Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Coromega Adult & Child Vitamins Sponsor Spotlight Review

They have really neat vitamins for children also! You can get the squeeze packs along with the gummy fruits for those who don't mind chewing their vitamins. I know some children are very stubborn about vitamins so the squeeze one would work by putting it in their orange juice or favorite flavored water. Either way they get the same dosage and the same benefits.
To make things even more fun for them Coromega has made some downloadable fun masks of their vitamins for them to wear and enjoy:
Just click on the above image and it will take you to where you need to be and just follow the directions! Easy as Pie! I think they will have lots of fun playing around with these. Here are some suggestions to what Coromega thinks might help you get your children to take the vitamins:
Unfortunately fish isn’t usually one of our kids’ favorite foods –have you ever tried fish pizza? That’s why we developed a yummy, squeezable alternative, like a Go-GURT®, to provide the critical Omega-3 little ones need for healthy brain and body development with cute animal friends that make it fun! 
 I am not 100% sure if you get a choice of flavor but if not, you will get 30 squeeze packets of Tropical Orange to flavor up any way you want to get all the heart healthy nutrients you need if you prefer to drink your omega3's instead of taking fish pills that have a fishy after taste. I believe most often they recommend mixing it in a blended drink, smoothie or yogurt would be great. Or however you are most comfortable taking it, is all that matters. Check out the recipes on their site to help try and hide the flavor of the fish oils.
A delightful tropical orange flavored omega-3 supplement now with 1000 IU of Vitamin D! Natural flavoring with no fish taste or aftertaste! A full daily dose of omega-3 and Vitamin D3 in every pouch. The first omega-3 supplement beneficial to your taste buds! I know you remember earlier this year Coromega gave away vitamins for children here on my blog and now they want to make sure that Mom and Dad are taken care of also! They even have them in Bigger size:
You can get a $5.00 off coupon by clicking here.
Connect with Coromega several ways:
Mailing Address:
PO Box 131135
Carlsbad, CA 92013-1135
Toll Free: 877.275.3725
Fax: 760.599.6089
Consumer Questions:
Coromega has been kind enough to offer the winner of my Happy Holidays Giveaway Hop Package a 30 ct of Omega 3+ D Squeeze Packets and a Kid's 30 count squeeze pack, value is $47.98! Thanks so much Coromega! Open to the U.S. only. The Giveaway Blog Hop Event starts on November 15th and ends on November 29th. Good Luck!

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Allison Downes said...

The kids packaging is really adorable :) And I love that its naturally flavored

thank you for reviewing and sharing!

Danielle Royalegacy said...

I just know my kids will love this. They hate those little tablets.

Gina Brickell said...

I feel that my child NEEDS his vitamins daily because I struggle to get him to eat the necessities on a daily basis. I always have to get him something fun and chewy for his vitamins or I struggle to get them down too. I think he'd love these, especially with the masks!

Amanda Rauch said...

Those are so cute-definitely would be more partial to the chewable ones, especially for kids.

Melissa Smith said...

These look very kid-appealing.

Gala said...

another great product, would be very helpful during flu/cold season