Thursday, November 29, 2012

Chico Bag Messenger Sponsor Spotlight Review

I have another great handbag/messenger bag/hobo type bag to tell you about that was sent to me from the great folks at Chico Bags! They actually sent me The Amethyst Messenger10 rePETe bag to have for review and then the Purple Potion color to give away during my Crazy Christmas Giveaway that starts on December 1st and ends on the 8th!

So, you will get this in time for Christmas if it is a gift or if it is for you, that is okay, too! The one above is the Amethyst and then the one below is the Purple Potion, which is the giveaway bag:
You are gonna love using this really lightweight but lot's of storage room to hold just about anything and everything!  There are 6 different colors to choose from in the rePETe Messenger Bag. Oh, the best part is that you will be helping in the recyclable area because All rePETe products are made from recycled materials, mainly 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles! I did not know that until just now.
I try not to read up about the product until the very end, so it's fresh in my mind and because I would more than likely forget if I tried to do it days before or even longer. It has worked well with me so no point in trying to fix something that isn't broke!
The Messenger stuffs down into the inner zipper pocket when not in use for easy storage under your bike seat. The Messenger combines the utility of a compact reusable bag with the comfort of a designer messenger bag. I was amazed the first time I took mine out of that folded up little ball and it turns into a whole Messenger bag was pretty awesome!
See how small that little bundle is and then just imagine it making that huge Messenger bag at the top! And when that does happen then it's turned inside out and used as a change keeper, or makeup keeper or anything else you want it to be. When you are thru, you just stuff it all back into the pocket like thing and then no one knows what you got! Whoever thought all of this up had quite an imagination, that's for sure.
Another interesting face I just uncovered and wanted to share it with you:
All rePETe products are made from recycled materials, mainly 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. A printed materials list appears on the inside of each bag and the backside of each pouch so you know exactly what your bag is made of.

Here is what I found in the About Us section:
In 2008, ChicoBag introduced trademarked rePETe™ products as part of an evolving effort to reduce our environmental impact. rePETe is a term we use to help our customers identify which ChicoBag brand products are made using recycled content.  
Every product with the rePETe™ logo is manufactured using recycled materials. Our rePETe™ products bring us one step closer to providing consumers with a closed loop solution. ChicoBag is now an industry leader in the compact reusable bag movement and a leading innovator of fashionable, lightweight, bags and packs that can be easily stuffed into an integrated pouch.  
ChicoBag provides a wide array of reusable bags that are meant to deliver solutions to every lifestyle. Our commitment to the environment drives us to provide a trusted brand and a portfolio of quality products aimed at helping humanity solve the environmental challenges ahead.  
There are so many other products that they have in various styles and sizes so I think you will be able to find something on their online store to use or use their Store Locator to find out if they have it in your area.

Now, here is what they say have to say in the About Us section:
In 2004, Andy Keller, now ChicoBag president, took a trip to his local landfill after spending the day landscaping his backyard. He was horrified by what he saw.  
Single-use bags were visually the dominant article at the landfill that day, blanketing the landscape in a thin mix of white and beige plastic. On his way home he began to notice plastic bags everywhere, caught in trees and on fence posts, half drowned in gutter puddles and blowing in the streets like urban tumbleweeds.  
That day Andy vowed to stop using single-use bags. Inspired, Andy dropped a few bucks on a second hand sewing machine and began sewing what would ultimately become the first ChicoBag® brand reusable bag.
Connect with Chico Bags several ways: 
Mailing Address:
13434 Browns Valley Drive
Chico, CA 95973
Phone: 530.342.4426 Toll Free: 888.496.6166 Fax: 530.267.5434 

Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.