Thursday, November 8, 2012

FouFou Pet Petwipes & Pawstick Review

I recently got to review some awesome products for Charlie, even though he wasn't too thrilled with them, they sure did help me out alot! I got some PetWipes to helped me to clean gently around his eyes for that yucky stuff that runs out of his eyes or as a quick touch up if we don't have time for a bath, these PetWipes are awesome to have for on the spot cleaning and helping with that dog odor!
FouFou Dog, an online store for pet products was kind enough to send me several scents to review along with the PawStick. The PawStick helps them just like lotion helps us with our chapped hands and feet.
Here are the scents I got to try in the PetWipes:
**Apple Tea
**Green Tea
**Passion Fruit
**Orange Pekoe
Poor Charlie, he hates any form of cleaning, I am not kidding! Mike can start running the bath water in our one tub that we have in the other bathroom (our bathroom has walk in shower only) and he will say Charlie needs a bath, and Charlie will take off running to hide! He comes straight to me and climbs in my lap hoping I will save him every time! Looks like he would know to run somewhere else, huh?  I am not sure if it's the water idea or the blow drying that makes him more upset and nervous but he hates them.
Same thing with the PetWipes or really any brand I have used. But he will be more still for those than the bath!  The PetWipes have come in handy too for travelling and when you need an ASAP cleaning and not nowhere near home or anyplace you can take him. It doesn't happen often but every now and then something will get stuck on his bottom and we have to clean him up, so they are really awesome for that and for eliminating the odor so Charlie can avoid the bath!
We really loved pretty much all the scents. I am not big on Apple in anything, so it's not Fou Fou's PetWipes, it's the scent in general.  I don't like Apple scented candles, lotions, etc either so I don't want you thinking anything is wrong with the Apple scented ones, it is just a preference. The Passion Fruit was really awesome and so was the Chamomile.
I saved that one to use only on his eyes as I thought that one would be the least one to bother him as far as a scent that close to his eyes and because it is probably milder than the others. But all the scents were gentle cleansers that they pre-moistened the PetWipes with, it was just my preference to use the Chamomile for the eye area.
We did have a little struggle on our hands with the Paw Stick because Charlie doesn't like to be held upside down or held much in any ways unless he is ready for you to pick him up. He is a stubborn little boy who sometimes I wonder is that the species or did we make him that way?
Charlie's or for that matter, any dog's paws can become chapped in cold dry weather, or burnt on hot heated ground (I do worry about this the most). The Pawstick tube is made with natural moisturizing ingredients including coconut oil, beeswax, and mango seed butter to protect Charlie's paws from drying out and chapping. These Pawsticks are scented with natural peppermint and tea tree oil. The minty oils help sooth and cool delicate paws on hot sunny days. It comes in a  twist-tube design to makes it easy to apply on your pets paws and their formula is fast absorbing. You can use FouFou Dog's Pawsticks all year round to pamper your pet's sensitive paws.
I found this in the About Us section:
Fou Fou is a Canadian company based out of Richmond Hill, ON, is a company that specializes in upscale, designer doggy apparel and accessories; such as bling charms, collars & harnesses, leads, booties, and plush toys for the everyday pampered pooch.

This innovative company comes out with new, unique and trendy designs for every season to meet the needs of their fashion forward customers who like to dress their dogs in style, while maintaining functionality as well as affordability.

FouFou Dog does not mass produce their products allowing them the flexibility to keep their clients up to date on current fashion trends. Once a product is produced and featured for one season, a new and improved product takes its place the following season.
I hope that you will go and check them out as they have amazing products other than the ones I just metioned. They even have a really cute Santa outfit to put on your pet:

I also saw that they have a special on shipping so you don't want to miss taking advantage of that opportunity when one comes along:

Connect with FouFou Dog by several ways:

Mailing Address:
105 West Beaver Creek Rd, Unit 7
Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1C6
Phone: 289-597-3681

Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.


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