Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Color In Kids Review

I have an awesome company to tell you about called Color In Kids and they have the cutest, most innovative interactive toy/clothing for kids and teens that I have seen in a long time! Originally, I had hoped that my grandson would get his and have colored his shirt and then I would get some pictures of him doing so.  His mom has been pretty sick lately and in the hospital several times and travel is not permitted (they live in a different state). 
Then I thought about letting my husband's niece and nephew have one each and keep one for my grandson and last week when he went to visit them because I was up to my eyeballs in reviews/giveaways, he forgot to take the shirts! I could have strangled him. They live about an hour and a half away so it's not like I could run after him with the tee's so I decided if I waited much longer then Christmas will come and go.
We are hoping to try and get together again sometime in December with my grandson, but by then it will be too late. So, I apologize for having to use Color In Kid's pictures to show you what they look like after. But I can show you what they look like before!
They really do look awesome and I am seriously disappointed that I or you won't see what they look like painted but I can tell you that they have done a very unique thing and that is the kids can color to their heart's desire (using the special markers that are provided with each shirt) and then when you wash them, they come totally clean again for them to paint again and again!
They can change the colors around and do whatever they want because every time they are washed, they get to start the creative process over and over! What a neat idea and I always want to kick myself when I see something like this because I think, gosh, why couldn't I have thought of something like that?
Oh, well,  the main thing is, that they are here and the kid's seem quite taken with them. I will still have to work out the logistics of how to get all of  J.W.'s gifts to him if they don't get to come next month.  Two of the presents are too big to ship, so he may have to wait awhile if the worse happens because I can't afford to ship those to another state. 
 I wish I could see his face when he gets all of the unique and very special gifts that I have accumulated this year for him.  Well, except for the one shirt on the left is for Mike's niece and then J.W. has 2 different dinosaur shirts.
He is really into Dinosaurs something fierce and I thought by now he would have outgrown them, but according to his mom, he hasn't.  I have tried to mix his presents up between creative, books and toys to have fun with. I think I pretty well succeeded and I hope he truly does appreciate that I go out of my way to find him such treasures. 
The company, Color In Kids has so many designs to choose from that you should have no problem in getting one that your child/teen would love to have. I put teen in there because they do have some awesome things that will attract them, too, especially the 13 to 15 crowd, I would think. After that, I am not too sure. I haven't been around teens in a very long time, so that one I will alone!
They even have some that glow in the dark! I think I must have missed that one when I was looking thru and picking out which 3 I wanted to review. But, at least I got the Dinosaurs, so I think it will be okay, but if your children are into Glow in the Dark kinda stuff, do be aware that they do have it.
Here are some that I got off of Color In Kid's website that either they took or someone sent in, not sure which but it gives you the idea of what I have been talking about. They are very colorful and if you notice, they actually look like they were made that way! I was really impressed with the level that whoever colored these shirts did an awesome job!
You can even have custom designs made. Like for example, if you belong to a baseball team and want the shirts to have the name of the team on it, or you belong to an organization that volunteers or whatever reason that you may want a mass quantity of shirts to have on hand whether to give freely or as a tourist like thing.
That is what I first thought of because I live in a small tourist town that attracts alot of outsiders all year long. Someone in one of the stores could sell these with a picture of the square or the Gold Mine that we now have as a museum. Yes, we are the first town in America to have struck gold, not California, believe it or not, it happened right here in the mountains of Georgia and then those miners headed out west. But they came from here first. All very fascinating and you can actually visit the mine in town. We have several historic sites that have built around the mine and you can see them all.
Anyway, as you can see, the possibilities are endless with these awesome shirts! Go check them out and see what you think! I found this info in the About Us section:
At Color In Kids we are committed to bringing our customers a US made product that is durable, fun and safe for your children. We want Kids to enjoy and have fun while you can rest assured that the product you bought them meets all safety standards.  
Our markers are Made in the USA and are 100% non-toxic. Our shirts are purchased from the largest US Apparel Manufacturers and all printing of our designs and packaging, and assembly of the product is done in the US.  
We feel with everything that is going on in the World today, by keeping our production at home we can control the quality, safety and speed in which we can ship which will make our customers more assured about safety of the product.

We have free shipping for the rest of the year!
Just enter the code Freeship2012 in your cart and your shipping charges will disappear!
 Connect with Color In Kid's several ways:

Mailing Address:
DORAL, FL 33166

Phone Number [877-513-9210]
Email:  cathy@colorinkids.com


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