hard to describe and you may have to get some yourself to fully understand (they do have trial bags).  

So, to sum it up, Goat Milk Stuff's Laundry Soap is all that it is cracked up to be. A good alternative to the chemicals that are used in our other laundry powders and liquids. Oh, their laundry soap does not make alot of suds like you are used to but don't be alarmed because it just works differently and this stuff is actually better for your washers because it does not harm septic systems. I grabbed this really cute little video that talks about the Laundry Soap:

Here are some quick directions on how to use their laundry soaps:
**Directions (included on your laundry soap):
**High Efficiency/Front load Washers: Use 1 Tbsp
**Regular Washers: Use 2 Tbsp
**Use an extra Tbsp for particularly dirty laundry
Here is why I talked about the septic systems:
Notes on septic systems:
Septic experts generally tell people to avoid using powdered laundry soap for two reasons:

1. too much is often used and does not dissolve properly
2. many 'bargain' powders have large amounts of non-biodegradable fillers such as clay which will clog the pores in the soil in your drain field.

Now, this is the Laundry Stain Stick I was talking about. And it really just looks like a slice of the soap that you clean your hands with or take a bath/shower with. It is really a simple way to use and easy to teach anyone in the family on how to get rid of the stains on their clothes. You will love this stain stick. It was one of my personal favorites! It got out all of Charlie's smells and stains that he gets on his favorite blanket and even a few of his toys have been washed.

The stain sticks have tea tree & orange essential oils added to help break down food and oil stains. (who would have thought that?) Just wet the stain and then wet the stick and rub on. Then rub the stain. She has said on her site that she has gotten out:  tomato sauce, barbecue sauce, blood stains, and grass stains. Since we don't get that dirty around here, I can't compare to those but it does get out the stains that hubby gets himself into while working outside all the time. Now that fall is here, he probably won't sweat as much so that will probably even go away until next spring!
Lastly, the Pink Sugary Cube Scrub was totally awesome! It almost looks like candy, doesn't it? They do have one other scent which is Oatmeal and Milk & Honey. So, I would keep these up high in your home because I could just see a curious child opening one up to taste it. I say this not to be negative because they really are truly wonderful but I remember when I was about 4 and we were in Germany, Dad was in the Army, and we lived in military housing. 
We must have had a rat problem because they dropped off these huge white cubes and left them on the front steps.  Well, I thought they might be sugar cubes so I tasted it and well, you know the rest! I was rushed to the hospital and I remember that they made me drink vinegar so I would throw up and I surely did and I won't ever forget that horrible little experience!  So, if your child is as curious as I was, don't take any chances or at least explain what they are.
They are made with their goat milk soap (to clean), sugar (to exfoliate), and shea butter (to moisturize). They will leave your skin wonderfully clean, smooth, soft, and smelling great. You can use it as often as you need it, which in my case, is almost daily, especially my hands.  This hypothyroidism is wreaking havoc on my skin. One of the many side effects of that condition.
Also, word of caution: you must use them within 3 months of getting and she really doesn't say why but I am guessing because there is no chemicals or preservatives is why. Also, if you don't need the whole cube, then cut in half or whatever you think you need because once they get wet, they can't be used again. So, you can't use half and then store.  That is why she suggests cutting in half and that is what I did because I just used it on my hands and a little on my feet, the driest areas. I actually cut them into 3's and got three uses out of one. They truly are awesome and I think I like them better than the scented soaps!
Gosh, they have so many other things going on also like, body lotions, bath bombs, shaving stuff, lip balms, soy candle tarts, soy candles, washcloths, soap savers, cleffs (which are fragrance sachets from the leftover pieces of soaps) and a soap dish. They are really turning out to be a whole bath experience and not just a soap company. So head on over and see what all you can find!
I found this little tidbit about charity that I had to share:
Here at Goat Milk Stuff, we believe in helping people. There are so many wonderful causes and groups out there needing support to make a difference. We think your cause is very important and we would like to help you reach your financial goals. To that end, we have developed a fundraiser program. We believe our soaps make a wonderful fundraiser because they are very appealing to a wide range of people. After all, everyone needs soap! If you have never used our soaps and have any questions on the quality, take a look at our testimonial page. We will have ten of our most popular soaps available.
 Now for a little history of how this all came to be: 
We seek to honor Jesus in all that we do and that plays a big role in our family and our business. Our children are taught "everything is a God issue" — including making and selling soap. We believe these values come through in the goodness of our products and we hope you will agree.

We live in rural Indiana on a 3 acre homestead where we homeschool our eight children. Our small herd of Alpine dairy goats roams the pasture in the back. At various times in the past we've also had a dairy cow, sheep, turkeys, chickens, bees, rabbits, and pigs. But, we’ve found these animals, while beautiful in God’s eyes, don’t necessarily make great soap so we’ve chosen to simplify and go with the goats. Brett is our oldest and has lots of responsibilities with the family and the business.

Colter, our oldest son is our company’s CFM (Chief Family Milker). He does a great job and all the goats love him – we haven’t heard a single complaint yet! Fletcher is our sensitive and loving child. He's a hard worker.

PJ's adventures into soapmaking originated five years ago out of her desire to not use chemicals on the children’s skin. Since she enjoyed making soap and was so impressed with its quality, she turned it into a family business. In 2008, Goat Milk Stuff was born, and PJ has since drafted the entire family into her adventures. From the initial milking of the goats to the final bagging of the soap, all our goat milk soaps are handmade by the members of our family.

Reach out and get your own supply of goat's milk. You can find them here:

Mailing Address:
Goat Milk Stuff LLC
76 South Lake Road North
Scottsburg, IN 47170
Phone: 812-752-0622
Goat's Milk Stuff: Facebook | Twitter |

Goat Milk Stuff has been so kind to offer 2 winners in my Giving Green - The Green Gift Event a $25 each GC to spend however you wish on their site! Thanks so much Goat Milk Stuff! Open to the U.S. only and the event starts on November 12th and ends on the 26th.
Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. The photo's used in this review were provided by me and the video from Goat Milk Stuff.


Allison Downes said...

I love that they have a fundraiser program. I really want to try out some of their soaps

Thanks for sharing!

desitheblonde said...

the soap is sound great for me i have serve allergies and then i like to try something i do not have to worry about drying any more

judi said...

I love sugar scrubs! I would love to try theirs. I'm currently dealing with a horrible callous on the bottom of my foot and I use sugar scrub on it all the time.

Gala said...

all their products sounds great and I love that they have a fundraiser program

Dani Sue said...

I'm always happy to see a great company based in my Hoosier home! I really like goat's's always been good for my sensitive skin.