Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Disciple Part 1 Book Review

Okay, I have taken a departure from the normal book and did one that tested me and my resolve to try a few books that are made for the youthful crowd. I know that we can not all be the same when it comes to reading or we would certainly all be bored if we liked every last detail of our lives right down to books. So, with an open mind, I delved into a book I would not ordinarily read but my granddaughter wanted me to do this one so that she could have it afterwards. The name of the book is Disciple Part 1 written by L. Blankenship.

Here is an excerpt from the back of the book:
The saints favor her, else-wise a peasant girl like Kate Carpenter would never be apprenticed to the kingdom's master healer. But her patron saint also marks her ready for the duty of tending to a mission that must cross the ice-bound mountains. Their little kingdom faces invasion by a vast empire and desperately needs allies; across the snow-filled pass, through the deathly thin air, is a country that's held off the empire and may be willing to lend an army.  
Kate knows about frostbite and the everyday injuries of wilderness travel. She can heal those.  
She's not ready for the attentions of a ne'er-do-well knight and the kingdom's only prince, though.  
And she isn't ready for the monsters that harry them night and day, picking off their archers first, wearing the party to exhaustion, pushing Kate beyond the limits her healing abilities. She must keep them alive, or her blood will be on the snow too. 
Kate Carpenter is just a peasant girl who has been selected by the saints because of her healing power and they named her Dame Kate.  Kate experiences all kinds of changes and powers and uses them to heal people who are either sick or injured.

One day she was sent out on a journey with Sir Anders, Sir Kiefan and Ulf along with some other men.  I re-read this book several times and still am not sure why they made this journey and what it was all about. They are marked somehow with something called a Blessing and they have these little horns on their heads and have something called Kir, which means they are physicians, kinda.

Kate was told not to speak because they did not want anyone knowing that they had a mere girl with them who had been trained but had not been outside the village and not on a journey. They were attacked by some kind of beast, I would guess something close to an ugly coyote with bear mixed in. It got several of the men and wounded Ilya, who is something of a legend and who was suppose to be protected but not even Kate's kir could save him.

She did however manage to save Anders.  So, with that they reached their goal with the help of some woodsmen who said that a cougar had showed up with arrows in his mouth and threw them down, which meant that they were to follow him. It was the woodsmen who finally helped the small group to the village.

Because this is a series, the book abruptly stops without explaining much and I have to admit the whole book confused me and I don't know any more than I did when I first started. Maybe the next book will make more sense and won't be so technical with all of the explaining of things. I think if the book had just stuck to the story it might have been easier to read and understand but with so much explaining of Blessings and Kirs, I lost track of what was the main story or why they had to go on this journey.  I may try to read it again sometime to see if I lost something somewhere.

This is the first book I can honestly say that confused the heck out of me, but maybe if a young adult/teen had read it, maybe they would have understood it better than me since they are all into this kind of thing. And maybe it won't confuse you either. I can only speak for myself on this one.  Sorry but I just did not get the book at all, which is very unusual for me because I can read just about anything!

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