Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Frecklebox Personalized Placemats & Notebook Review & Giveaway **Closed**

I have a really nice company that I think has some of the most unusual and impressive gifts for children that I wanted to share them with you and the products that I got to review recently. The name of the company is Frecklebox and this is what I got to review from them:

1.) Personalized Notebook (above)
2.) Personalized Placemat (James)
3.) Personalized Placemat (Andrew)

James (he prefers to be called J.W. but on personalized items we use his given name) is what he is called is my grandson and I love getting him personal stuff and he gets a kick out of it. Won't be too many more years and he won't want or care about these things, but for now, it excites him, especially personalized books. The other 2 placemats I got for your niece and nephew. I could have used it all on J.W. but decided to spread it around a bit. I think they all came out pretty spectacular, especially the notebook!

J.W. is into all the sports so this was a no brainer as an option for the placemat.  I could have chosen Dinosaurs (they are his absolute favorite) but I had the notebook and he already has several other Dinosaur themed toys and shirts, so I went a different route on this one. I thought too much Dinosaur is too much! Besides, he needs to expand his horizon.  I got the same placemat for Andrew because I know he likes baseball and I am pretty sure he plays it also but he is a little older than J.W., so that was a hard one, so I played it safe and got the same one
Then on Andrew's sister, Adeline, I also wasn't sure what would tickle her fancy so I played that one safe too and just went with girly colors. After all, it's just a placemat that will hopefully get used quite a lot and they will get alot of wear and tear. Unless they use them for something else, which could be possible. Who knows what goes on in children's minds these days anyway?
They are so much more creative than my generation used to be but that is because they have more in front of them to work with. I can't believe how schools have changed since I left high school! Amazing what they get to take and what opportunities are out there that we older generation had to make it on our own or sink.
The only thing about this placemat that didn't happen in the other two is my image is showing in the background from when I took the picture! No matter where I put it or how I positioned it, there I was! So, sorry about that! I have a really awful camera and I bet it's on it's way to dying. It wouldn't shut of the last 2 times I used it and I had to let the battery run down then powered it back up and it worked again. Very strange!
There are so many things to choose from at Frecklebox, it was mind blowing. They have it divided up into boys and girls, by age, by theme, by occasion and lastly by school stuff.  Then in each of those categories, is lots more options to choose.
Like the notebook I got J.W. or you could get a personalized binder, bookmarks, activities, coloring books, clipboards, folders, growth charts and the list goes on and on. Who knew there would be so many things to choose from? Gosh, I would have loved just one of these options when I was growing up. So cool that these things are available now to our children.
You can even get personalized Lunch Boxes if your child will take one. I think as they get older, they don't like to carry them but the kindergarten and 1st and 2nd grade I think would be safe. After that, I don't know. I haven't paid enough attention to the small details lately and I guess I should have. I only know what J.W. likes so that determines what I get or don't get.
I can tell you one other item that I overlooked and wished now I had seen and that was the personalized Christmas paper!  Who would have thought about that? Well, evidently  Frecklebox did because there it is.  This one says Merry Christmas, Love So and So! Now, how neat would that have been to give gifts to people with your names on it which means no more tags to apply! Of course that would only work if you had one person to give to because anymore than that and you would have to put one on anyway. I would save this paper for my husband or wife. That way it is more personal and more thoughtful. Plus, it won't be hard to figure out who's presents they are either!
So, I hope that you will take a look and check them out and see if something catches your fancy! Don't overlook the really good stuff like I did! Whether for you, your husband or your children or even someone else's, they will all be bowled over by the fact that you put such care and thought into their gift!
Connect with Frecklebox several ways:
Mailing Address:
2170 Martin Avenue
Santa Clara, CA 95050
Phone: 888-819-5798
The awesome folks at Frecklebox have been kind enough to offer one winner a $30 GC to spend in their online store! You are going to love this, I promise! Open in the U.S. only. Good Luck! Because Rafflecopter implemented new rules today and want to charge me per month, I had to choose another way for you guys to enter. Let me know how you like the new form.  I don't want to make it hard on you but I can't afford to pay per month either. So, it this one doesn't work, we will find other ways. All comments are welcome!


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I like the personalized coloring books.

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I love the Skull-O Kiddy Personalized Notebook

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I like the personalized puzzles

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I also like the personalized lunch boxes.
Thanks for the chance.

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my niece would love this and the lunch boxes

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I'd get a personalized lunch box for my girls!

Chelsea said...

This would be a present for my daughters :)

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Sheriff lunchbox.

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