Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fumi Purse/Bangle Sponsor Spotlight Review

Okay, I was thinking, what else could you use that would make a handbag giveaway perfect? Well, a FUMI, the All-In-One! Bracelet/Purse Hook! I hope that with this, it caps off my great It's In The Bag Giveaway Blog Hop a wonderful end to just about everything you might need in your handbag. I don't know if you have ever used one or seen one, but they are quite awesome! Whoever thought up this notion was a pure genius because really, who would have thought that a bracelet could also hold up a handbag?

I was sent this awesome silver one to review and even though I am a gold wearing person normally, lately, I have begun to see why silver is still so popular with everyone.  So, at first I started out with the two combined in one look then slowly started wearing silver by itself. Then I realized how one sided I have been all these years, thinking that Gold was superior to Silver. Now, I realize I probably lost alot of great jewelry along the way, convinced that I was right. But, hey, I finally see the light so, it's not over by a long shot!

So, when my silver FUMI bracelet/purse hook came, I embraced it with all the love that a jewelry nut  that I am can! The only reason I can't show you how beautiful they look on your wrist is that mine stay so swollen from the RA and Fibromyalgia that when I put it on, it looks a little funny on my wrist and I don't want you thinking that is how it will look on you. On the right wrist, they look fabulous and awesome. I did find the above picture on their Pinterest site so you can see how they look as a bracelet. I am very jealous of all of you that can pull this look off! But, I can use it as a purse hook and by goodness, I did!

And this is on my kitchen island where the countertop is smooth and slick as it can be and the FUMI held it's own! So, if it can perform that great on this surface, then it can be used everywhere. I thought this would be the ultimate test to see if it holds and I was so pumped when it did! Normally, you would think of the closet pole in your closet or on the back of a chair, but it can really be used anywhere, especially if you are pushed for room, like in a dorm or a studio apartment, where space matters the most and you need every square inch of it to be useful!
Thought I would give you the up close and personal look also so that you can see how your FUMI should look when you use it yourself. The directions on the box are pretty accurate, but it never hurts to see it with your own eyes.  I don't know how the makers of FUMI thought to make this bracelet into such a fashion that it could serve as this purpose also, but isn't it wonderful that we have such people in our world who continue to dream and make the impossible, possible?  I would like to show you the original purse hook so you can see how far they have come:

It's still pretty awesome, don't you think?  But, this one even makes the person wonder, how in the world did they work and what made them think that it would?  It's harder to see where the small little hinges or parts might have bent to let it be used as a purse hook, but it worked, all the same!  They don't have any other pictures on their site, so I can't show you how it would have looked, but we know it worked because of the fact that they went on to discover the present day look of the FUMI!

And get this, the FUMI is made of recycled materials and has a 100% recycled rubber pad to grip any surface. The FUMI holds up to 12lbs and has a bypass that ensures it will stay on your handbag straps so hat it can serve as a Purse Accessory, and stays on the outside of your handbag, all for easy use. You can do this by just letting it snap around your handbag's straps and it will look like a unique part of your handbag that will set it apart from everyone else's! I didn't even think to snap a picture of that  until I started this review so I borrowed one of their video's to show you what I mean.

She pretty much goes over everything about the FUMI and how it works and all the useful ways that you can use this great little product, so I am gonna leave off with this video because it is pretty amazing and should answer any of your questions. I also found this on their blog so it shows you also what I was talking about plus it shows you another color that they have!  All together, they have 41 possible colors/styles to choose from, so I think you will be able to find one that suits you or your handbag!
Connect with FUMI by several methods:
Mailing Address:
66 Maxwell
Irvine, CA 92618, USA Local: 619-222-0663
Toll free: 877-265-HOOK (4665)

FUMI has been so kind as to offer the winner of my It's In The Bag Giveaway Blog Hop that starts on November 5th and ends on the 18th, their own FUMI! Thanks so much! Open in the U.S. only. Good Luck!

Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.


Jennifer Hiles said...

I've never seen these before but what a brilliant idea! My purse is always sitting on the floor by my desk at work and I'm always tripping over it. Great that they can hold up to 12 lbs because i bet the contents of my purse pushes at least 10 lbs!

Jennifer McCann said...

Very unique and stylish design! I always set my purse on the floor...probably not the best idea.